Please Help Me Find The Cheapest (Shuckable) 1TB 2.5" HDD

hey guys looking for a few 1tb hard drives for a small raid im making to store some not-that important files

looking for cheap portable hard drives that i can shuck to get the hard drives inside

Any idea on cheap ones?

Or even more capacity if its much better value. thank you


  • why dont you get an internal hard drive from msy/centrecom/amazon etc so that you dont have to shuck them?
    some hard drives like the wd ones sometimes have the usb controller soldered onto the drives and its a bit of a pain to take them off.

    • Portable drives used to be cheaper than internal drives for some reason despite being the same thing.

      I would't attempt to unsolder a USB controller, thats crazy talk

  • I believe the only shuckable HDD for 2.5'' are Seagate external HDD so your best bet to find the cheapest will be to search for stores that sell Seagate expansion potable HDD for the cheapest price. Though I believe external HDDs have gone up in price in a lot of retailer so some might now have same price as buying an equivalent internal HDD.

  • Not sure what is the cheapest but take care as some of the shuckable ones are m.2 rather than 2.5"

  • You can get a 1TB 2.5" HDD delivered for $50 here
    Doubt you'll find a shuckable external HDD for cheaper