D-Link COVR AC2200 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi Router $149 @ JB Hi-Fi


Decent price l think, not sure when it ends.

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  • 3 of these for $450 makes for a very cheap AC2200 3 point mesh doesnt it?

  • How do i know how many (2 or 3) i need for my house. Its a 31sqs single storey house.

    • 31 sqs only need 1. It is a very small house.

      • 31sq = around 280 sq metre, pretty big to my standard, unless you’re talking about 2 storeys then yeah that’s small

    • To elaborate on Snooze's answer - 1 is sufficient for up to 325m2 which is ~35 squares. Not sure what Snooze is on about though - if they think 31 squares is a very small house, they must live in a castle ;)

      More Coverage
      Each COVR-2200 Router comes equipped with high-power amplifiers covering up to 325 sqm (3,500 sq. ft) with ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi. And with six powerful antennas and MU-MIMO technology, you can finally bury those annoying Wi-Fi dead zones.


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        Well I would assume that SnoozAndLose uses the metric square metres measurement, isn't that the standard for what we use in Australia? Squares is an old imperial measurement.

        • I think Snooze thought the OP was saying his house was 31m2 which is why he made the comment that it was a very small house ;)

          Square metres is common yes, but project home builders often quote their designs in squares as well (as well as square metres) which is why squares continues to live on.

    • Start with 1, add another one if there is an area with weak signal.

  • Can we buy 2 of this and create a mesh? I checked with the guys in jb hifi this morning and he told that its not possible. I need to buy this one - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/d-link-covr-ac2200-seamle...

    This is more expensive than 2 routers in this deal which will come to only 298$. What are your thoughts?

  • Any better choice currently for a wireless router under $200?. Notice it has only 2 Gb LAN ports, but a cheap switch will fix that and AC2200 wifi for $150 seems like a good deal?

  • Looks like it's unavilable now :(

  • Looks like this is still available.

    What would be better this or ASUS RT-AC68U (it's a 6 year old model now but everyone loves it) or something new like a TP-Link AX20?