Need Recommendation for Sit/Stand Desk (Found a Comparison Sheet)

I know there have been discussions about this but I still cannot make up my mind. Also it is hard to compare between each as there are many different brands out there and the prices vary. So I found a sheet (someone posted a while back) which puts all some known brands/models for us/people to easily compare. Guests can add comments and you are welcome (and pls do) to throw some other desks on the sheet.

(new link)

would love if some ppl can add desk in on there so I can compare them t

I would like to get some opinions from people who own any of these desks or any not even on the list.

looking for a big desk that can fit 2. 20-22 inch monitors + MacBook Air and still have space

I have also seen a corner one at Officeworks ( which looks good

and I would really like on that has good cable management and one with PowerPoints on the desk (like the omnidesk ones) and usb's on it too and all that just one that can look neat and tidy while also having ports



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    OmniDesk has newer 2020 model now. ZenSpaceDesk is cheaper than OmniDesk (with coupon codes). ZenSpaceDesk does some of the manufacturing/finishing in Australia.

    • thx would which one would u recommend and what's better about new omnidesk and iff u can can add them into the table?

      • Newer model has 41mm/sec movement. Both ZenSpaceDesk and OmniDesk has 10% duty cycle (ie; 2 min use, 18 min rest for the motor). If you have budget, buy either OmniDesk or ZenSpaceDesk. Both have 10 year warranty.

        Also OmniDesk has 100 day trial and free return pickup policy if live in major city.

        • thx what does 10% duty cycle and can u put the rest in the spread sheet planed does it have good cable management and which one have PowerPoints on the desk

          and what would u recommend

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            @eckers19: By the way, I highly recommend you wait for a week or two, I've been looking to buy an omnidesk for some time and was speaking with one of the support reps a month or so ago. He told me that they'd committed to a EOFY sale which would be starting soon so you're likely to save some $$$ if you hold off!

            • @ScottyT: do u know when that would be and what the discount would be?

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                @eckers19: ZenSpaceDesk gives you $100 discount when you signup. $150 if its preorder.

                • @avendr: yes thanks for that tips, too bad some preorder has shipping time end of july.
                  and no free delivery :(

              • @eckers19: if EOFY then should be in month of June not august.

              • @eckers19: Not sure sorry, he wasn't either. I had noticed a sale on their Singapore website that wasn't here and quizzed him to see if I could get the discounts.

                He said whilst that sale didn't apply here there would be one for EOFY. He had guessed June 1st but apparently that's not the case, I'll be following up soon to see if they know anything more now though :)

                • @ScottyT: yes please otherwise i will get zendesk. but from quick look, omni are way more expensive than zen so probably i still cant afford omni even after disc.

                  • @ChiMot: Just heard back, they'll be having the sale from the 15th on the Pro model. It'll be 20% off so starting at $720. I've asked if extras will be included in the sale too :)

                    • @ScottyT: ok cool…hey do you think zendesk and omni manufacturer are the same? their products are very similar hahaha
                      also start from $720 after discount , that is for the 1540mm size which is good (first i thought hmm must be smaller 1240mm for that price)

                      • @ChiMot: Yeah could be, not 100% sure honestly. Truth be told, I'm inclined to go with Omni purely for their ecosystem of addons. The leg assembly could well be the same but there are some features they sell that I wouldn't mind spending the extra for.

                        Support rep said nothing was confirmed yet for the sale of extras and what not but he said certainly keep an eye on it as they normally are on sale/free with a purchase during these events.

                        • @ScottyT: Did online chatting.
                          15th of June Start, didn't say how many %, but only for the pro 2020 (not the old pro)

                          • @ChiMot: I said that a few comments before? haha new pro makes sense given that'd be their current product run now

                            • @ScottyT: You said pro not pro 2020 hehe. I'm confirming the date. And you got the %.

                            • @ScottyT: so what will be on sale on the 15th?

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    @OP as the original poster i think you should tidy up and update the spreadsheet first before people give contributions.
    i have fixed the zendesk part, ikea and office works
    mostly have increased in price

  • The ZenDesk Coupon code comes up expired when I try and use at checkout…

    • which one? the one from email subs $100 or the preorder $150?

      • PRESALE

        • does the description say about shipping from the date that already past? for example "ship from end of may"
          then i guess the item is not preorder anymore as today is June already, even it is still mention about using code bla bla bla

          dont know, i couldn't call no one pickup the phone

          • @ChiMot: Tried yesterday all it says this coupon is expired. Sent an email with no response as of yet…

  • thanks everyone just wondering if people think this one at Officeworks ( which looks good
    is any good?

  • hey i think i found shop selling the same item made by the same manufacturer that produce omnidesk and zenspacedesk, at cheaper price
    have a look. the frame, the controller, the leg…

    anyone own zenspace or omni, please check this, is this similar like yours?

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      I don't think it's the same cause the min height is around 70cm whereas the zen and omni desks are 60 cm.

