[PC, Mac] 8 Free Big Fish Games - Hidden Object Games + Others (PART 2)


If you're wondering if you've seen this post before, you have indeed but this is Part 2. Big Fish Games have updated their list of free games, so enjoy.

Thanks to the #PlayApartTogether initiative where various companies are joining together to promote #PhysicalDistancing, Big Fish Games are offering various hidden objects games, and others, for free (worth ~$22), for desktop (PC and MAC, sorry mobile users)!

  • NOTE: The last two games i.e. Midnight Castle and Sir-Match-a-Lot, are already free.

You will need to have a Big Fish account as well as an external Big Fish Games application manager to play these games, however they're completely free (and worthwhile since you're getting ~$137 worth of games for free).

TIP: As you will need to download these games on PC/MAC, right-click on 'Available on PC/MAC' on all games you want and 'Open link in new tab'. Click on the latest tab open and it should have all the games you want in one cart and then you can check out. make sure to check total costs is $0, it was automatic for me. This should save you from buying each games one at a time.

Given that the previous games for free have disappeared from the list, you should get these ones while you can.

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