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Whiskey Business - 4x 50ml Minis $15 @ BWS


Too risky to try and keep the purchase of a 700ml bottle hidden? Get Whiskey Business instead. You get 4x 50ml mini bottles including:

  • Chivas Regal XV 15yo Blended Scotch Whisky,
  • Jim Beam Double Oaked Kentucky Bourbon,
  • The Glenlivet 12yo Single Malt Scotch whisky, &
  • Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whisky.

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    "Taste the WORLD of whisky": Scotch, Bourbon, Scotch, Scotch
    Mr Worldwide

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  • +61

    Perfect if you are trying to cut down to four bottles a day…

  • I don't mind Chivas XV, definitely a lot better than 12yo and Extra but still has nothing on Ultis.

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      So the more expensive bottles taste better than the cheaper ones? Who would have thought! Lol

      • -1

        Green label.

        Enough said

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    • None in Victoria unfortunately

      • That has been the case in Qld for over 2 months now

      • Still some stock in-store at Altona Gate BWS

    • Not available anywhere (American Stillhouse). Otherwise would have jumped on it.

  • seems like risky business to me

  • +1

    don't hate me too much, but I love Dark Cherry bourbon. I had a bottle stolen and it's no longer made - if anyone sees one…

    • +4

      I've got half a bottle someone left here like a year or so back and hate cherry stuff. It ain't worth any shipping but if you're in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne feel free to bum it.

      • I dont mind the cherry. Not my usual taste, just something different to mix it up

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    a great add to for those work from home morning coffees

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    Thanks OP. Bought 2, one for self and one for my friend as a gift!

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  • +1

    I'm going to split them up as little Christmas presents. Thanks OP.

    • +3

      You have four friends?

    • +32

      Can confirm, the kids will love these.

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        perfect for baby hands, and also infants if trump doesn't want them.

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        Give it to them as an early present if you want them to sleep on Christmas eve

  • +2

    None in the four stores near me. Maybe if it comes down to $10 like this did I might be willing to travel a bit further to grab one or three.

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      This sampler is higher quality, instead of two non-age statement Jameson and Fireball your getting 15yo Chivas and 12yo Glenlivet.

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    Good for the glovebox.

  • +13

    I guess that's one way for Woolies to compete against the Coles little shop things?

    • Gold. Needs more upvotes.

    • Ironically when Coles littleshop is on we actually start selling a lot more minis and this is exactly what customers say!

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    i got one of these for $10 as one of those "you've already spent too much on booze, so why not grab one of these now too?" checkout promos… they're pretty reasonable :)

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    Just saw in my local Melb store they also have Mr Black Coffee Liqueur on clearance for $38.50 - a couple of stores had it still as $45-50 so depends on the store ($56 on sale at Dans). It's a great 'local' gift. Tastes good - like a lower sugar liqueur with cold brew coffee.


    • The Dans one is 700ml but the bws one is only 500ml. Still a good buy though.

      Also, be aware that a while ago they changed the recipe and lowered the alcohol content slightly. I think it went from 25% to 23%.

      I still think it is bloody awesome (but my memory tells me the old version was just slightly better).

  • Reminds me of FLIGHT movie

  • Still has stock in Melb CBD

  • Do these come in glass or plastic bottles?

    • +5

      chivas/glenlivet - glass
      beam/johnnie - plastic

  • Haven't had the chivas. None of the other are tempting. $15 seems ok but I can't make myself buy dullsville whisky

    I'd strongly encourage everyone to move onward and upward if the beam, Glenlivet or walker seem good to you

  • I got one for $10 at my Woolies. had to spend $25 on other drinks to get it for that price though

  • Got 2 for $17 after staff discount n $10 rewards off and paid with egift cards…

    Nice find OP

  • Whiskey Business is also the name of a 2012 Pauley Shore TV movie.

  • Would this liquid gold stays longer if i don't open for few years??

    I like to collect these little bottles with drink inside, bigger bottles are too tempting not finish them….

    • +1

      Keep out of sun and dry environments, they will evaporate over time.

  • looks like there was a lot of love for this deal, and it is $15 at bws
    lots of booze offers going on at the moment…

  • Just combined this with their recent targetted $10 off a $40 spend. Not bad considering the RRP of the full size equivilents.

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