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BlitzWolf BW-GC1 Gaming Chair Ergonomic Design 150°Reclining Home Office $75.99 (~AU $116.60) Delivered @ Banggood AU


Ship from AU warehouse,free shipping,GST free.

It's $75.99 for the first 20 orders, then it'll increase to $79.99 US and so forth.

- Adjustable Height
- 150°Reclinling
- Linkage Armrest

Model: BW-GC1
Color: Red/Blue/White
Material: PVC/Sponge/PP Cotton/
Weight: 17.5kg
Reclining: Max 150°
Height Adjustment: 48-60 cm(18.9-23.6 in)
Pillows: Removable Headrest & Lumbar Pillows

- 150°Max Reclining + Rocking
Lift the backrest lever and adjust the backrest to a suitable angle, then release the handle to lock the backrest into position.
- Adjustable Seat Height + 360°Swivel
Set in an ergonomic position for optimum gaming
- Superior Material + Removable Headrest & Lumbar Pillows
Take care of your neck, spine, back and, arms
- Retractable Footrest
As comfortable as a bed
- Safe, Durable & Stable Performance
-  Gas Lift, Rubber Casters, Nylon Base, Pass BIFMA 5.1 Test

Pack Include:
1 x Gaming Chair

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  • $99 AUD is better…

  • Anyone have one of these to comment on build?

    • I have (or one that looks basically identical) this, and the kids love it and I don't mind it, but for an adult it is a little flimsy (the arm rests, they just don't tighten to hold them in firm. And the cushioning is ok, but if I continue sitting on it, it won't be for long

      For the price it's about right; if an adult over 70KGs sits on this often. You'll probably look to replace it after a year or so

      • probably look to replace it after a year or so

        Steelcase have 12 year warranty on gas lift, lifetime for everything else.

        12 x 75.99 = $911.88

        Doesn't make sense long term to buy the Blitzwolf when the Steelcase has been made to prevent sitting injuries such as long term back pain. It's really comfortable. It can be adjusted to the individual.

        The Blitzwolf will spend half the time looking like ass with PU peeling off and such before being replaced.

        • Link?

          Looking for a new chair for work, since my company take months before any purchases get approved

          • @Danstar: Get Herman Miller Mirra chair… mine is 12yo (Mon, May 12, 2008) been shipped around the country, dragged to a number of offices, thrown/fallen off the back of a ute (parked) and there's still no damaged.
            Bought an "executive" chair from officeworks ~$250… was let it on the side of the road 2yrs later, the arm rest foam padding unstuck in ~6months, but I just glued it back on.

            The Mirra 2 is the current model.
            I got mine from https://livingedge.com.au for $800.

          • @Danstar: I can vouch for steelcase. I've got the steelcase leap v2 and it's the most comfortable and sturdy chair I've ever sat on. They're not really worth it brand new considering you can find them used for usually about $300, and at that price it's worth every penny. Look on fb or online for companies that help fit out offices, as they often will have a handful of them.

  • Seems like an alright price?
    Depends on the build quality I guess.

  • Bought quite a few cables from BG lately, was impressed with the quality thus far.

    With this deal, what is the weight capacity of your product here ?

  • Is this BlitzWolf same as the BlitzWolf who makes cables and adapters?

    • Take a wild guess

    • OEM's manufacture the stuff, then companies place orders for xxxx units with their logo stamped on it and maybe slight changes to differentiate theirs (usually color).

  • Paid one last year around $80, not too bad. the only problem is the wheels cant be locked. impossible to play racing games with my G920.

  • Yes but does it RGB?

  • When reclining does it move the seat altogether like those from Officeworks?

  • Whats the warranty like for these chairs

  • Was just about to buy one very similar (they all look the same in this price bracket no matter what name is on them) on amazon for $149 so grabbed 2 of these instead.. Hope their ok…

  • That is one ugly chair.

    Someone needs to explain to me why so many computer chairs lately need bolstering and harness holes.

  • Please update title as USD

  • Can anyone recommend a good chair without breaking the bank ? Sitting around 4-5 hours per session for work. Thanks !

  • If you change the currency to AUD it $115.90.. and Cashrewards is 4 or 4.5%. (must be category 2.?? )

  • Bought one. Thanks OP

  • Hey OP, what happened.??? Price gone through the roof now $397 USD, no longer in AU.. You had 11 sold out of the 20 in presale but have ended it.

  • got one, building it as we speak the legs where the casters go slide on the middle and mine has some sort of a manufacturing fault and cant put one on hahaha.

  • Just got mine and built it, it is actually pretty comfortable and the material is decent, punches above its price point. For 115 bucks it's an easy buy, let's just see how durable it is.

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