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HD/4K Movies to Own $4.99: Taxi Driver, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises, Dunkirk, Interstellar & More @ Google Play


First ever post here.

There are quite a few good movies on the goolge play $5 deals.

I listed these two as they are in 4k. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Please feel free to list more if you can find them.
(I don't know how to link the 2 links so I provide them below:)


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  • Nolan films on discount. Is it a sign that you should watch all of them before Tenet? Or maybe watch Tenet then go back and watch them. Or watch them while you watch Tenet.

  • Good way to use Google rewards credit.

  • Streaming 4K…more artifacts than an Egyptian tomb.

  • theres a heap of great 4.99 movies at apple too atm. a few in 4k

  • Important to mention that the Google Play Movies app on smart TVs and streaming boxes are absolutely atrocious. No support for Dolby Vision or Atmos and most movies don't even have HDR. Bitrate is also terrible when compared to iTunes 4K content. It breaks my heart as I have a huge library on Google Play Movies that I've accumulated over the years not to mention that in Australia we're stuck with redeeming digital codes through Google Play Movies that come with Blurays. I hope an overhaul is coming from Google but I doubt it. Better of waiting for a good sale on iTunes/Apple TV app which happen very regularly.

    • I agree with you about quality and extras from Apple but find it almost impossible to watch it on my TV in 4K HDR unless I purchase apple TV box. That's an additional cost.

      Movies anywhere doesn't seem to sync (I guess because my apple account is registered in Australia) :(

    • I live in hope, the Atmos exclusion is particularly annoying to me.

    • They should show up in YouTube "My Library"

    • FWIW I vaguely recall reading somewhere that said once you've purchased in GP, switch over you YouTube to watch and things are much better. Haven't tested out myself but hopefully helps if true.

      • Playing purchased Google Play Movies through YouTube is even worse as for some reason playback is limited to 480p (SD)! Tested on S20 Ultra, OnePlus 8 Pro, LG CX OLED and Apple TV 4K box.

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    Thanks. Bought all Batman trilogy movies at $4.99 each.

  • Thanks, Bought the Batman movies. Had so much Google credit sitting there from the surveys.

  • Can you watch these movies offline after you have bought them? If they are saved to your hardrive/TV storage?

    • About the only way to get offline/DRM free content is the pir8 way. I highly doubt you can commercially & legally purchase a downloadable Mkv or Mp4 film to place onto a USB drive.

    • You can download them to and Android phone or tablet and watch them offline in the Google Play Movies app on that device. Not sure if you can download to a hard drive or TV storage, though.

      I haven't tried downloading to phone / tablet then streaming to TV via Chromecast so not sure if it streams from your device to the Chromecast just over the local wifi network or if it tries to stream it from Google's servers using the internet connection.

  • Hmmm… Dark Knight Rises is 4K, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are just HD. All $4.99 each, so the whole trilogy would cost $14.97, although in a mixture of HD and 4K.

    Or you can buy the "Dark Knight Trilogy" collection. For $24.99. And that's in SD.

    Google Play Movies is a shambles. Google really need to give the whole thing a major overhaul - the store, the way you manage your library, streaming quality, etc etc. The whole thing needs to go back to the drawing board and be rebuilt from the ground up.

    • Or more likely, they just do what they normally do and give upon the product totally and tell everyone to use YouTube (see Google Play Music)

    • Also, no subtitles on many of the movies.

  • I was tempted to get some batman movies, but it seems like Google are screwing Aussies over, Batman Begins and Dark Knight are available in 4K in the US store, but not in the AUS store.

  • I got a free movie from GP once, but you can only watch it in 320p. I can't even make out the opening title.
    No idea the point of it.

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