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[eBook] 93 Free "Jolly Phonics" eBooks for Children @ Google Play


Five levels of learning for children.

Jolly Phonics Orange Readers

Jolly Phonics Level 1 Readers

Jolly Phonics Level 2 Readers

Jolly Phonics Level 3 Readers

Jolly Phonics Level 4 Readers

Credit to Slickdeals

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    Thanks, though!

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      is that covered in one of the books?

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    Is there an easy way to purchase all 93 quickly? I feel like each purchase involves too many clicks.

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    Could someone please combine all of these books into a single PDF?

  • Great find. Thanks!

    edit: If you search for Jolly Phonics there are quite a few extra free ones

    • From your link, this is free. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • Since you are the one that discovered it .. I'll allow you the honour of posting it on Ozbargain!

  • Satipn

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    Thanks just bought all 93. Took me less than 10 minutes to buy all of them.

    No there is no shortcut but this is what I did to streamline the process without having to wait for each transaction.

    1. Open the Play Store site on the desktop (using Chrome/Edge) and login to your Google account https://play.google.com/store/search?c=books&hl=en&q=jolly+p...
    2. Press Ctrl+Click on the title of each book (you should do this 93 times). This will open a new tab for each book.
    3. Switch to the first tab and click on the Free Book option to purchase it.
    4. Now here is the trick. Don't wait for it to load the second, instead press Ctrl+Tab to go to the next tab and Click again (you don't need to move the mouse)
    5. Repeat the above 93 times continously (one for each tab). >> Ctrl+Tab & Click
    6. Go back to the first tab and Click to confirm the purchase and repeat 93 times >> Ctrl+Tab & Click

    Tada You have all 93. Go check your email and you should have received 93 emails from Google Play for each free book you added to your library.

    Now install the Google Play app on iOS Android or open the Google Play site in Chrome on any laptop, PC, Tablet and you can read the books.

    • Great shortcut, but I don't want 93 emails for each free book. That's 8649 emails.

      • Great Scott!

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        Luckily gmail collapses them together whether its 93 or whether It's Over 9000!

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      Thanks for that! Made it a whole lot easier.

      • Cheers!

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    Thanks OP.

    that was lots of clicking.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Cheers OP