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Waterpik Black/White Ultra Water Flosser $89.95 + Free Shipping @ Shaver Shop


Black/White Waterpik Ultra $89.95 with free shipping

Black Ultra Water Flosser - https://www.shavershop.com.au/waterpik/black-ultra-water-flo...
White Ultra Water Flosser - https://www.shavershop.com.au/waterpik/white-ultra-water-flo...

Cordless Water Flosser - White/Black $69.95 with free shipping

Black Cordless Water Flosser - https://www.shavershop.com.au/waterpik/black-cordless-water-...
White Cordless Water Flosser - https://www.shavershop.com.au/waterpik/white-cordless-water-...

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  • Are these actually any good / necessary ?

    • I'd love to know this as well, as I'd gladly give up the ordinary floss if this works just as well :)

      • I used to use floss only until I learned the Waterpik is another way to clean the teeth, on my experience (my teeth condition) I prefer to
        use waterpik and floss together everynight, that keeps my teeth very well. Just need to use warm water to avoid causing sore of gum or teeth

    • Good, but not necessary if you floss often.
      These are really useful for people with teeth braces. Also good for people who do not floss often.

      I like it because it is easier than floss and able to clean "hard to reach" areas.

    • I asked my dentist recently and he said they are good for people like myself that hate flossing because my back teeth are so overcrowded that floss just tears.

      I recently bought the portable version of this (as this is one is an eye sore for the bathroom counter tbh) and it seems to work well. Slightly annoying to have to waste water running the tap until it's warm to fill it.

      I have to use the lower of the two settings and the second smallest holed tip because the really small hole (small hole = high pressure) was too much for me!!

      • Why warm water?

        • It suggests it and after trying it once with cold tap water with my sensitive teeth I vowed never again :)

          • @sarahbrisbane: Warm water with kettle or microwave.

            • @Tuftsdude: I did consider this but then my kettle is a long way from my bathroom sink and by the time I’m up there I am definitely too lazy to go back down.

              I have been meaning to bring a small jug upstairs though so I can just harvest some hot shower water and I’ll start doing this post shower instead!

        • Room temperature water works. I just fill it with tap water well before I need to use it.

          Warm water is much nicer.

      • Are you trying to say that your back teeth aren't social distancing so they need to be sprayed with a water cannon to get back in line?

    • From everything I read on here before buying one, the general consensus was that nothing beats flossing, but these are the next best alternative for those who have challenges with floss (tight gaps between teeth, permanent retainers, …laziness).

    • Everybody says that flossing is better than this however I wasn't flossing everyday because I was lazy. Plus I was finding it hard to floss the teeth towards the back. With this thing, I use it twice a day and it's super easy to use. I love it. I have a different model though, from Amazon's deal.

    • I've had the white version of this for around 7 years - it's still going as well as the day I bought it.

      I find it really good. I have a large gap between my back teeth and it cleans them very well.

      Few things:

      • Start on a low level first - your gums will bleed - a lot!
      • It comes with a whole bunch of tools, which are stored in the top section - I only use the flossing tool, but mine came with:
        • Toothbrush attachment
        • Small spoon like attachment (guessing for tongue)
        • Smaller flossing attachment (which actually seems to provide less pressure than the standard one)
        • Standard flossing tool - I only use this one as it does a great job.

      You basically fill up the top water container, plug it in, attach your chosen attachment,set your level, then flick the switch on the base.

      Make sure to stand over a sink, as the water flows out of the side of your mouth and into the sink.

      • Thanks for the advice! Only had mine for a week but it’s encouraging to know I’m not the only one whose teeth bled on the low setting. I will try working my way up to the finer holed head and higher pressure setting although I think the head and low setting I’m using are still doing a pretty good job.

    • Plenty of comments here already. I'd say that these are better than floss if you struggle to floss on the correct angle due to tight gaps and angled teeth.

      Both my wife and I find it better than brushing if you fill the reserve twice for a floss and spray, but we still brush too.

      The key is to use the full reservoir for one mouth and take your time, more pulses mean cleaner teeth.

    • No, absolute pieces of crap, waste of time and money. I bought whatever the top of line one was, returned it immediately. Those floss pick things are the way to go if you don’t like actual floss. $3-4 per 100.

    • My dentist reckoned "Meh!".

