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Standing Desk $199 (Manual) @ ALDI Special Buys Saturday 06/06


great bargain.. been tryna bag one for a while but everyone out of stock. will have to line up early…

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    If you prefer a permanent standing desk from Ikea parts you can combine one of their $19.99 LINNMON table tops and 4 OLOV $12.50 adjustable legs to its maximum height. I combine this with a drafting chair and it encourages me to stand more as its the default height.

    • Those legs only adjust up to 90cm, so it isn't really a standing desk.

      • for children, yest :)

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    Awesome price! I wish it's 160cm x 80cm!

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      that ikea says:
      Product size
      160 cm
      80 cm
      Min. height:
      70 cm
      Max. height:
      120 cm
      Max. load:
      50 kg

      so you just need to weight your 2x monitor, desktop/laptop, and the dual-arm, add them all.

      • the dual arm doesn't say how much weight it is but if i estimate 10kg max and the monitors each 10kg max then it should be fine
        thanks mate

        • one more. just browse ebay, i think saw very very very similar arm like that aldi, for about $40ish…

  • 1.20m high?
    So I’ll be looking down the whole time with a hunch in my back whilst standing.
    And I’m just under 6 foot.

    • You can raise the entire table by adding a platform which will give you the extra boost.

      eg. bricks, yellow pages, a4 paper pallets, or any even size objects

  • has anyone tried the chair?

  • cheers eeveryone… hopefully bump into some of you at Aldi tomorrow hahaha

  • is this something you can claim on tax? saying its for work purposes?

    • Of course….

  • Does anyone know if there's any left in stock [VIC]?

  • And? Where are the reviews from people buying this today?

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    My local Aldi has 9 on the day. 8 was gone in the first 15 mins and the last one was bought 1 hour later.

    The initial impression is that the built quality is not great as some screws do not properly fit. We also bought Ikea one and it's easier to assemble.

    Overall, it's the cheapest on the market and can last for many years.

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      yeah sorry for aldi fans but i know this for ages, aldi quality is just a or two notch up from 2 dollar shops.
      of course there are aldi fans out there, same like there are always fans of target, kogan or lowes who will be defending all the way.

  • Any one from Victoria ( Melbourne) requires this chair i am happy to pass it on. PM me
    I have purchased one ( still packed) and happy to pass , if not i shall be returning back to Aldi ( in packed box) say in two or three days.