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HUAWEI P40 Pro Global Version 6.58 Inch 50MP Quad Rear Camera 8GB 256GB US$768.39 / A$1115 Shipped @ Banggood (HK)


Seems like a pretty good deal for a flag ship. Cheapest price ever.


But still a crapton of money for a phone. Best camera on a phone yet. No google apps but workarounds. Enjoy the mud slinging.

Don't forget cashback and referrals. End up saving a lot more.

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  • Still no Google Play Services. I personally couldn't live with that when spending that much.

    Good phone otherwise, but kills the experience and I would imagine resale value

    • I might be missing something, but if I can jam the Play Store on my BlackBerry Q20, surely you can on this too, no?

      I know Google stopped being buddy buddy with them, but not much else, so I may be missing something, but surely a quick APK sideload of the store would solve most issues?

      Edit: Beaten by literally 8 seconds.

    • I have owned a P40 Pro for about 1 month. In summary, it is awesome … so here is the summary ….

      Notifications suck … even in the Huawei App Gallery. Surprising and disappointing. Most apps are configured to use Google Firebase Cloud Messaging hence why the notifications are broken. There is a simple install of microG (small & simple open source app) which fixes notification on most apps (but not all).

      If you want to keep using all the Google suite apps, then you need to hack on Google Mobile Services. Some people are reporting success but others are not. It is not simple. Hence if you love Google, then do not buy. Save some time in your life and avoid.

      If you want to de-google your life a bit, and then with the microG app for notifications, it is actually pretty a very cool phone.

      I am very happy with the P40 Pro. I still use youtube with NewPipe, Amazon Music, Aurora App Store, Aptoide App Store, Skype, WhatsApp, Amazon Photos. All my other apps are working fine.

      Can't wait to upgrade to the new Mate 40 (without google apps) when it is released in Sep/Oct 2020 :)

  • Really hope that CCP can help reduce the price to $500.

  • Seriously waiting for the P40 Pro+ with 10x optical zoom and other hybrid capabilities. Both phones have great stabilisation and google store isn't a problem for me.

    • I guess xiaomi is also coming with a 10X optical. That will also have play store and much cheaper.

    • Yes if going down this path, the P40 Pro+ is the phone to get.

      I'm not ready to go GMS free yet but I do like the idea of not being addicted to GMS. Just not enough to do anything about it :)

      • Its not about addiction but convinience. There is no point in installing linux just becuase windows is convinient.

        • The one thing I couldn't leave GMS for is Google Pay. I use it for everything, COVID-19 only emphasised how valuable a tool it is. I know Huawei will have a HMS alternative at some point, Huawei Pay. If that comes and gains support I'll definitely consider it but I suspect Australia will be left out like always and it just won't be properly supported.

          Maybe one day when I have Google Pay on my watch, but unsure if that still needs your phone to function? Probably.

  • +42 votes

    Lol, or just buy one the Samsung S20s or Oppo Find X2 and get an Australian warranty and Google Services. As per usual, loads of people voting up Huawei phones but none buying them.

  • Any idea when bangood will stock Vivo X50 Pro+?

  • All deals posted for Huawei mobiles MUST clearly mention the fact that Google services do not included on Huawei mobiles. You can ofcourse sideload those, but I won't spend more than $1k on a phone and then go through pains every few weeks to install/update Google services. And ofcourse infringement of IPR too.

    • So google service is a MUST HAVE standard now?

      • YES.

      • @littlelooloo, read my comment above carefully. I didn’t say that Google Services is a MUST HAVE. I just said that deals MUST mention about absence of Google Services.

      • Back then: no
        Now: yes.
        On Android by now, Google Services not just limited to App Store and bunch of apps, it also provides Security patch (via Play Store), Notification Services and some certifications (SafetyNet, Widevine). A device without Google Play certified (like Huawei) generally suck in notifications (no Google notification services, apps need to keep in the background to receive notifications), couldn't use Google Pay (failed SafetyNet), bs Play Store clone, no in-app purchases, and couldn't even watch Netflix/D+/Prime Video in HD (Widewine L3).
        So basically, if you live in China where Google ain't sh*t, then you are fine, if not, then is it really worth it?

  • Nothing against you OP. But the phone is still too pricey without Google services capabilities.

    Also, very hard to resell in the future as well.

    • This site is filled with too many people who just don't want or like opposite opinion. They neg for even a reasonable argument. I agree phone is little overpriced compared to completion and limitations it has.

