expired Free Shipping from Brotherhood Books for All of October (Online Second Hand Books)


This is a good one for anyone participating in Buy Nothing New Month (it's open to everyone though)

All books have free shipping for the entire month of October. If you haven't checked out this site before, it's a good place to look for books before you go on eBay or online book stores (if you don't mind second hand).

The books I have bought from there have sometimes looked like new. You can usually choose the condition you want if there is more than one book for sale.

Shipping is usually quite fast, they use Australia post of a courier depending on what you'd prefer.

This is my first submission, so let me know if I've made any mistakes :)

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    So how is this a better deal that bookdepository? booko?

    can you give us some examples of bargains where this place is the cheapest?

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    definitely a deal, just found a textbook I wanted for $4 which is selling for $29.95 elsewhere


    Thanks, got 3 books and saved about $15 off book depository :)


    These guys put Astrology into Science…?!? Not for us…

    PS Now, take their web site & - instead of letting folks donate their books - let Aussies SELL their books to each other (eg, offer-price & counter-offer, to preclude law-suits from eBay, et al. eg, for cloning an on-line auction site), otherwise like eBay, but with lower fees…

    THEN they'd have something! (or some Aussie entrepreneur would… ;-)

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