Broadband Contract - Yes or No?

Broadband/nbn plans come with options most of the time - sign up to a contract (ie 12 months or longer) and save a little each month (or get a free modem) OR sign up to no contract, and just go month by month.

Contract benefits - Cheaper plan overall and/or free modem.

Month-to-month benefits - can leave anytime (ie if you see a better deal, or your circumstances change - flexibility)

I think facts will speak for themselves, so my question is:


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    I'm in contract
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    I'm going month-to-month (my contract period has ended)
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    I'm going month-to-month (I signed up to no contract)


  • I think most are with ABB - No contract

  • On NBN, there's enough competitive no contract options out there that you can ignore anyone who is forcing a contract option at you.

    I'm currently on the Superloop Adelaide 500 promo getting $20/month off for the first 6 months, no contract. It was a no brainer at the time.
    When that deal is up in September, I'll evaluate the deals available at the time.

  • Another happy Aussie Broadband customer - and you're likely better off buying a modem separately, most bundled ones are rubbish.

  • I'm with Internode, 6 mth contract $59.95 ~45Mbps, then it's month-to-month $79.95

  • I exhausted abb and superloop offers so I joined belong. 12 month $55/month "30Mbps starter plan" but I'm getting the same speeds I was getting with abb/superloop/telstra.
    It also comes with an $80 sim kit that I use so effectively becomes $48.33/month.
    also comes with free modem.

    • Pretty much did the exact same thing. Was initially hesitating thinking it was pointless getting a new modem when mine worked fine… but was surprised the new modem has an extra 5.0gHz frequency and is upright so takes up less room on desk so much happier now. Belong internet seems to be ok. It crashes a little more than the others did, but only for a few minutes then back to normal. Overall, definitely worth the 12 month contract I reckon.

  • Here is another consideration

    ISPs such as Kogan only offer Month to month
    Whilst that sounds great from a flexibility aspect the same applies to them.
    Ive seen Kogans NBN plans increase in price 2 or 3 times in the last 12 months. They started off being the cheapest and now maybe the dearest.
    Also you must pay for a modem which adds even more cost.
    So month to month plans can end up being very expensive!

    Lock-in contracts or fixed length plans usually have a fixed price throught the plan.
    So whilst they are cheaper to begin with and you also get a free modem the price may well be locked in as well. It pays to ask!

    • Great call - always pays to review historic pricing where possible. And this is similar to Home Loans & Energy Plans, where 'fixed periods' can be a blessing or a penalty, either way a risk. Perhaps a max period for contract is the way to go ie never go over 12 months. At least with month by month if they do hike prices you have the flexibility to leave, albeit with some inconvenience.

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