Looking for EOFY Laptop Recommendations under $800


I am on the hunt for a replacement laptop, but I don’t have any tech knowledge. Would someone be able to suggest a suitable option to handle the basic requirements (internet browsing and streaming), plus the occasional game of The Sims? Due to disability, I prefer larger/sturdier over portable/light, open to the idea of a desktop but laptop is my preferred option. Would love to grab a bargain with EOFY sales if possible. Under $800 would be ideal.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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    Wait for one of those Thinkpad Edge deals to come around, they are generally very good. A Thinkpad would be perfect for your use case.

    • Thank you for the help, I will keep an eye out for a deal. They are out of my price range when not on sale, but they look a lot sturdier than other options I have seen.

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        Yeah. I had a used Thinkpad and the battery just wouldn't die no matter what I did, mind you this is with the heavier chonky one but it was totally worth it. Good build too, sadly I had to replace it because the screen was an awful TN panel.

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          Sometimes the chonkier the better! The reviews on the them sound great, and it really helps being pointed in the right direction.

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    Compare the specs and buy the best your money can buy.
    Its not rocket science

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      Specs may on paper seem good, but it doesn't always equate to a good experience. For example this laptop could have a Core i7-8565U but it thermal throttles meaning a well cooled Core i5-8265U would outperform it. Build quality is also a very important factor in a laptop.

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    +1 for Lenovo Thinkpads. I have an old E520 that has lasted me nearly 10 years so they are great quality.

    I think the E595 would be a decent choice at your price point:


    • That is really helpful - sounds exactly like what I am after. Thanks so much!

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