This was posted 5 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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BBQ Grill Brush 30cm $2 (Normally $5) at Woolworths


Never seen this item half price. Bunnings do theirs for $6.25

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    Potentially dangerous.. Mate is a surgeon and always has plenty of stories with ppl swallowing pieces of these metalic things

    • I've noticed mine has just started to shed so I'll be binning it now. It's so easy to miss them if its dark when cooking

    • I haven't had any issues with shedding with this brush.

      Unlike the plastic handled version (where the bristles are inserted like a hair brush) this brush has longer and thicker wire wrapped around the central metal rod.

      I hate to state the bleeding obvious, but if anyone is really concerned about shedding with any brush, just clean the plate during daylight hours!!

  • Whats everyone alternative to cleaning their bbq/weber?

    • I'm using a wooden spatula. Get the bbq hot and use the spatula to rub the grate

    • I never really clean mine - just heat it up to max before you use it, anything that comes off, comes off, and then I'm good to go. If there is too much build up I'll give it a spray with the jet setting on the hose.

      But I'm guessing this isn't a very normal way of doing things.

    • giant wooden spade designed to gain corrugation marks over time.
      $20 at costco.

    • if it isn't too gunked up, i use something like this from bunnings.

      else i use the wire brush OP posted after i've opened all the vents fully and maxed out the temp to burn off all the stuck bits.

  • I love these brushes, great value even at regular price. The bristles are woven into the metal rather than set into plastic, can't say I've noticed any falling off though.

    Take meat off the grill and give the bars are good scrub with this thing while the bbq is still warm, then wipe oil on the bars, close the lid, all done. One of these brushes lasts ages, so long as you don't leave it inside the bbq when you close it and it's still hot oops