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Jabra Elite 65t $149, Active 65t $179 (Save $100) Delivered @ Jabra


Jabra Elite 65t $149, Active 65t $179 delivered at Jabra.com.au

Also available at
* Amazon
* JB hi-fi
* Good Guys
* Officeworks
* Binglee
* Harvey Norman

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  • So many Jabra deals lately…

    Don't get me wrong, they're great! Actually quite amazing for the price.
    But it seems like everyone's trying really hard to liquidate their stock…

    • Probabky because it's old stock as the 75Ts have been out for a while nilow.. The 65T is a great little thing. I've had mine for almost 2 years now. You'll find they have a cycle a few times a year where they are dirt cheap.

      If it were me though, get it from JB with extended warrantyly. You'll be able to claim back the 149 if there are any issues after the Jabra warranty expires to spend on a new set.

      • That's a hot advice.

        Still got mine too! They're great. Moved to Sony tho.

        • Any benefits with the Sony? Assuming it's the WF-1000XM3. I'm ready to see what these galaxy Buds 2 will be like before I make my next move

          • @Bargains of Oz: They just sound way better - I'm actually a bit disappointed with the lack of controls, since they don't have physical buttons many things are limited to software decisions, you can customize the buttons, but for the love of me - the main annoying part is going from the great Jabra controls to this, You cannot have Volume , Music, Soundthrough and Assistant controls all at the same time.
            You can only choose 2 types of controls, 1 for each ear. It really upsets me :(

            they sound better and they're way more comfy! case is more elegant too! :P

            • @Kundi: Thanks for your detailed comment. Are you talking about the WF-1000XM3 model above?

              What model Jabra's are you comparing these to also?

            • @Kundi: Damn I'm always up for better sound quality (as I'd everybody), but I wear them most days at work and sound-through & GA are always a click away… The physical buttons are a thing of the past though (it seems) so maybe the Sony might still be the one of the best even with its limitations

              • @Bargains of Oz: They definitely sound ALOT better!
                You get used to it eventually I got used to my controls , but it just kind of a "uhm…. Oh" moment when you realise the things you could've done are no more.

                Check these just to get the general idea, hope it helps

                • @Kundi: ah k thanks! ye its not a ridiculous learning curve.

                  Unrelated but just reading my comments i just realised how bad my auto-correct is lol…i thought i'd try using Samsung Keyboard for a bit but looks like I'm going back to Swiftkey lol

          • @Bargains of Oz: I've got both the WF-1000XM3 and Galaxy Buds 2.

            Voice quality over the phone the Buds are better, music quality (plus adjustments you can make to bass etc) the Sonys are better.

            I also have the 75T and it comes in third place for me.

            • @crazycs: wow thats really interesting. Sounds like i really should be looking into the Sony's. how is comfort for yourself? @Kundi said they were pretty comfy

              • @Bargains of Oz: They Sony's have a good fit, they are only held into your 'auditory canal'. In my opinion, the Buds have a better fit because they 'click in' to the outer part of your ear ( don't know the right biology haha!) but they provide a really good fit into your ear but not the best noise cancelling compared to the Sony's.

      • Thanks mate, per your advise I bought my 65t from JB. Paid $22 for the additional warranty which takes 2 yr to 4, and if there's any issue with the 65t, I'll simply get $149 to use it on any earbuds

        • Ye correct. No worries mate. It really turns a big purchase into an investment. You don't have to jump through hoops to get the warranty as ell. Jut tell them straight up (my issue was battery life) on my X3s) and they are more than happy to reissue you with a gift card to spend on any earbud of your choosing. Great service for essentially an average dinner imo