      I floss regularly. But I still get some bits out with the waterpik, and it makes things feel a little fresher to me - so I still use it regardless of my dentist's thoughts.

      If you have any spots that the floss routinely doesn't work well on, then this will blast them clean.

      It can feel pretty harsh when you start using it. The dial allows you to bring up the strength slowly though.

  • I’ve had one of these for years and it’s very good imo, even after flossing and brushing it still manages to find more crap to flush out.

  • It's a must. Very useful. However, not really a bargain if you compare to the ebay options.
    Me and my parents have two identical Chinese water flossers which work just as good.

  • I got one of these but not arrived yet to comment on but reviews well. Made by xiaomi:

  • Anyone know the Cord or cordless is better? Thanks.

    • Don't know how powerful the coredless is, but I have to crank up this one to the maximum level to feel it doing the job :). It's decent i guess.

    • My brother-in-law recommended we get a Waterpik since my wife has braces and he found it really useful when he had braces. I had the same question, which I put to him, and he said definitely go for the bigger one based on power and larger tank. The smaller one is a 'better than nothing' option. Keep in mind this advice is biased towards braces-havers.

      • I find the cordless waterpik tank size is enough to do my mouth but only just - so definitely can see why someone with braces would need a larger tank. I have no regrets buying the cordless one and the power seems more than sufficient (I am not even using it on full yet)

  • How do you get the sign up offer?

    • Try opening the link in an incognito tab, then the banner should pop up. I think you have to use an email that hasn't been used before.

  • Damn that's cheap… bought it 2 weeks ago thru my brother's staff discount for $110! :(

  • I can also vouch for 1 of these, in a few minutes with a mix of attachments, leaves you with the best possible clean. I start off with Jet floss , brush then finish with tongue cleaner, all without needing to refill water, warm water that is with a dash of mouth wash. I pulled my nozzle apart and broke it as a result , so i bought replacement non genuine parts from eBay, biggest mistake as its not the same since. If you can get past the bulkiness and having it there 24/7 , then it's a fantastic investment

  • I'm not sure I want my teeth cleaned by a Shadow Stormtrooper. That thing would scare me to death if I walked into the bathroom half asleep.

  • Got the cordless one a couple of weeks ago last deal. Really really enjoying it and teeth feel cleaner than than they have in a while. Pressure is plenty.

  • I have one and use on a weekly basis, now when I go for my dental checkup the hygienist has noticed a reduction in plaque build up.

    I use it with warm water and mouth rinse

  • +1 vote

    Can this be shared with my partner or I need a separate head?

  • Does the cordless one come with different attachments?

    • From ShaverShop website:


      Thank you for your question. The Waterpik Oral Irrigation WP462A System contains 4 water flosser tips. These tips are 2 Classic Jet tips for general use, a PlaqueSeeker tip and an orthodontic tip to meet a variety of flossing needs. Thank You.

      Kind Regards
      Shaver Shop"

  • Trying to purchase one as a guest account using the $10 coupon. It says:
    Coupon code "WELCOME-xxxx-xxxx-VR" cannot currently be added to your cart.

  • The model shown is discontinued due to the on/off switch on the hand piece. I went into a Shavershop and got the goss.
    They were getting to many returns with a broken press button switch.
    The new model has a sliding switch.

  • I've always wanted one but never needed one. Pulled the trigger at this price, let's see how good they are. Thanks OP!

  • Not keen on this giant unit due to small bathroom but anyone had any good experiences with portable units?
    Looking at the Soccas W3 by Xiaomi… seems to be okay

  • I've used one for many years. I hate flossing because it doesn't fit between some teeth and I have some large, deep gaps. My gums used to bleed before I started using a water flosser, but stopped once I started using one. The dentist says my mouth health is great.

    The hose on the handle of my original waterpik split, so I replaced it with an eBay special and, like another user, found it's not the same as the original. Still usable, but has lost pressure. I fixed the original, but it's glued so not easy to fix if the old hose fails again.

    Talked the missus into getting one and got one from Costco that came with a corded travel unit as an extra. I now use that one and she uses the large one. The travel one is just as good. I think they were about $110-$120 for the twin pack.

    Picked up a couple of battery powered Panasonic flossers from an old ozb deal that work well enough for travelling and fold down to a compact size.