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[PS4] Marvel’s Spider-Man: GOTY $30.95 | TEKKEN 7 $13.95 | Metal Gear Solid V: DE $7.55 @ PlayStation Store


A pretty good price considering the standard game is selling for $19 @ Amazon.

Lowest ever price without PS+.

Upgrade to the Game of the Year Edition and play the story chapters in The City That Never Sleeps – featuring additional missions and challenges, brand new factions of enemies from the Spider-Man universe, and more suits to unlock.

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  • Very tempting. I feel that the base game will be on psn plus soon.

    • The rumour is that it may go on PS+ when SM2 is announced or released.

  • I want to buy this for someone, can you gift it once purchased or how does it work? (I don't have a PS4)

    • Last time I checked PSN has no gifting system (annoyingly). If you want to buy something for someone you have to either get on their system/account and do it that way or ask them to buy it and give them the money :/

      • Thanks :)

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      You can always buy the gift card for $30/50.

      • Thanks :)

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    Just on here to say this game is amazing & once I finished the base game immediately bought the DLC & played through it too. Well worth the price here IMO.

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      Roughly how many hours of extra gameplay did you get from the DLC?

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        HowLongToBeat has it at 2-3 hours each.

      • 2-3 hours per chapter/ episode sounds about right (Total of 3 chapters/ episodes though). I might’ve taken a little longer as I enjoyed doing some of the side quests because the game plays so nicely.

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    I'm waiting for this and the DLCs to be on disc and sub-$20. Perhaps Black Friday later this year.

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      Come on friend. You can afford $31 for this brilliant game.

  • Apparently will be upscaled for Ps5 too