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Standing Desk $199 (Manual) @ ALDI Special Buys Saturday 06/06


great bargain.. been tryna bag one for a while but everyone out of stock. will have to line up early…

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  • Man, legend!

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    by posting this you've just made it harder for yourself to get the table :D

  • Height looks good for people up to around 1.85m.

    Slightly smaller than IKEA's, but a bit cheaper too.

    • We have both Aldi ($199) and Ikea ($249) desks in our home office. I assembled them both and can confirm that Ikea's quality is definitely better. From the user's standpoint Ikea's desk is more solid, comfortable, and looks better. I don't think you get a better deal from Aldi, even if their price is lower.

      • Thanks for sharing! No annoying crossbeam aswell. Sold!

      • Do IKEA still sell this desk at this price? Can't find it.

        Edit: OK I found it - SKARSTA 120*70cm @$249

      • Thanks for sharing!

      • Fyi, I recently bought the Ikea one too, in the bigger size 160x80 $269 and can confirm it's really solid, and frame/legs are really heavy. It's rated for office use so expect it to be much sturdier than the Aldi one.

      • Seems the IKEA skarsta covers 70cm-120cm height, but Aldi only 75cm to 113cm hegiht. So IKEA should be better for taller people ? Plus no crossbar…

        Is it actually more sturdy though?

        What is the IKEA one like in winding the handle up to raise to standing height, does it take a long time and deter you from standing as much during the day due to the effort?

        • I am using it in standing position most of the time, so winding up/down is not a daily routine for me, but it takes less than a minute to adjust the position. The winding itself is maybe 15 or 20 seconds, and the rest of the time is just to confirm that the height is right and to make the micro adjustments.

      • Thanks for sharing about the ikea sit/stand desk.

        Can someone confirm if the ikea table is stable when going up and down with a monitor?

      • We have the Ikea ones at work (cannot comment on ALDI ones). Very nice/solid. Goes to lower than 70cm (I'm 157cm tall and can put to a low enough height to put my feet flat on the floor and not have the desk too high). They do tend to occasionally make a very loud cranking sound when adjusting, like bits physically rubbing against each other. Enough to annoy people around you in the office but it doesn't take long to adjust. Copious WD40 does not help (once the desk is assembled, maybe you can do something while you are assembling it). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-xBXGQEiFg

    • The min desk height of 75cm is way too high for me. Do you have to be 1.80m to use this desk without a footstool?

    • why is it so hard to get office chairs that can rise to at least 60 cm

  • Such a shame it has that cross bar in the middle of the legs. I know it increases stability but I've slammed my knee's into too many of those to go there again.

  • 1.2M wide.

  • Annoying handle location, you wouldn't be able to have anything else to the right of the desk (to the right of my desk i have a filing cabinet and my PC tower on it).

    I have the cheapest Officeworks electronic one (was $379 but had to wait like a month for them to get stock, I note the price has gone up now) and couldn't imagine how annoying itd be to have to wind the desk up and down.

    • The desk is symmetrical so you could flip it around to make it the left side.

      Guess it doesn't work if you want to fit the desk into a nook though

    • in westpac corporate offices we have 80% of desks that are wind up desks up and down, its not the end of the world having to do this just to be able to wind the desk up and down. haven't you done any previous hand actions before ;) lol

    • I got the electric one as well for this reason. It's a small convenience, but worth it when you know it will go to the exact height you need every time.

    • The motorised desks (especially the cheaper ones) are more prone to failure and could be difficult/expensive to fix. So you might have to throw it away after a year or two when the motor stops working, or the buttons fail. Manual desks, even the cheapest ones, are more reliable due to simple design. Plus, if you get a nice perch stool to complement your desk, you can just leave it at standing height and comfortably switch between standing and perching without the need to be sitting :)

  • Good public awareness and I’m upvoting! But this stretches the definition of a “bargain”.

  • Thanks OP! This is just what I needed…about a week ago. :(

    Usual story, I needed something straight away so bought an alternative. Awesome deal, though, it would have suited me perfectly.

    • which one did you buy? and review of it?

      • I didn’t get a sit-stand desk in the end. There was literally nothing available because most places had been cleaned out when everyone got sent to work from home. I wound up buying a dining table from Fantastic Furniture, which turned out to be okay as two of us can sit at either end and work comfortably. Then, when I move into a more permanent place, I’ll hopefully be able to get a proper desk and this one can move into the dining room where it belongs.

  • Have the larger Ikea one (160x80) - well worth it for $70 more. No crossbar and handle is on the front which can be tucked in nicely.

