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USB-A & USB-C to Lightning / Micro / USB-C 3 in 1 Charging Cable - 1 for $10.50, 2 for $19, 3 for $27.50 Delivered @ Ezygadgetz


Hi Ozbargainers, running an even better deal than previously on these great charging cables!

Cables are sent from Melbourne with Aust Post (keep in mind some delays still exist with Aust Post at the moment)

Deal ends 11.59pm 8 June (Queens bday for most of us), items will be shipped on Tues 9 June

You may be wondering why pay $11 for a multi port charging cable when you can get something similar for around $6 or $7 on ebay or other deals that have been posted? Well let me help answer this, these cables we sell are made with ultra-strong materials, are 3.0 amp and most importantly has a USB-C / Type C input port (as opposed to just USB-A like most other cables). I personally use this cable to charge my iPad Pro, accompanied with a 5v wall adapter to plug this cable into). I also use it for my iPhone, work Android phone and wireless Telstra Nighthawk broadband device simultaneously most times.

Some learnings from the last deal I posted which I can provide more info on:
Yes, you can charge 3 devices simultaneously!
Cables are not MIFI certified however can confirm they work excellent with all Apple devices - iPhones, AirPods, iPad / Macbook Pro (see below around compatibility and required on Ipad / MacBooks), then again its $10.50 for one!
Can’t confirm they are fast charge for Android devices, but can confirm they do the same as an original Apple cable for Apple devices (I’m an Apple man myself)
Allows PD charging, however you you’ll need a wall adapter that supports the voltage of the device you want to charge
Everyone who has posted a review seems extremely happy with them (links below)

Buy 1 for $10.50 delivered save $4.45 using coupon code OZBARGAIN1 (https://ezygadgetz.com.au/shop/ols/products/3-in-1-charging-...)
Buy 2 for $19.00 delivered save $10.95 using coupon code OZBARGAIN2 (https://ezygadgetz.com.au/shop/ols/products/2-x-3-in-1-charg...)
Buy 3 for $27.50 delivered save $17.35 using coupon code OZBARGAIN3 (https://ezygadgetz.com.au/shop/ols/products/3-x-3-in-1-charg...)

* Nylon braided charging cable with USB/Type-C adapter input
* 3-in-1 charging cable: Lightning, Micro USB, Type C
* Max throughput shared: 3.1A
* Charge multiple devices at once
* Apple and Android compatible (or another device that accepts such charging points)

* 3-in-1 cable: Micro USB, Lightning, Type C. 2.4A throughput
* Efficiency: 90% plus
* Premium hardwoven cable, Type-C Input
* Certifications: CE, FCC, ROHS
* Materials: Aluminium/Nylon
* Colour: Graphite
* Product size: 1200 mm (1M cable length from multi-port to input)
* Product is 'ezygadgetz' branded

iPad Pro 2018 & 2020 / Macbook compatibility:
iPad Pro 2018 & 2020 - cable can output 2.4A, however this will also depend on your power source that it is plugged in. It is suggested you use a 5V wall adapter, by then plugging this 2.4A cable it will provide you with 12 Watt which will charge your device like the original iPad Pro 2018 charger.
MacBook (usb-c charging port) - cable will charge your MacBook however at a lower speed as the cable is not prepared for the same power delivery that comes with the original Apple adapter and cable made for charging the Macbook at either 61 or 87 watt.

Feel free to ask any q’s… here to assist :)

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