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Hi, 4 days ago I sold an iPhone to a lady, everything works and perfect, then just today she said that she cant charge the phone as the iphone is showing a warning liquid detected, which ive never encountered, she wants to return back the phone and get a refunded, what are your suggestions?

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  • Ignore her.

  • Buyer beware on these sales. Ignore and move on.

    What's to prove she didn't drop it in the toilet yesterday?

  • what are your suggestions?

    put her on message requests lists and save yourself the headache

  • Suggest to put the iPhone in a sealed bag with rice to remove the moisture?

  • Thanks for all the respond guys, she actually picked up the phone from my house, I gave her my address as of course I’m clear that the phone is at a good state, I hope she doesnt ruin my doorstep

    • LOL why did you give your address to strangers?
      Next time meet at Maccas or Bunnings where there are CCTV.

      • There are a number of naive people here who are against selling anywhere but their own house. 🤦‍♀️

  • Ignore her. She paid in cash right?

  • Not your problem.

  • Sounds like she dunked it or is trying to return her phone to you and keep your good one. Block and don’t go back to the chat.

    If they come to your house and harass you and you ask them to leave and they don’t, it stops being a civil matter and becomes a criminal matter. If they go straight to the damaging phase, same, jumped straight to a criminal matter.

  • If you are confident just hide your Facebook acct for a while.

    That warning normally means liquid in the charge port or cable. So unlikely to be something to do with the phone after 4 days (would have had to be dripping when you sold it)

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    Don't feed the troll.

    • I'm glad I wasn't the only person who thought it. Saying the transaction was done at ops own house was icing on the cake.

      • It's not uncommon for people to sell at their own house.
        Not a very amusing troll post if you ask me

        • Not uncommon at all. Alot of home nurseries selling plants & have no option.

          If you're selling a phone….. You could at least go to the corner of the street.

          • @GangGang: Nothing says dodgy as f**k quite like someone meeting you on some random corner to sell their $750 phone to you lol

            • @lordezekiel: People saying you should sell from a public place should ask themselves if they would buy something from someone who after asking for the pickup address, were told they would meet them at the local train station for example.

              I wouldn't!!!

      • The risk is always there but sometimes you have no option but to complete the sale at your house. What if the OP was selling a 75" TV or a Fridge? Are you suggesting he/she should drag it to a McDonald's car park or a servo for the pickup to take place?

        • Those items are difficult. I've sold a 42 inch TV & a bar fridge on marketplace. I used a trolley and walked to the corner of the street. Looked funny as hell but it's just a peace of mind.

          • @GangGang: Wouldn't any prospective buyer want to see the product (say fridge or tv) is in working condition before buying which means it will be a challenge making a sale around the corner street? I have bought stuff off marketplace and always ask for a demo to check if everything is in working order.

  • When did you last drop it in the sink?

  • i don't understand the mentality of buyers, willing to spend >$500 on electronics that could potential fail after a day of use.

  • The only time I'd let a buyer pick up a small expensive item at my house, is if I'm too busy to leave because I'm packing up for a move.

  • She can't prove you deceived her. Just ignore her.

  • Just choose ‘leave conversation’ in FB messenger

  • I always let people pickup from my house, the world isn't full of psychos like you all seem to believe.
    Trust goes both ways, they see you are happy for them to come to your home (trusting them) and they are more confident in buying your item and that you arent a lying sack of sh*t (trusting you).

    • That's fine till the buyer tries the switch or wants to return it. If the item is in original condition, you might consider return, but not water damaged. Hate it when things go bad on these transactions. That's the risk. So far I have my had and returns, but I don't sell phones of electronic devices. Sold a dryer which we actually didn't even know it still worked, but hardly used. No issues.

    • couldn’t agree more!

    • they are more confident in buying your item and that you arent a lying sack of sh*t (trusting you).

      If there wasn't any trust, they wouldn't have handed over the money.
      They "trust" you because they have the option to come back and get a refund.

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