      • it says Height adjustment from 640-1290mm
        but yeah not exact same

    • did you end up getting this? considering purchasing this myself

  • Hey have just measured the space that I have for the desk and I have 2 by 1 Meyer if space and would like to get desk as big as possible but maybe some draws all if anyone could make a recommendation with this new factors in mind


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    Just saw this deal is this good or is it to expensive

  • I added some clarification about the controls on the Idasen.

    • Thanks so much!

  • Hi all is this desk any good. $849 for 1500x750. Comes with 10yr warranty.

    Cant find reviews on it

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      note: Min Height 625mm (with top)
      this one good range of height but doesn't say how many motors

      • Says this in the description

        Dual Motors
        Max Height 1270mm (with top)
        Min Height 625mm (with top)
        135kg weight capacity evenly distributed

        • ups sorry forgot my glasses
          but at $899 i think omni with promotion at 720 is better
          unless you go for cheaper than 720 here

          • @ChiMot: When i first looked at the OMNI i thought it was a steal but it doesnt come with the benchtop. Gotta pay extra for that. If your only after a frame your 100% right.

            Desktop add-on top of frame
            Large (60x30in) (152.4x76cm) = (+$350)
            XL (72x30in) (183x76cm) = (+$450)

            • @Madaxle: Sorry my bad here. That +$350 or +$450 is for the bamboo. If you go black or white it comes

              Straight edge
              Small (48x30in) (122x76cm) - Included
              Large (60x30in) (152.4x76cm) - extra +$100
              XL (72x30in) (183x76cm)- extra +$200

              Curved Edge
              Small (48x30in) (122x76cm) - extra +$100
              Large (60x30in) (152.4x76cm) - extra +$200
              XL (72x30in) (183x76cm) - extra +$300

              • @Madaxle: yeah. should be 720 for small incl top.
                but not incl delivery

  • Found another one. Note sura about this desk as well

    Summit Electric Height Adjustable II
    $699 for 1500x750

    • note: Electric Height Adjustment from 720mm to 1160mm
      lowest is too high for some people

  • I just bought a Zen Pro, thanks for the tips

  • Damn I was going to get the Zenspace one but missed out on the coupon guess I'll wait.

    • They still offer $100 off

      • Meh I can wait.

  • I ended up buying omni desk 2020. Ended up being about $30-40 difference with zen space pro desk.

  • Yes, got the cable mgmt and the headphone holder. Ended up getting the 180cm one

  • Hey, I was looking to get a desk but almost every desk I've seen in Aus is just direct of Alibaba looking at the leg construction and control panels.

    If we have a couple of interested people, I can get in touch the suppliers and look at getting a few?
    I think it would be easiest to just get bases and people can source tops, shipping might be a bit of a wack, but I know some people who bring containers of stock over and might be able to get slightly better pricing.

    Any interest?

    • Me. But I need the minimum height to be less than 70cm ideally minimum is 65cm or 68cm.
      Not fussy about other things

      • ok I'll check it out

    • I'd be interested as well

      • +1

        I'll give this another couple of days and then get an initial indicator of price

    • i may be keen too, i put an order for omnidesk frame only a couple days ago, but with their 100day trial period, can easily be returned

    • caught this so late, I wonder if you got the prices yet? haha

  • Damn looks like ZenspaceDesk increased their prices.

  • We got 2 omnidesk desks,. Got extra cable management and headphone stand. We also bought wireless charger, first delivery box was totally damaged and no power adaptor in the box. They sent the replacement charger, which had similar state as earlier one. They are happy to refund and also refund the cost of postage back.

    As far as desks are concerned, they are very good quality. Me and my wife are loving it. And are thinking why we didnt buy this earlier.

    • "And are thinking why we didnt buy this earlier."
      because they are expensive….?

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        Yeah, I agree they are expensive.

        I ended buying one in early July as well. As expensive as they are, since I've had it, I have been asking myself as well why I did not bite the bullet earlier! This is the first sit/stand desk I've bought, so I can't compare it to other brands but the quality is good. Coming from having sit/stand desks at work, I am so glad I now have that option again.

      • Expensive and also we already had cheap desks. So may be bit reluctant on buying something that we already had. But glad we did. :-)

    • @dharmesht What are your thoughts on the charging pad? I am tossing up between Omnidesk and Zenspace Desk and the addon would be nice but omnidesk only have a 7 year warranty vs zenspace desk and their 10 years.

      How do you about it now you have had it for a few months?

      • Charging I have returned both and omindesk will be refunding me the cost. They claim it is been damaged by the courier, but how come only wireless charging pad is damaged and all other items are good. Anyways. Desk is good. I have no complaints. We have 1500 mm 2 desks, side by side and we are loving it. I am not sure about ZenDesk as we didnt do much comparison, just bought what we liked.

        • Thanks for getting back to me so fast and for your input! :)

  • Has anyone had experience with T&R Sports and their Mason Taylor desk. Seems like a pretty nice price.

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    For anyone coming back here to see the sheet, it seems to have been all jumbled up.

    I have recreated it from the point where mismatches started to happen. See here:

  • Thanks @Applause. Very helpful :)

  • Do anyone here know if Zen Deskspace do discounted sales on it's accessories?

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