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Free Course: Automate The Boring Stuff with Python @ Udemy


Arguably the best Python introductory course for free.

I started with this, loved it, and love Al's character and his delivery.

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    IfJUN2020FREE did not work try JUN2020FREE2.

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    Thanks. Didn't have to use any code, just came up as free for me

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      maybe like me…

      You purchased this course on Nov. 5, 2019

      • Mmhmm

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          hand up yup.. maybe I could automa… ahhh who am I kidding

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        You purchased this course on June 12, 2019

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          You purchased this course on Nov. 28, 2017

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            @MikeK: Exact same date as me. Must have been another ozbargain post that day.

  • Can this be done on an iPad?

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      You can use Udemy app to study this course , also you can find the book online too, great course , totally recommend.

      • Thanks.

  • I think i paid for this course few years back.

    • Same here, if anyone asks me they want to learn Python, where to start? I recommend this course always.

      • How much have you progressed since going through this course, and what resources did you rely on after this one?

        • I wrote a big comment for you and when I posted it, Ozbargain site went down and I lost the comment.

          My experience this course was great as it gave me enough knowledge and confidence to start to automate tasks around me, so immediately I could see small and big projects to do.

          Al is a great teacher and I love what he has done for the Python community.

          Recently I did MITx6001 and 2 courses, they were great for where I wanted to go from there, but I guess it depends on why you want to learn Python and how is it fit with the rest of your knowledge/plans.

          • @aedalat: Thanks for taking the time to reply.

            I recently started this course after seeing it was free in a comment earlier this week. I think I'm about 1/4 through it. My end goal is to learn how to use it to automate simple, repetitive tasks, and also to do data analysis.

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    Got this course for free 3 years ago…

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    click on it and it's already in my account of stuff I'll never do..

    • hahaha gift it to me? XD

      they expired both the JUN2020FREE and JUN2020FREE2 codes and now it's $16 :'(

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    Wasn't this always free?

  • I see you are encouraging me to actually go through the course… hmm

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      It is very practical, so you can immediately start to use small projects, so if you ever wanted to be the "employee of the month", this is your opportunity :)

      In all seriousness, Al is very respected member of the Python community and as of 2020 he is Python foundation fellow:

  • Can I automate getting people to automate doing things for my heater set in automatic mode? I'm finding it very boring pushing the buttons.

  • You purchased this course on June 12, 2019

  • Here we go again. Another course I won't start.

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    If you're not trying to be a programmer but just want to Automate tedious mind draining stuff then you will love Autohotkey better than this. Much easier to get into for Automating it's been around for almost 20 years. The work's already done with documentation and examples. No need to start from scratch with code it's all bootstrapped and works out of the box. With this course you learn 9.5hrs of silly stuff like Guess the number game or extracting data out of excel sheets Boooring! & useless!
    With Autohotkey you can make it find specials on Coles, Aldi, Woolworths, Dan Murphy even make it alert you on your phone if Coffee or Wine is half price or what not. You're only limited by your imagination to solving your boring tasks you do on your computer.

    • Wow really? Might give it a try.

    • The ultimate automation scripting language for Windows. :(

      I've been after something which could automate specials from supermarkets for a long time. Any other applications you can think off?

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        There's plenty of ways to do it. Mainly you'll be learning data extraction or web scraping.
        You can parse PDF's like this course teaches, but you can do that too in Autohotkey. When a new Colesworthsdi catalogue comes out on whatever day they release them download automatically extract all text inside put it in .txt file then throw all items into an object then start processing against what it is your after (Coffee, Cooking oil, Meat products) If it finds something that you were after send a pushbullet alert to your phone!
        Or you can do the same above by web scraping the site if they don't do catalogues, just scan the site on a certain day. Get all the HTML source code pick out all the items throw it in an object and run it against you're sought after list (Coffeee, Cooking oil, Alcohol) if something's there that you're after send an alert to Pushbullet to your phone. It's up to your imagination, if you're only after 50% off savings then don't bother you on Pushbullet etc..

    • 'Parse PDFs and Word documents.' is the most fun anyone could ever have

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