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[eBay Plus] Huawei Mate 30 Pro $980 / P40 Pro $1247 Delivered @ Allphones eBay

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    Bought one.
    Can't wait to install a bunch of apps from the Play Store.

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      Bad composition. Rewrite please. Due tomorrow.

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      Don't worry, if you have any problem, someone from China will contact you and help you out

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        Huawei support is actually quite amazing. You should try.

    • How to side load google apps?

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        Read my post below .. if you want all the google stuff, then move on. Get a P30 Pro New Edition.

        • Where can you get the new edition in oz?

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      Now comes with 'Petal' that searches all the third-party apk stores and has automatic updates from them too.
      Personally would just install Play Store but that's not for everyone.


      • What a hassle using Petal.

        Just install the appstores directly …

        Aptoide Appstore
        Aurora Appstore
        Amazon Appstore
        Apkpure Appstore
        F-Droid Appstore

        I have them all installed and use them all (although they all overlap each other).

        Petal just links you into the above appstores.

        • I haven't used Petal (just saw the announcement) so just wondering why that isn't a good thing, if it can source from all those stores at once?

          • @xsacha: It's ok.. But it is so easy going direct.

            Install those appstores on your current phone and have a try and test them out.

            I installed them all on my pixel 4 XL to test before buying my P40 Pro.

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    Only clicked in to check out the sour comments.

    • Weird, I clicked on this post for the same reason but am quite disappointed it hasn't yet blown up. Guess I'll come back later!

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    Great hardware, poor software

    • It is android. If you love Google, then pass. There are plenty of other Android options to use non-google products.

  • Can it play pokemon go?

    • I just installed… It installed fine and opened on some date of birth page.

      • Can you use google/facebook authentication to login ?

        • This is the result with a HMS+microG setup (HMS=Huawei Mobile Services) .. effectively a naked-HMS test in the context of this test because the microG is only for notifications …

          Facebook login = entered my facebook username and password, then waited and … 'unable to authenticate. please try again'

          Google login = immediately 'unable to authenticate. please try again'.

          Trainer club = you didn't request, so didn't test.

          @im can test with a HMS+GMS test .. probably fine with that setup.

  • Best price yet on the p40 pro…

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      but no golgle apps tho.

      • no golgel moble service on both?

        • nope .. which is a good thing :)

    • $1298 on Amazon for AU stock. Can price beat at officeworks to get for $1233.

      Some other places selling imported for $1150.

    • Posted a deal earlier.


      Works out to around $1,050 with cashback

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    I need bank apps… So i have to buy the Samsung and the god dame under screen fingerprint is rubbish…

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        Bank app access is fine. Contactless SERVICES with NFC won't work. Banks use Google safetynet to verify your device. This fails.

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          I can confirm contactless payment with Commbank works without safetynet. Just not Google Pay (which is a Google service anyway).

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            @xsacha: Really? I might switch banks! Do you have a P40 Pro?

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              @matt-ozb: Yes I have it and have hacked the heck of it.

              Easier for u to switch phone than banks. LoL

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            @xsacha: BS contactless works with commbank. Are we on the same page here. Nfc. In your commbank app.. Hit tap and pay. Try enrolling your card for tap and pay.

            It's not about having Google framework/services.

            • @id: He said it works?

              • @kdtrey35: I'm telling u he is BSing

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                  @id: I just did it on a Huawei without Google (no SafetyNet). I don't have P40 but what are you saying the difference would be? It doesn't use any Google Services to do the tap and pay.
                  NFC does not need Google Services.


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                    @xsacha: So u don't have p40 or p40 pro..

                    Nobody has gotten it work with p40..

                    • @id: Well that sucks. Why is it that it doesn't work on P40 but works on Mate 30?
                      Some blacklist?

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                        @xsacha: Some p30/pro (and mate) were preloaded with gms as authorized dev. when ban was not in place. But don't make the mistake of factory resetting them else u can lose all the certs and becomes a dud like p40.

    • BankWest is absolutely perfect.

    • +1

      The 3d face unlock on the P40 Pro is very good.

      In display Fingerprint is pretty good.

    • Doesn't not work

    • again for people getting confused with contactless NFC with bank apps. This does not work on a Huawei P40 or P40 Pro. Plenty of threads about this. Even if you are able to load GMS.

  • Will wait for the P40 pro plus to go on sale. Has 10X optical zoom and comes in white.

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    I just don't get why someone would buy a phone for 1-1.2k that you can't install offical playstore apps on (or it's a bit of a hassle to get the apps on there), unless it's someone with 2 phones and they are just nerding out with the second one (which I totally appreciate)

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      Looking at making it my primary but I know how to put Play Store on there so it's a bit different.

      Waiting for price to crash due to low demand :). Surprised they are selling it at all really, but thankful still.

      • When I had several China phone devices with Chinese ROMs, I too installed GMS. Never worked well. Hoping you do t experience the same problems.

        I would say it's worse as Google's actively doing something.

        I would imagine it to get worse as time goes by.

