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40% off RRP on 2000+ Products + $8.50 Delivery (Free with $100+ Spend) @ adidas Online & In-Store


40% off 2378 products. Early access for creators club 12am 15/6.



  1. Promotion Period:

Creators Club Members Only: Early Access offer valid from 15th June (12.00 am AEST) – 17th June (11.59 pm AEST) for adidas Creators Club members.

General Access: Offer valid from 18th June (12.00 am AEST) – 28th June (11.59 pm AEST).

  1. Offer is valid across eligible products displayed at adidas.com.au/share_your_stripes/ and adidas.co.nz/share_your_stripes/ or the official adidas App. Full price items will receive 40% off the RRP, while sale items will receive an extra 40% off the current markdown price. While stocks last.

  2. Discount will be applied automatically at cart for adidas Creators Club members on the valid items in your order. Shoppers who are not Creators Club members must enter the coupon code “SHARE40” in the “Promo Code” field on the checkout page to receive the discount on the valid items in your order.

  3. Orders will be confirmed upon completion of payment.

  4. Exclusions: offer is not available for EG4957, EG4958, EG4959, EG4960, G27706, M20324, M20325, M20327, S75104, AQ0863, B37725, CQ2114, FV5358, FV5361, FY2110, FY2111, FY2116, FY2117, FY2134, FY2138, EG0691, F36641, FU8498, F36123, FV9015, FV9017, FV2928, FV8453, FV8455, FV8631, FV8983, FV8985, FV8986, FW0480, FW0482, FX0066, FX0067, FX0073, FX0074, FX0075, FX0076, FX3530, FX4172, FX7475, FX8489, FX9113, FW7089, FW7090, FW7091, FW7093, FX4089, FY3140, FV6956, FV6960, FX2434, FW2002, FW2003, FY9089, FZ3561, FY4286, EG6247, EG6264, EH3488, FV6107, FV8500, FV9027, FV9028, FW1229, FW1230, FW1231, FW1232, FW1233, FW1234, FW1484, FW6838, FW6839, EF9623, EE5236, EE8769, EE8772, EF9624, EF9625, EE5199, EE8774, EF8063, FV4685, FV4686, FV4687, FV6106, BD7249, BD7250, BD7251, BD7865, BD7927, BD7931, CG5526, EE7176, EF3453, EF3454, FW0719, FW7092, FX4087, FX9081, FY3141, FY3926, FY7916, AQ1056, B41793, EF7215, EG9919, FU7303, FU7368, FU7369, FV7261, FV7289, FV7333, FX4259, FX8002, FX8003, FX8010, FX8019, FX8025, FX8056, FY1787, FY2294, FZ0496, FZ0497, FZ0498, FZ0499, GL8499, GL8501, GL8502, GL8504, GL8505, GL8507, GL8511, GL8513, GL8514, GL8516, GL8519, GL8521, FV3258, FV4440, FV8425, FV9907, FV9913, FW6345, FW6347, FW