    • That's a valid point but if you can't point to someone selling cheaper I don't think it's a valid reason to neg.

    • Post a better price or change your negative vote.

      The votes are for the deal not your personal opinion of the product.

      • +10 votes

        No google services is a valid down vote for a phone over $1k.

      • I'm sorry. These are facts. Not much about personal opinion.
        A good price is not only about the phone's spec but also the services it could provide.

        Not to mention:
        1. Install app without using Google play store would increase the risk of downloading viruses.
        2. Perform a significant update for an app would require to install the apk again.

        • You need to tell us where you have seen a cheaper price.

          • +1 vote


            Voting Guidelines;

            Negative Vote

            • The deal is not the cheapest available
            • Issue with product
            • Issue with retailer

            Being the cheapest isn't the single criteria of a bargain.

            Although I do like the idea of the P40 hardware, I wouldn't take a gamble at this price. There's just no chance I'd be spending in excess of 1k for a phone where on-going support (warranty) from both the manufacturer and retailer is in question.

            • @jwh: The product preforms as advertised without Google services. On what basis is the neg?

              I don't think free PC games are good value, but I don't neg those ozbargains.

              • @matt-ozb: I'm not complaining about lack of Google services as I know it's not there. But it is a deal breaker for almost everyone, and you could argue it cripples the phone for most peoples everyday use as a smart phone.

                I personally would not purchase this knowing there would be a hassle with support if something goes wrong. Go to their website, and click on contact us, then try and find a way to get phone support, messenger support, or live chat. It is not an option with after-sales support. You could argue email evidence is probably best if you need to dispute something, but Banggood is not somewhere I would feel confident to spend large amounts where there is limited after sales support and no statutory protections.

    • Agreed hard to sell. No idea what's going to happen to Huawei in the future unfortunately. 10x zoom looks intresti g though.

      Tight FOV I hope can get those huge moon shots

  • Price is really good.

  • Yeah, I agree
    It's a crippled device in Australia.

    These posts really need to disappear

  • Can't believe anyone would buy it.

  • Piece of junk without google Services

  • I can think of plenty of other better ways to waste 1k

  • Much better to buy Sammy S10/S20 instead of wasting 1k.

    • S10 is worse. S20 ultra is more expensive. Based on if savings are worth the hassle to install Google right? Don't people have a choice?

      Some may find an hour is worth a few hundred dollars.

      • Will it worth it if you paid 1k for a device without proper notification (still workaround, but not all apps are working), lack of contactless payment service (unless you're with Commbank, which also offer their own Android contactless payment) and SD video streaming (certificate issues and can't be fixed). Plus, the bootloader is locked, no guarantee security updates and any workaround could be patched by Google some day. It's not just an hour eh.

        • Not all iOS apps work on Android either. I chose Android anyway.

          Yes, if you want to use Google Pay, you have to use Google certified. Or just tap the card.

          What's this about video streaming?

          It's what it's worth to the customer at the time. Not all people who buy this would have "wasted" 1k. They get the facts and make their own judgements

          • @plague69: so if you paid 1k+ for a superb screen then only able watch SD streaming on it? aight your choice then.
            not all iOS work on Android, sure, but this device running Android and still can't run Android apps properly (FYI, cab-hailing services that using Google Maps API won't work, and some banks have SafetyNet check so this phone can't run them). Currently, the workaround are not allowed multi Google accounts/GBusiness account and some exchange mail issues. tl;dr: this phone can't streaming in HD, can't run some bank apps, can't use business account, that's a lot of tradeoff hey. (ex-Mate 30 Pro user here, speak from real experience)
            the point is, all those workaround could be fixed by Google (they did a few time, and even Huawei are trying to stop people from install GApps) so you could save a few bucks but then need to wait for any patches or exploits everytime they fix it, it is not really 'just an hour' like you said. You can argue that this is the best camera phone on the market, agreed, but saying that bypass Google is that easy peasy lol hell no.

  • Just curious, what’s stopping Google to publish their apps on Huawei’s App Store? Isn’t that problem solved?

    • Google isn't allowed to cooperate with huawei on USA orders.

    • It's up to the publishers and they won't since it's not going to be worth it for them until Huawei can prove itself. For Huawei to dominate apps, they first have to do it in China and they have not done that yet, so if ever possible, it won't be soon.

      Huawei's new operating system structure is very interesting though, compared to Android and iOS. All mobile OS's will go down this path in the future

  • We need a neutral App Store, not the one which obviously controlled by US government.

  • Amazing price for the hardware. No gms is a shame.