Need Recommendation for Sit/Stand Desk (Found a Comparison Sheet)

I know there have been discussions about this but I still cannot make up my mind. Also it is hard to compare between each as there are many different brands out there and the prices vary. So I found a sheet (someone posted a while back) which puts all some known brands/models for us/people to easily compare. Guests can add comments and you are welcome (and pls do) to throw some other desks on the sheet.

(new link)

would love if some ppl can add desk in on there so I can compare them t

I would like to get some opinions from people who own any of these desks or any not even on the list.

looking for a big desk that can fit 2. 20-22 inch monitors + MacBook Air and still have space

I have also seen a corner one at Officeworks ( which looks good

and I would really like on that has good cable management and one with PowerPoints on the desk (like the omnidesk ones) and usb's on it too and all that just one that can look neat and tidy while also having ports



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