6349, FX0494, FX0495, FX0496, FX3354, FX3355, FX4348, FX4349, FX4350, FX4351, FX9028, FX9035, FX9037, FX9041, FX9764, FX9765, FX9766, FX9847, FY2903, FY3724, FY3727, FY3728, FY3729, FY3730, FY3731, FY4269, FY4392, FY4394, FY5158, FZ1267, FZ1283, FZ1284, H67799, H67800, H67801, H68771, Q47306, Q47391, Q47396, FX1939, FX1940, FX1941, FX1942, FX1943, FX1944, FX0576, FX0581, FX4379, FX4380, FX4410, FX4429, FY0731, FY0732, FY0733, FY0734, FY0735, FY0736, FY1083, FY1084, FY1085, FW7456, FW7458, GK1623, GK1625, GK1626, GK1627, GK1628, GK1629, GK1631, GK8231, FW5957, FW9831, FX6622, FX6623, FY0176, FY0179, Q47198, Q47199, FW3267, FW3276, FW7857, FW7858, GE1254, GE1256, GE1259, GE1260, GE1261, GE1262, GK0686, GM8426, GM8438, FV7122, FV7638, FV7639, GJ0694, GJ0695, GJ0696, GJ0697, GJ0698, EH2967, EH2971, FI0712, FI0713, FI0714, FI0715, FI0716, GE4330, FX7616, GN5927, GN5928, GN5929, EH3057, EH3058, FR9278, FR9279, FR9280, FR9281, FR9283, FR9502, FR9503, FS1863, FV5479, FV5481, GD1016, FX9290, FX9295, FX9300, FX9302, FX9306, EF1639, EF1913, EF1917, EG0910, EG0911, EG0916, EG0927, EG0931, EG1599, EG1602, EG1608, EG7318, EG7325, FV3988, G28553, G28639, G28742, S77416, S77417, FW4908, FW4909, EF1042, EF1043, EG0713, EG0714, EF1620, EF1699, EG7132, EG7150, EG7177, FJ5983, FJ5989, FL1391, FL1389, EG0908, EG0924, EG0930, EG0932, EG1729, G28526, GM8425, FW5712, BB6168, BB6166, BB6308, BB6149, GM6676, GM6677, GM6688, GM6689, GM6690, GM6691, GM6692, GM6693, GM6696, GM6697, GM6698, GM6699, GM6700, GM6702, GM6703, EH3118, FX3834, EF1912, EG4699, FI6201, FQ6936, FS8950, FS8951, FU0681, FU0682, FV3905, FV3906, FV3915, FV4254, FV8324, FV8336, FW2587, FW3273, FW3274, FW3275, FW8169, FW8721, FW8726, FX0030, FX0031, FX0032, FX0035, FX0042, FX2784, FY1264, FY1377, FY1432, FY1434, FY1590, FY1669, FY1931, FY1932, FY4271, FY9022, GD2612, GD2620, GD4971, GD4972, GD5006, GD5007, GD5028, GD5029, GD5033, GD5036, GD5037, GK4262, GK4263, GK4264, GK4265, GK4266, GK4267, GN5670, GN5672, GP1111, GP1114, GP1115, GP1124, EG5400, EG5401, EG5420, EG5421, FU7330, FV4733, FV4734, FV6020, FV6026, FV6027, FW3272, FW5386, FY1251, FY1255, FY1262, FY1375, FY1439, FY1452, FY1482, FY1483, FY1542, FY1543, FY1588, FY1589, FY1591, FY1592, FY1593, FY2301, FY2337, FY2338, FY2896, FY2897, FY2898, FZ0382, FK3557, FK3560, FK3571, FK3572, FX0865, FX2987, FX2988, FX4151, FX4152, FX4322, FX4323