      • If you want to use Google apps, then avoid.

        These are all the same as the Play Store … just forget installing the google apps .. most have a few problems.

        Aptoide Appstore
        Aurora Appstore
        Amazon Appstore
        Apkpure Appstore
        F-Droid Appstore

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          Stop spreading crap. You can sideload GMS and your Google playstore will work. Including your paid apps. I have it. But it takes Extra work.

          • @id: What phone do you have?

            Looks like about a 50:50 success rate from xda with the P40 Pro with notifications working correctly.

            I love my P40 Pro.. I just don't use many google apps.

            • @matt-ozb: If you're talking about the backup method: if notifications fail, you're meant to repeat the last steps. I'm sure you've read it (XDA). It's related to having a unique google ID.
              If you use the root method, there aren't any issues (but requires rooting).

  • -1

    hello I CCP officer pinky promise I monitor not your data.

    • +7

      Good luck with Trump looking after Google and iPhone data.

      With my P40 Pro, I am using apps with my data based in Switzerland with secure open source apps (like Protonmail).

    • +5

      either way it's australia/america or china spying your content.

      I prefer china as they cant arrest me for doing something slightly illegal which australia can.

      • Chinese will just torture and kill you if you visit "free" Hong Kong… Good choice!

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          Do you honestly believe what said by Trump and Pompeo is true? I still yet to see any evidence, all I am seeing is slogans after slogans.

        • not if im living in Australia. different legislation

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    Just pop in this page then collect & collect lol right now!

    Comments at the below have given me the biggest laugh of the week perhaps month, greaaaaaaaaaaaaat thanks!

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    I have owned a P40 Pro for about 1 month. In summary, for me, it is a major major major GO … so here is the summary ….

    1. Notifications suck … even in the Huawei App Gallery. Surprising and disappointing. Most apps are configured to use Google Firebase Cloud Messaging hence why the notifications are broken. There is a simple install of microG (small & simple open source app) which fixes notification on most apps (but not all).

    2. If you want to keep using all the Google suite, then you need to hack on Google Mobile Services. Some people are reporting success but others are not. It is not simple. Hence if you love Google, then do not buy.

    3. If you want to de-google your life a bit, and then with the microG app for notifications, it is actually pretty a very cool phone.

    I am very happy with the P40 Pro. I still use youtube with NewPipe, Amazon Music, Aurora App Store, Aptoide App Store, Skype, WhatsApp, Amazon Photos. All my other apps are working fine.

    Major Major Major GO.

    • Have found any Google map alternatives? (like HereWeGo)
      I can sacrifice with G-Pay, I can use third party YouTube. But I can't live without Google map at the moment.

      • +2

        Google Maps works fine except you just cannot login. I don't have a ton of locations saved in my account so I don't even notice.

        So I alternate between:
        - Google Maps
        - HereWeGo

        They work fine.

        Third option which should be fine … Google Go app with Google Go Navigation app .. I don't think it is a Huawei thing but navigation is still glitchy with Firefox .. maybe I should test with a new browser.

        • +1

          Yes u can log in with Google maps.

          Maybe u have a dodgy gms install method.

          • +1

            @id: I don't use HMS+GMS… I use HMS+microG .. I bought the P40 Pro to go stock HMS .. although that plan got screwed up with the unexpected notifications disaster, hence HMS+microG.

            I guess you are using HMS+GMS+Icebox?

        • Waze works great …. now there is too many map options to choose from!!

          Google Maps
          Google Go Navigation

          4 great choices!

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      Hi Flossy

      • Haha was just about to say it 😂

    • +1

      How does it smell?

      Does it have thot protection?

      • +1

        good question .. I'm still learning the ropes with EMUI .. but would like to know about thot protection on the P40 Pro.

  • what's the difference between Mate series and P Series?

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      Mate is when they upgrade the SoC (CPU, GPU)
      P is when they upgrade the camera.

  • Does android auto work after installing gms?

    • I just tried to install with a HMS+microG install … error message that it requires google .. then a whitescreen. Didn't test in car.

      @im might be able to test with a HMS+GMS install.

    • Yes it works.

  • I feel like Snowden reading the whole thread

    • +3

      The government and Google are spying on us.

    • That link doesn't settle anything :p It gives the top three phones 89% rating..

  • I really can't believe that people are still buying the Hawaii crepe. It's totally compromised. Owners on this thread can't even agree on its capabilities. Crazy.

  • -2

    Come on… $980 for a phone with no NFC.
    I understand there is NFC, but if you can not pay with, what is the point unless sharing an image.

    Also, need to add that Huawei is one the rare android phone make that lock the bootloader.

    • The neg is about the deal .. not your assessment of the value of the product.

      Please either:
      a) confirm where you have seen it cheaper, or
      b) change to positive.

      I don't go around neg'ing every deal like Wiggles concerts and Free PC games, just because I think they are a waste of money.

  • How does this compare with Samsung S20+ line ? I don't like Samsung design but this Huawei has no google. Is it worth buy this over S20+?