Aldi coffee machined died after a week

Hi everyone. I bought hubby an Aldi coffee machine one week ago. Have mostly used the Aldi pods but used the odd Gloria Jeans pods on a few occassions. After one week it dropping the water in the cannister where the pods empty to when it's finished filling the cup and very little coming out into our cup. Not sure if this is a problem with the Aldi machine or whether it is caused by us using a few of the other branded pods? I read that it voids the waranty so it's an expensive lesson for us. But would love your experience with this machine if you are happy to share. Thanks
Update : I tried to make my first cup of coffee with the new machine and it made 1/4 cup and the rest of the coffee ended up in the container that holds the used capsules. They definitely must have a fault with this machine. We used Aldi brand capsules.


  • have you checked the usermanual/warranty cards about using other brand pods?
    does it say "only use aldi pods" "warranty void"?

    • Its totally irrelevent!
      And Aldi cant prove it anyway.
      I found the Gloria Jeans pods actually work better than the genuine Aldi pods so there you go!
      See my post below for more information

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    Take it back with the receipt and get a refund as its faulty. If you really want to declare to them that youve been using GJ pods that's up to you

  • Aldi are happy to refund no questions asked. I had to return a toaster that was DOA a few weeks ago and didn't even have the receipt. Went through no problems at all.

    • Different experience at woolies, the Mrs picked up a box of Coke that was on a stand labelled '32 cans', so not paying too much attention she paid for it and got back to the car only to notice it was 24 can box. Realising her mistake she went straight back into Woolies to get a refund and repurchase the correct item, she had the receipt from 5 minutes ago and one of the staff even agreed that it shouldn't have been on the stand that advertised 32 cans. Do you think they were helpful? The service counter staff member went apoplectic at the mere thought of returning this box that was so obviously contaminated with the black death that if they put it back on the shelf it might kill everyone who walked past. The staff member was starting to get shouty so in order to avoid more embarrassment the Mrs just left with box she bought. Lesson learned. Buy from ALDI.

      • Unfortunately Woolies and Coles have stopped refunds for change of mind and likely argued that your wife changed her mind rather than bought the wrong product because it was in the wrong spot.

        I do agree that a receipt within 5 mins should be accepted for that form of refund, especially if she was planning to swap it over to the 24 pack.

        They probably wouldn’t have had any issue touching the item if it was for a refund they were still allowed to give (faulty/scanned at wrong price/etc).

        Many people aren’t taught to think anymore, just obey. No thought given to what actually happened, just “can’t refund. No”

        • What I can't stand at whoolies, is when they have a 1/2 price on 24 cans, and then put a 32 cans package ( full price ) where the 24 cans 1/2 price is located.

          • @cameldownunder: Were there lots of them or just a couple? If the latter it is very likely that a customer had the 32 in their hands and saw the deal on the 24 and swapped them over there.

  • I purchased an Aldi coffee machine as well as an Aldi frother when they first came out and was happy with them, good value and easy to use, coffee tasted good, but eventually upgraded to a better quality, with more functions, machine.

    Putting the incorrect types of pods into it, surprised they even fitted, has stuffed up your warranty unfortunately.

    Up to you OP if you try for a refund/exchange.

  • Take it back, tell them it’s broken, get a refund.

  • I used an Aldi machine for quite a few years. I used to use Gloria Jeans pods and yeah eventually would have to get the machine exchanged for another one. Since getting a replacement and using Aldi pods only, I haven't had any problem for four years. So my take is non-Aldi pods will eventually break the machine.

  • Just take it back, Aldi will usually exchange no questions asked

  • aldi has a 60 day money back guarantee. just take it back

  • demand to speak to the Manager.

  • As an expert on Aldi coffee machines (8 years experience) I can tell OP to ignore everyone else and advise the following:

    1. User issue. (HIGH PROBABILITY) You need to push down on the lever fairly fast and firmly to make sure the pins piece the capsules properly. Obviously this does not appear to be happening in OPs case.

    2. Wrong type of capsules (HIGH PROBABILITY). Check to make sure it says "Caffitaly System" on the front of the box down below the coffee type. If not then wrong type of capsules and therein lies your problem. Dont worry it most likely doesn't hurt the machine.

    3. Capsule issue. (MEDIUM PROBABILITY) Sometimes the plastic in the capsules is too hard making it very difficult for the machine to pierce them. (had this problem with Aldi capsules in 2014) This can also result in the lever popping back up due to the back pressure. (scary) Hence please observe point one. You might need to hold down the lever whilst the water runs through the pod.

    4. Faulty machine (VERY LOW PROBABILITY). Test with different capsule types and brands and see if the problem goes away. Make sure they are either Genuine Aldi Expressi capsules or "Caffitaly System" capsules. (they are one and the same for the record) If the problem persists and you have observed all of the above then its the machine.

    And for those know-it-alls that say Gloria Jeans are the wrong capsules its YOU that is wrong!
    Im using Gloria jeans capsules right now and they are fantastic (better than the Adli ones) but they are the proper "Caffitaly System" type.

    EDIT: After reading that OP exchanged the machine and still has the problem its the way OP is using the machine. Observe Point 1

    Good luck

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