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Free Access to Lonely Planet TV Premium & 3 PDF eBooks @ Lonely Planet


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Lonely Planet has announced the launch of Lonely Planet TV that will give all of us stuck at home a chance to go exploring without leaving our house, for now.

Lonely Planet TV comes with all the episodes of Globe Trekker, Planet Food, Treks in a Wild World etc - a collection of more than 350 episodes of award-winning travel shows. All this premium is available free of cost for a limited time only. Membership options will kick in soon and will include exclusive discounts on Lonely Planet guidebooks as well as unrestricted access to the Lonely Planet Guides app and Lonely Planet TV’s full offering.

In addition to this, Lonely Planet at Home, a free PDF eBook range, also available from today from here, comes with a suite with tips and activities to help navigate differing aspects of life at home - with kids, for recipes and also those for your general wellbeing. You download these books for free.


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    This is going to have to be absurdly cheap to get customers

    • On ballpark prices post free period, it's about $9AU per month, or AU$5.90 per month if signing up for 12 months. Not sure there's enough content to justify this, but free launch is a good idea to get a starting presence. Agree the OTT TV business model is brutally hard to make successful from a zero base

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        Most people wouldn't think to launch their app instead of netflix or whatever else the person has subscribed to. When they realise they aren't running the app they'll cancel their subscription. It really will have to be a token $2/mo for such little content but let's hope they improve it

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    Am I missing something? Where are the 350 episodes of award-winning travel shows? I can only see 350 1-2 minute videos?

    • Why wouldn't you pay $9/month for this

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      I thought the same, but when you log in there are a number of channels available including full series of Planet Food, Treks in a Wild World, and a few others. Possibly niche, but definitely content available.

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      You can see all the shows available here: https://tv.lonelyplanet.com/

      Might be better to update the deal URL to that, mods.

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