Replacement Remote Key Under Warranty

I own a mid-size hatchback that is just coming to the end of its 5 year warranty. The rubber on the remote ignition key buttons (unlock/lock central door locking & unlock tailgate) has totally perished leaving holes where the buttons were so can only be used as a standard key. The manufacturer agreed to replace the remote key under warranty and its booked in at the dealership. I lost my original (non-remote) spare key that came with the vehicle a couple of years ago so I asked the dealership if I could keep the key that is being replaced under warranty so that I have a spare key again. The Service Advisor said that they would have to keep the old key but they could sell me a new spare key for around $250. Obviously being an OzBargainer I am loathe to pay $250 for a new key when there is a key there going begging and what are they actually going to do with the original other than destroy it? So should I just be thankful they are replacing the key, suck it up & move on or should I escalate it to the Dealership Service Manager or the manufacturers customer care department to try and keep the original key?

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    Speak to the Service Manager
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    Speak to the manufacturer
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    Pay the $250 for a new key
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    Be thankful they are replacing the key under warranty, suck it up & move on


  • I don't think you would be justified in escalating it, if it is being replaced under warranty then the old key no longer belongs to you and as silly as it sounds, the dealership has a process to follow and is not required to do something different simply as it suits you.

    I agree it would be annoying to pay though.

  • You can usually get a full electronic copy of your key for around $100 from various outlets that do it (I've done my through Mister Minit, but there's plenty out there).

  • From their point of view, you could also be doing something shifty to get three keys.
    $250 is pretty cheap for another car key. I've been quoted $400 from Toyota.

  • Try eBay for a blank. I got one for my Ford work ute for about $20. Just need to get it cut and programmed. A lot cheaper than the $400 (from memory) that Ford quoted.

  • They keep the key for warranty. After a certain amount of time, if the manufacturer doesn’t require the item back for inspection or testing, it gets destroyed. Source: I have destroyed so many warranty parts that I thought could be fixed and used again.

    If you want a second key, just go to a local automotive locksmith and tell them you just want a spare key and don’t need the remote part. It should be fairly cheap to just get a key cut and programmed.

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  • The original key DID belong to you as long as you kept it.
    But I guess if they are "replacing" it then it becomes legally thiers because you now have a new one.

    Possibly they need the old key to claim back the replacement cost from the manufacturer so not being unfair at all.
    Its a straight forward new for old (1 for 1) replacement.

    As they said if you want 2 keys it will cost you.
    Fair is fair