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Unlimited Mobile Data (Or Extra Data) for Existing amaysim Customers till 30th September 2020


Received an email from Amaysim.
Unlimited data till 30th September
I am on $50 plan.

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  • lucky im with Kogan hope they do something like this

  • Time to download all the free udemy courses 😆

    • You download the courses? I thought they are online streaming.

      • I use udemy app on my mobile and prefer to download all the courses on my mobile for when i have enough data and watch when i can 😆

  • +10

    Amaysim has been killing it these past few months. Bunch of free data, cheap plans and now free unlimited data! too bad reception kinda sucks

    • Agree, switched to Amaysim from Kogan can confirm service in my area is worse.

      • Hmm seems better for me on amaysim than others

        • Yeah same, but some of the buildings I frequent have both Optus and Telstra repeaters inside but it looks like Telstra cheaped out on our builds.

    • Well it depends on location. Around my house I get 60Mbps but 3 mins down the road it rocket to 200Mbps!!

      I do note that the 200Mbps are near 5G towers so they must have soup up their 4G bandwidth :-) I have tested speed on 2 known 5G Optus towers near my area. Unfortunately I don't have a 5G handset so speed test is on a Huawei P20Pro (how else to consume all these free data AmaySim gave me ;-p)

    • +1

      Optus 4G - I've observed, in general has lower reception in several areas where Telstra and Vodafone work just fine. Yes, it is location dependent, but Optus fails to impress many times. I have a dual-SIM phone, so Amaysim and Boost together. I've seen Amaysim drop out in many areas where I still get full Boost 4G. Also, many other users too have reported Optus reception not being that good.

  • I'm on the $10 plan, just extra data for me - not unlimited.

    • May I know how much extra data did you get?

      • +1

        I think it was 40gb, but not for the same length as this deal, only this month from memory.

  • I still get data on all my expired sims as well so must be unlimited

    • I have few expired sims with no any data.

      • Meant expired but still within talk and text only period so just expired

        • How long does the 'Talk and Text only' period apply in Amaysim?
          My Unlimited Plan just expired and I am moved to 'Talk and Text only' instead of 'As You Go'. What is the difference between the two?

          • @djoz: I think pay as you go is only when you have credit in your account otherwise talk and text only and it lasts for an year

            • @sub102: Thanks, I had Bonus data (valid till 31/07) applied to my account before Unlimited plan expiry. The plan has expired now, I am not able to see Bonus Data, however I am still able to use mobile date. Will the Bonus Data be available till 31/07 like you said in your case? Where do you see how much Bonus data is available / remaining? I cant see anywhere on the App or Website Login.

          • @djoz: Actually the difference between 'Talk and Text' and 'As You Go' is that the former won't use any data at all while the latter can (at a fairly expensive rate). No difference otherwise, both of them are charge-per-use. Doesn't matter if you have actual credit or not, or how long it lasts.

            If you have disabled auto recharge, they move you to 'Talk and Text' after the unlimited 28-plan expires so you won't start using data at an expensive rate. But you can move to 'As You Go' if you like. Once you do, I don't think you can move back to 'Talk and Text'.

            • @Magic Mirror: Thank you for the detailed explanation. It helps. However, like I mentioned, I got Bonus 10GB data couple of days back and its valid until 31/07. Now since I didnt renew my Unlimited Plan which expired yesterday, I have been put on Talk & Text Only. The App says that Data has been turned off (just like you mentioned), however, my data is still working and I dont have any Payment method attached to my account (no chance I'm being charged for the data)

              The thing is, I am not able to see how much data I've used and how much is still available for me.

              • @djoz: Did your plan just expire today? I might have had something similar, where I was given bonus data but the plan expired. IIRC, I thought was able to use that data till the end of the day, but the next day the data doesn't work any more. So not sure if this is your case here.

                But if your plan expired before today, then maybe you get to use the bonus data until 31/07.

                • @Magic Mirror: Thanks. Bonus data still works. But no way to know the Bonus data balance if on 'Talk & Text Only' plan.

    • Same. 10GB for me

      • Might check my talk and text Sims, I have a few too

  • +1

    Lucky I with amaysim and excellent service. Kind of sucks if you don't get good area for them.

    • +1

      Same here. Reception is awesome in my area and the areas I travel to.

  • +1

    I got 40gb extra

    • What plan you on please?

      • Upgraded $30 plan (usually $40) for 45GB per month

  • I am on $40 plan since the end of April and got unlimited since then till now so far. Havent received antything saying i am getting unlimited data till September, in fact I have not received anything at all. Finger-crossing!

    • Are you still getting unlimited data?

  • On the 200GB plan and received Unlimited data for this month. Awesome deal. Not too concerned if I don't get an upgrade for next month as they're looking after me already.

  • +2

    I am $40 plan as well… Not received any email on unlimited data… Hope they send it.

    • Same as me but i went on live chat and asked, they told me my account actually has until sept 30 in their system. Doesnt hurt to ask.

    • Did you manage to get unlimited data?

  • I must be missing something, I see no mention of this on their site, even after logging in.
    Check emails nothing.
    On PAYG, but cant see anywhere about this or to add more data to get this deal.

    I've been with them for 3 or so years, no issues.

    • No donut for PAYG users. I am one too, and I had asked them on their social media handles as to why nothing for PAYG users, when they promoted the Unlimited Data offer. Surprisingly, they offered me a complimentary $10 Unlimited Plan with 2GB data, and then due to COVID19, I got 10GB additional for being on an Unlimited Plan, as well as 100GB for the 4 days of Easter Weekend.

  • I've been on unlimited for ages on the $40 plan as they kept extending the initial 3 months. How do I find out when it will revert to the standard 60GB as that will mean I need to change to a plan with much more data

    • Just checked my emails, I have unlimited data only until July 31st. Sure hope they extend it again!

      • Same as me but i went on live chat and asked, they told me my account actually has until sept 30 in their system. Doesnt hurt to ask.

  • What's in store for users who activate / subscribe a plan now, i.e. in the middle of June? I just took the $10 Unlimited 2GB Plan. Will I receive any bump up on my data? Still shows 2GB for now.

    • Did you get unlimited data on the $10 plan?

      • Nope. Nothing.

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