NBN Forgot My House. What to Do?

Hey everyone,

Im at my whits end here, basically the story is my suburb finally had NBN installed. My address was slated for FTTN but i dont really care since my adsl is 4mbits as im so far from the exchange. However when the neighborhood went RFS my house and only mine was not marked as ready. Im right in the middle of the street. Map here (https://ibb.co/CJ3m6n3)
Things ive tried to get NBN moving:

  • Contacted my preorder provider AussieBB (they wont do anything untill NBN say so)
  • Contacted NBN complaints (wait untill New Years eve, youll have it then. No reason as to why only my house). Ive contacted them 5 times on email, aswell as FB and twitter. I dont even think they have access to NBN systems, they just tell you to wait.
  • Contacted Ombudsman (We cant do anything because youre not switched over to NBN)
  • Contacted Fed Minister (They talked to their NBN contact, who played dumb and said we dont know how they copper runs down the street.)

Theyre currently in the suburb over, and I know once theyre out of the area they arent coming back. Is there anything I can do?


***** Update, finally got a reason from them -
"We can see there are currently network asset issues that require additional works to be done before we can allow any further services to be connected."

***** second update
My fed minister's office called 2 weeks after contacting them and told me im now able to connect. NBN map confirmed it. No idea if the fed minister actually did get it through or if it just happened by itself.

Basically we didn't plan to have enough capacity. So we dropped your house so that we could.


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    All you can do is harass NBNco. This exact thing happened to my neighbour. The entire street was available via HFC but their house is on the corner - apparently one cable came up to the neighbour on the other side, on our side the cable stopped at my house. They simply never ran the original HFC cable past her house.

    After the rest of the street having NBN for a long time, NBNco eventually extended the cable from my side. They had to dig up the footpath and go underneath my driveway slab, which I assume is why they kept giving her the runaround for months.

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    Is it a new property?

    • About 30 years old, like alot of houses in my area. Its connected to adsl so not like there isnt a phone line either

  • If harassing NBN doesn't work recontact your preferred provider (ABB on 1300 880 905) and tell them that they are supposed to contact NBN on your behalf to register your unrecognised address.


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      Thanks ill give it a go, i think theyll just fob me off since my address comes up with nbn address checkers, just marked as "Not Ready"

  • When we first got NBN in my suburb(1 of the first), both my neighbours could get it an I couldn't, took a few weeks to get it worked out. Only my house had been listed by NBN with the wrong suburb. I had an F instead of a D in front.

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      I had an F instead of a D in front.

      I hope you lived on Duck Street.

      • Street was fine, was Darley, listed on NBN as Farley, every other house there was fine!

        • Woosh…

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            @pjetson: No, I got it. I was just elaborating. I don't think it requires a whoosh… Don't think it would go over anyone's head?

            • @Soluble:

              Don't think it would go over anyone's head

              I didn't either. It was just too hard to resist.

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    I waited almost 2 years vs. the rest of the street on HFC. No amount of harassment to NBN made any difference. Then one day I get a random note in the letterbox saying some subcontractors want to install NBN and to give them a call.

    Mine was more difficult (knock down, rebuild house) as they needed to trench 30m from the pit to my house (took 4 guys all day). Whereas the rest of the street was all overhead. I believe NBN Co leaves the harder/expensive/time intensive jobs until the end of the roll-out process so they could maintain their false connection/uptake statistics.

  • Keep trying Aussie BB. As others have said, the provider needs to lodge the missing address with the NBN.

    • Just called them again. They wont lodge the request since my address is in the system. NBN mentality seems to be 1 out of 100 aint bad.

  • Of your provider won't help after 14 contact the TIO. Should get someone moving somewhere.

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    You gotta deal with NBNco - if you want my honest opinion id move house because NBNco is hopeless….

  • Im right in the middle of the street.

    My guess is that there is no link pipe between your lead-in pit and the network or there is but it's blocked. Where is your lead-in pit and how far is it your power meter?

    • The copper is overhead to my house, the pole and the pit are on the nature strip right in front of my house, the cable runs about 10 meters to the house. The same pole also services my neighbor across the road, who you guessed it is also ready for NBN. Its my understanding that all work is done at the node for FTTN?

      • I’m trying draw the ms paint in my head.

  • Contact your local member of parliament. They should be able to get things moving.

    • It seems like my local mp is so used to complaints that they cant be bothered pressuring NBN for every single complaint

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        Then you know what to do next election.

  • Nbnco is subject to foi. Put in a detailed foi request. If your house was missed due to design error and you are able to establish this through an FOI enquiry you could look to have your mp or even an opposition senator to question it for you in parliament. The government of the day has a contract with nbnco and does not like breaches. I was in a similar position.

    My FOI request was initially refused (commercial in confidence). I appealed it and after a couple of home visits by the state rollout manager I was connected successfully and only about 6 months after the rest of the street. I then withdrew my appeal. I am 1.4 km from the node and get 32 Mbps. They I intially thought I was connected to a Telstra pillar (and mapped to a node 2kms away). I am reasonably happy with the result but plan to ditch NBN as soon as something better comes my way. I hope Elon Musk's starlink satellites will help in 3-4 years.

    • Thanks for that! Threatening them with FOI was the only i could get a reason from them

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX7wtNOkuHo

    anyway, there must be a logical reason for it

  • I had issues getting my NBN connected 3 years or so ago after my place was the only one in the street of my FTTP area not connected, it wasn't a pleasant process. I had to harrass my provider (Internode at the time), NBNCo , lodge a complaint with the TIO and contact my local member of parliament to get any joy. It felt like I was calling Internode and NBN daily, but in reality I probably called at least once a week.

    It took approx. 4 months, with NBN having to install a new pit right out the front of my house because all of the existing ones were apparently full.

    I honestly have no idea if any of my harrassment had anything to do with it eventually getting connected. If it did, I have no idea who was responsible for the work getting done.

    My advice would be try and contact as many different people as you can as early as possible. I had about a month's lag time where I was lead to believe that it was going to be an easy thing to fix by Internode. Once this wasn't the case, the chasing everyone up started and was an exhausting blame game - NBNCo will try and pass you off to your provider, your provider will probably try and pass you off to NBNCo.

    Good luck!

  • You're basically screwed. They'll get to it eventually. Mine was skipped because it was a townhouse. When it eventually got done, it didn't turn out to be that difficult. One contractor got it done by himself no problems. It initially got put in the too-hard-basket by guestimate.

  • Federal minister would have loved to hear someone whinging about no NBN in their house.

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    Send your complaint to Malcolm Turnbull. After all the nbn is "world class".

  • Mine was expected to be ready in Sep-2017. Neighbours were already on FTTP even in 2016. Dates kept rolling and rolling. Finally got connected to FTTP today morning and with AussieBB. Going at 90-95 mbps :)

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