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Quilton Tuffy 4 Ply Paper Towels 3pk $3 @ Woolworths


Starting tomorrow, for those who prefer Quilton Tuffy over Viva Paper Towel which was the same price, ending today. Unfortunately not the same $2.15 deal we used to see but as good a price as it's been since the start of the year.

Tuffy paper towel is rated #1 on Choice, however Viva is not far behind. I prefer Tuffy myself, but use both.

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  • only if I'm able to find some stock…

    • Stock levels look pretty good according to online store checker, hopefully it stays that way. I found the Viva paper towel special was pretty well stocked up, to my surprise.

  • Tuffy is great. Unfortunately i have not been able to find even one in stock for months from any of my local Woolies stores.

    Are they still making these?

    • Use the 'Check stock in our stores' on the link to have a look, although it's not 100% reliable it should give you an indication (a phone call might be more reliable though).

      • Cheers. I had a quick look and it says in stock at my local stores however when you get there .. you can't find any :(

        All the other paper towel brands are stocked.

        I might have to branch out to a few other Woolies not local to get my hands on a few.

        • Since it's in the catalogue this week, hopefully they get the stock in. Might be worth a call and asking if they can verify the stock is actually there and the online checker is correct or when they are getting delivery in.

  • I can confirm these are in stock at Prospect, NSW - I was there yesterday and the shelves are packed with paper towels.

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    Was at Leichhardt (NSW) picking up some viva and saw plenty of tuffy

    Hopefully should still be there tomorrow

  • I'm just hoping people are just buying what they need and not overbuying. Like a few packs is fair, but maybe not a trolley full?

  • Quilton is Australian owned as well..so even better

  • Would these be better value and last longer than viva? But viva is more absorbent. What do you guys reckon who've used both?

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      Slightly prefer Tuffy over Viva. Both are miles ahead of Handee which is garbage at a premium price for some reason.

    • I prefer these ones. In terms of absorbency, I wouldn't rate Viva higher than Tuffy.

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    Thanks! I bet it's going to be swept away from the shelves

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      I’d rather that, than for them to be totally absorbed by hoarders.

  • Haven't seen any Tuffy in store for months. This deal got my hopes up - this morning stock levels showing unavailable in pretty much every store in WA.

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