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  • Does Cisco CCNA 200-301 include Router and Switch formerly knowns as CCNA2? Thanks.

    • do you mean ICND2?

    • Nah its the new entry level Cisco exam. Do this one THEN do CCNA R&S if you want to go down that path.

      It HAD Router and Switch in this course before the new CCNA was implemented, unsure if they removed that content since the new CCNA exam was published.

      At the price of free with one of the best online teachers for CCNA-CCNP level its worth it in your Udemy library

      • didn't know that, I thought that this is the new equivalent to 200-125
        What should we do to be equivalent to 200-125 now ?

        • They split their specializations into separate paths with this new exam, whether its a cash grab or they wanted easier entrance, not sure which. Still recommended to do Routing and Switching but you now don't HAVE to.

          Technically you do get a CCNA if you complete this exam, as the CCENT is history…

          Paths after completing this one are…
          CCNA Cloud
          CCNA Collaboration
          CCNA Data Center
          CCNA Industrial
          CCNA Routing and Switching
          CCNA Security
          CCNA Service Provider
          CCNA Wireless
          CCDA (Cisco Certified Design Associate)

          • @MilkDrinker: Again you are wrong, there are only two entry level options now:

            CCNA and Cisco Certified Devnet Associate.

            • @Finerthings: You are right about the CCDA,there is also cyber ops associate available.
              Now that ccent is gone you can go straight to CCDA,ccna or cyber ops Though it has been recommended to do the CCNA first.

              But routing and switching has its own path now. You get a CCNA from this course. CCNA R&S is now a second $300 exam.

              Older examinees who completed their CCNA got grandfathered in with ccna
              r&s badge on their completed sheet.

        • 200-301 is the equivalent.

      • Please don’t listen to this person who is incorrect. This is now the CCNA exam. There is no longer a two exam option so 200-301 is the CCNA exam.

  • Thanks mate

  • Best to ignore the Excel course (unless you're a native French speaker) as it is a combined French/English course.

    "unfortunately the excel version he was using was in French. This is no use when you are trying to follow what is being selected….

    Update: most of the later modules use an English version.

    Unfortunately the host, although, clearly knowledgable in the subject, makes quite a few mistakes before doing it the correct way, and thus making it confusing for the viewer."

    Using a french excel to present an English course is awful. Then he skips past basic things that would be useful and talks for longer on things that are irrelevant. useless.

  • Thank you for CCNA - that's gold !

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01)

    Code has expired ;(

  • Anyone have any experience with the AI and ML eDegree? If it this any other to recommend?

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  • Thanks!

  • CCNA is no longer free