  • so i know when u search in gumtree for higher prices :(

    • Speaking thereof… I'm the proud owner of a (not) new Skarsta (FROM IN MY OWN SUBURB) last night thanks to this post! Found it on gumtree. $150? Yes, please! </end gloat>

  • Get these from Groupon

    I ordered the frame only and got top from bunnings for $40. Overall cost less than $300 for motorized desk

  • I have this one too, bought couple of years ago.

    The center piece is annoying, your knees will hit it all the time. I think is too tall when is in the lowest setting too.

    Is not horrible, it does the job, but i ended up buying another one (omnidesk), and what a difference

    • hey thanks for your review will not considering this aldi anymore.
      which omni (but i think i wont be able to afford it)?

      • I got the 150cms one, curve, and is sturdy, quality and damn heavy :).

        Im about 85kg, and I tested it out laying down on it and setting it up to the tallest it could go

  • im in serious need of this, currently having pain in the shoulder+wrist as my desk is too high (75.5cm)
    i like the electric, and must be able to go down to at least 68cm.

    almost bought matrix model but it is 705mm at lowest…….

    maybe i will get this
    You can adjust the height of the table top electrically from 65 to 125 cm to ensure an ergonomic working position.

    any other suggestion, but in the 4-5-600 budget range?

    thank you all.

    • I remember looking at the Ikea Bekant electric ones a while back but there are a lot of negative reviews online about the motor/mechanism failing

      Edit: don't really have any other recommendations, sorry - we gave up on the idea!

      • that bekant has some wobby issue reviews, but one or two people said sturdy enough. i am not big so i think should be fine for me.
        but real minus is they dont have height memory/preset. just up and down.

        • FWIW, I bought the IKEA Idasen, which is the higher end model. At $699 for the 120x70 desk, it's a bit over your budget, but may be worth considering. It is manufactured by a better company (Linak, who make higher end sit stand desks), has sturdier legs and has an app with 3 position memory (it's not one-touch though, so it requires you to hold the button on your phone or the paddle on your desk, stopping at the preset heights). I love mine!

          Having said that, two people in my team have the Bekant at home, and they are very happy with them. (I was happy to pay the extra money to avoid the wobble and potential motor failure, but YMMV).

          • @caprimulgus: hmm saw youtube about idasen yes i can understand holding the paddle but why not one touch on the app/phone? weird

            • @ChiMot: Yeah, it is what it is - one-touch would definitely be better (and it's a deal-breaker for some!), but for me it doesn't bother me too much. I can live with it (and I rather have memory presets without one-touch than not having them at all!). :)

              Alternatively, if you're handy with electronics, you might look into adding preset functions to Bekant (I believe there is an open-source controller someone has made for the Bekant).

          • @caprimulgus: Agree - I have the idasen (same size) too and am loving it!

    • Ikea Bekant is known for motor failure.

    • The Matrix is the one I have. pump your seat up a bit higher and get a footrest if 2cm really is the difference. 70/71cm is a pretty standard desk height (in fact a standard ikea linnmon table with adil legs is 74cm high).

    • I got the L shaped bekant 2wks ago.
      It's been great.
      Only me using it so far though the wife had been eyeing it. Haven't adjusted it after the first day to get it right.

      Love the extra space. I have a laptop and 27" and a 32" on either side.
      Still have space for a book for notes etc

  • i dont think this is a great choice for work/gaming idk do people stand up and game?

  • Every time I see the photo, it reminds me of patient desks in the hospital. I also have a silent chuckle thinking that the hospital desks are just like shopping trolleys. Some are perfect and rigid while some are super wonky.

  • More bait deals to get people in the door…

  • With electric motorised stand up desks, can you stick a nicer top (like say a heavier hardwood top) on the top and replace the stock one without issues? or are they typically at their weight max with the motor provided?

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      They have a weight limit usually, mine was 100kg so should be able to switch the table as long as everything else falls in tht limit

  • You will have to line up and battle with the pensioners that are sent by their working kids to grab one of these. It's a part of the whole Aldi experience.

    See you all there at the 6am!

  • Those poor Aldi workers. I work every single weekend in retail and early on sundays the only people to be seen before 830am are these kind of ppl lining up before the crack of dawn for these sales. You'd have to pay me $199 to line up at one lol.

  • Nah for me, I bought my own sit and stand desk from badback.


    this one support 1 tonne weight.

  • CHINA!!!

  • I have never had the honor to see weekly special buys of ALDIs!

  • Hmm if this is flimsier than the Ikea one then i'd be careful. The ikea one is already known to have wobble as its not that stable.

  • enjoy everyone top deal.. glad ya all like it

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