50% off Your First Year US $59.99 (~AU $86.57) @ Blinkist


50% off Blinkist books, is a service that condenses popular books into 15min bites for the time poor

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  • Please add the pre-sale and post-sale prices to the post

    $119.99 to $59.99

  • Anyone subscribe? Is it worth it?

    • Depends what you're looking for.

      I use it as a quick and dirty way to see if I want to read a book. As Tacooo calls out below, it's a bastardised version.

      There's no way I could read all the books that catch my eye, and this is a good quick run through and if I'm into the idea, I will read the full book anyway.

  • I would rather not read a book at all than read a bastardised version of the author's vision.

    • I think mainly theyre for non-fiction books around business, self-help and for students study of high school fiction - that kind of thing?

  • Decent enough service. Had it free for 6 months and made good use of it.

    You can just get a free trial and then send all the book summaries you want to read to your Kindle.

  • I signed up for the annual version for $60. Its not bad for $5 a month. The idea is to read/listen to a summary before you want to buy the full book. If you are a Amazon prime member, you can get 1 free eBook every month.