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[Switch] Adventure Time: Enchiridion $13.50/Walking Dead S1 $5.73/Prison Architect $10.42/My Friend Pedro $18 - Nintendo eShop


Great prices on these games.

The Walking Dead Season 1: https://ec.nintendo.com/AU/en/titles/70010000013001

Prison Architect: https://ec.nintendo.com/AU/en/titles/70010000009725

My Friend Pedro: https://ec.nintendo.com/AU/en/titles/70010000012123


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  • Adventure Time: Enchiridion
    In summary, best attempt yet but falls flat according to both critic and user reviews on meta.

    My friend Pedro rates well.

  • Prison Architect runs great on switch, controls are done quite well. Doesn't have touch screen though I don't think which is a shame.

    Walking dead is incredible, not played it on Switch but no brainer for that price if you are at all interested.

  • Pedro was real good, only a few hours though if you're not gonna be replaying, but a good few hours. The fluidity and slickness of the action is comparable to a 2D Superhot.