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Samsung 65" TU8000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart LED TV UA65TU8000WXXY - $1332 Delivered @ Appliance Online


Was looking around and saw this price at AO. When compared with other sellers, this seems to be the cheapest one which includes delivery.

Not convinced that this is the one for me..

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    Wait for a eBay deal

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    Waiting for a deal on a 75

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    It is $1282 on Good Guys commercial can click and collect or add postage (i believe $55 for metro areas)


    Apparently a step down I've read from the model it replaced- the RU8000.


      Step down from RU8000?


      I’ve heard and read the same as well. There are a number of YouTube vids that compare the 2019 model against the 2020 models and there are features that they’ve taken away. A lot of the buzz words I’m not even too sure what they mean or how I (average person) would benefit from them or would not benefit because they’ve taken it away.

      This “apparently” also applies to the LG line as well.

      I’m in the market at the moment for a new TV and I’m cursing myself that I didn’t pick up the 65” RU8000 last month when they were flogging them off and I can’t seem to find a single store that has one.. confused as to whether I should wait until 2021 now.. >_<


    How has Samsung innovated their TVs over the last few years? They just keep creating new model numbers and reducing the price - I am sure they have reached peak QLED - nowhere else to go.