Dodo Put up NBN Price. Looking for Cheaper Provider

Dodo has just put my NBN up from $59 a month to $69 on a 12mbps plan. They said I can move to a 50mbps plan for $70 a month. Basically a move to coerce you into taking their 50/20 plan.

I’m now looking for a cheaper provider. Are there any deals out there at the moment?

Edit: its actually a 12/1 plan!

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    not many providers do 25mbps now. TPG do 12 for $59 or 50 for 69

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      Yeah, NBN are unable to supply 50/20 to a third of FttN premises, yet are squeezing ISPs to only offer 50mbps as a minimum service level (at an elevated price).

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      Belong Starter NBN runs at a cruisey 30Mbps (unlimited) @ $55/mth + free modem on 12 mth contract

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    That's insane!
    Superloop do a 25 plan for $65
    And Aussie Broadband do one for $69, both Unlimited data.

    How can Dodo, with their terrible service (in all aspects), justify charging more than a mid to high tier provider like Superloop and no less than a premium provider like Aussie?

    • Maybe, Aussie will have to follow suit soon and up their price? shrugs

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      And Belong do 30Mbps unlimited for only $55/mth
      You guys are paying way TOO MUCH!

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    I'm looking at joining Belong in the next few months, $55 for 30mbps.

    • Looks like there are a few promo codes out there to get $20 off your first bill too

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    Is there anything under $55. I’m struggling with rent already.

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      Check out the Telstra deal for low income families?

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      sounds like your solution is $1.40 (after cashback) catch sim cards / 40gb per month

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    Kogan 25/5 $53.9 for first 6 months
    Belong 36/5 $55 lock in 12 months

    • and belong get free modem if contracting. not sure about kogan

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      There is no 36 with belong
      The cheapest is starter NBN @ 30Mbps $55 on contract
      And a very good choice at that

      Stay well away from Kogan NBN
      They only offer month to month which gives them a license to keep putting thier price UP!

      • I paid $55 and I got 36mbps max

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    Tangerine on Vocus network

    For six months, then $10 extra;
    25mpbs $50
    50mbps $60

    If you get a referral from a friend, you can get $25 off your account and at the moment do four reviews on external sites for $100 credit to your account. How long that lasts I don't know. If you go down that route, I would suggest honest reviews because they pay you whether they are positive, negative or indifferent.

    Great Australian speeds, lower than Aussie/Superloop international speeds.

    • How does the review work?

    • Yep I'm with tangerine and have been great for me and yes referral makes it sweeter for the pocket

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        How's there night time speed? enough to stream on a 65 inch tv?

        My days of hotspotting are coming to a sad end

        • Never a problem on my 75"

  • Thanks for the replies. With the Belong 'starter' 30mbps it says that it is for 1-2 users at a time. Is that a guideline or are there actual port restrictions or something like that?

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      no just guideline. and dont forget to input the referral code for $20

      • Thanks!

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      Its plenty
      Dont worry
      They are assuming 2 people streaming HD movies at the same time and even that is only 6-8Mbps per person

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