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Surfshark VPN Premium - Unlimited Devices - 2 Years+3 Months Extra Free $47.76 USD (~$69.65 AUD) @ Surfshark


Save 86% Off on Surfshark VPN Premium.
Connect unlimited Devices with strict no-logs Policy.
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  • Does it come with the pictured box?

    • The purchase is virtual only. You just buy the subscription and download the applications via your account.

  • Sorry, but with Surfshark, we are getting 90% cashback from Cashrewards every month. That's for around $12 for three years.
    Is there any difference between your one and the Cashrewards one?

  • Does this VPN come with a location spoofer? Need it for my S10

    • Nope. However, for physical location spoofing, you can use "Fake GPS" from the Google play store. Use it with VPN, to have location and connection in sync.

      • GPS spoofing requires root these days. Not an off the shelf process any more, and can break some other stuff on the device (like paypass) depending how it's done.

        • oh that sucks, My work allows us to clock in via our mobile now so I was thinking of having a GPS spoofing app that will spoof my gps to my work location and then clock in.

          • @Homr: Fake GPS, GPS Emulator certainly work you just got too activate developers options in settings then nominate your gps mocking app in select mock location app setting

            You dont need a rooted mobile and you don't need a VPN to mock your actual GPS location,. Though one note like my Note 9 (Android associated with google) also uses wifi and bluetooth for higher GPS accuracy (A Google service), maybe switch that off too and just use GPS satellites for GPS location, now I'm being extra cautious
            well there could be a chance your work app might use your mobiles wifi association with there wifi router thats if work has wifi, they can certainly know when your mobile connects too there wifi internet at work, that i know anyone can do manually by using and looking in the wifi routers firmware showing devices connected, though how smart the works clockin app goes is a question

            Your location ip address is vague and will show your location related to the server your connected too for 3G/4G data which can be kms away, usually the location is the CBD say you live in outer suburbs, basically what a VPN mocks you to another city, your ip location through there actual IP server location, well try this link too see your current ip location

      • Thanks a lot. This app worked for me on an non rooted Android. The only issue is that the location search feature is not working with this app. So I dragged the location pointer and set it manually. That's it. This was a lifesaver.

    • I need it too.

    • I have this VPN. You can connect to other countries, which will somewhat fake your location. Some servers are virtual, meaning that they might not show up the exact location you selected.

      • if it's a virtual server, your location will not be where you want it to be, so check to see if they have a physical server that match your need first

    • depends on your usage, "Fake GPS" on Android can be helpful as said by OP. However, some apps such as Pokemon Go, it will detect if you spoofed it and cut your access.

  • I notice CashRewards has 90% cash back NordVPN and also PureVPN.

    Is cash rewards any different or better than Shopback ?

    and Any recommendations between Nord, Ghost and Pure VPN ?


  • Do post here when this deal comes back,.. though a question?

    Unlimited devices,.. what I can share my account for my grandma's phone, the neighbor next door and 100 other people?

    Sounds great for a business with a lot of staff I gather,

    Can you control other clients app from one account? As you can gather I'm a newbie too VPNs ðŸĪŠðŸ‘

  • The deal (Save 86% Off) is still live. Please check the via Dealarious link (Mentioned in the offer above). Do click the offer on private browser

    No. You can't control settings from one account. All the devices and apps will have to be configured individually. Your account will only list the devices using the subscription.

    • I guess this can't be used for business devices? We would have few devices why I asked about what it means about unlimited devices, cheers 👍