PC Case Slightly Damaged Worth Making a Fuss over?

Hey folks i bought this Thermaltake Versa N21 case from Amazon Australia and it came with a few issues.

The box was dented but the case was fully covered in plastic (bag). Should all of the panels have sticky plastic on it?

The damage most likely happen at the warehouse.

Worse damage chip of the side of the case with paint missing.

Scratched front plastic

Scuffs at the stop of the case (plastic) its rough.

Nitpicking here the rivets are already scratched you don't see them any way but is this an okay issue to pass QC?

I guess my question is will all cases come like this? Last case i bought didn't have these issues or it could have and just didn't notice. I have taken up metal working since building my last PC so i might notice this stuff more now.


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    I wouldn't be happy with that if it was listed as brand new.

    Speak to Amazon customer service. They'll offer a replacement or a voucher for your troubles. In some rare cases, they'll even refund you fully and tell you to keep it. They're pretty good.

    Start a case here: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/help/customer/contact-us/ref=cu...

    Choose the item, then 'Problem with an order or item' then 'Defective item / item does not work as expected'. Then go to Chat with a customer service rep.


    damage to the case voids warranty, you should probably go out of your way to get it replaced.

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    Looks like something that was returned for a refund, and then resold to you!
    As Hybroid suggests, contact Amazon and let them offer a solution.


    Not good enough from Amazon. Do a livechat as others have said, best case youll just get a refund. Worst case they will want it returned, if so insist they return it at their cost


    Nah thats p1ss poor - I'd be returning it. It's not a "USED" product.


    Looks like a 3rd party seller is selling ex-demo or refurb as brand new OR a customer returned it. This isn't a new case…

    I would still return it, Amazon pays return postage for such things.


    Return. Any cases within your budget that aren't covered in glossy plastic?

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    Thanks for the feedback every one.

    I spoke to Amazon CS and they said to send it back. I made an argument saying what if i can't get the item to the post office and they said get a cab and get the receipt and they will reimburse me. Sounds good.

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