  5. Offer not redeemable for cash and not valid in conjunction with any other offer. No discounts or vouchers may be used.

Edit: As of 18/6 it's also in store.

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  • +20

    If they give us another 30% stacking code, it would be great! :)

    • +2

      Yes!! again again!

      I hope they didnt learn from what happened last time…

  • +10

    Just received a refund for a return I did over 1 month ago…

    • +2

      Big time mate ..they stuffed it up an got my refund after 6 weeks and only after I contacted them several times …

  • +14

    Shit service Still waiting on refund from early May, Keep in mind If you might return items long wait, same with Reebok

    • +2

      Hmm,I returned my stuffs in mid May and got the refund 2 weeks later

      • +1

        same here. got my refund in less than 2 weeks as well. it did take them over 2 weeks to ship my items though.

    • same thing on my end… still waiting on my refund

    • +1

      Both sister companies

    • +2

      Adidas own Reebok.

    • +1

      I had a similar issue with Harvey Norman, after many emails, online chats, a phone call for a month they still did absolutely nothing until I filed a complaint through paypal and they instantly processed it after that.

    • Same here. Delay with AUS post from the look of it..

    • I was on the same boat. Shocking service. Ended up putting up a dispute with my CC after waiting a month for my refund.

  • +1

    They take forever to ship

  • +1

    I am about 60 days (since they received it back) waiting for my refund.

    • Have you tried sending them a stern email? I would, and also threaten to contact the relevant industry regulator. 60 is not on.

    • I just kept contacting them. After 1 month I got my refund. Hang in there.

    • Just got my refund on Friday.

  • +7

    Still waiting for delivery ordered at the beginning of April. Customer service is terrible. Buyer be aware.

    • Nike.com was the same. I don't get what is going on with these big name sports retailers. Terrible service at the moment.

    • Recently ordered a few days ago and it shipped immediately. Have the tracking number for Australia Post

  • +7

    That's a huge exclusion list. No deal.

    • +6

      More than 2000+ items with about 500 excluded.
      Seems pretty okay to me. Depends if what you're looking for is included or not.
      Still 75% chance

      • -3

        Lol. 2000-500 does not leave 75%

        • this guy maths.
          Y not?

        • please oh wise one teach me your mafs

  • Saw this pop up on their Instagram story but didn't give any details.

  • Got my stuff after about 2-3 months last order so I'll probably be rolling the dice again! Thanks OP

  • +1

    That is a massive list of exclusions.

  • -1

    Wouldn’t it have been easier (& less confusing) to have had an “inclusion” list?

  • Still waiting for my package placed in april

  • Seems like they ended up with a big pile of returns from the last sale!

    • +1

      Hence this sale…it's probably all that stuff.

  • +3

    lol minimum 21 business days for delivery, what a joke.

    • -1

      To be fair, it doesn't say minimum. But 21 days is insane, they've had several months to scale online.

      • It is 21 days after shipping. Even that is a lie. Still waiting after 40 days!

    • Wow, what kind of company doing online sales would think this is acceptable?! Especially for a big multinationals like Adidas. Just crazy!

  • Wow! Look at those clicks - the deal hasn’t even gone live but already 6500 clicks!!!

  • So no discount off already reduced stuff?

    • "sale items will receive an extra 40% off the current markdown price" - fingers crossed

  • Just glad I got my refund after about 6 weeks

  • -1

    Adidas reminds me of intel, of GM motors.

    I know wtf.

    But there's good reason behind it.

  • They didn’t send me my items and it took over two months of constant contact for them to finally refund me. Had so many of their CS agents lie jus to get rid of me. Waste of time.

  • +5

    Shocking experience with Adidas. Took a month to receive goods ordered in April. Took over a month to receive refund only after everyday going on online chat to discuss. They don't even respond to emails. No numbers to call. I wouldnt go through that again.

  • +1

    DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! Still waiting for and order since 06/05. Terrible service. They use Toll who got hacked and they lost heaps of data.

    • +1

      I ordered few days ago…2 shoes and got it delivered by adidas in 4 working days.

  • +25

    Buy 1 size up. Your feet would have grown by the time they arrive

    • I find it there sizing bit smaller compare to other brands. So you would end up in ordering 1 size up. Else you gotta return it.

  • It appears Adidas is stuck in a 5 year contract with Toll. I hope they reconsider before they rubber stamp and renew it.

    • If they entered into a 5 year agreement without minimum performance standards then they are truely stupid.

      My last orders from Adidas and Reebok arrived via Aust Post, so it would appear as though they are cutting out toll somewhat?

      • +1

        Toll is the worst delivery. Last time i ordered from NEXT and Toll keep updating in their system that they came and no one was at home. I laughed at their tactics bcz they updating in their system this same thing for 3, 4 times. They keep doing it 3, 4 times untill their system allows them to drop it at some other convenient location.
        So for TOLL, U R NOT AT HOME.

  • +1

    Had to raise a PayPal dispute because they still failed to refund me after more than a month of receiving the parcel. Absolutely horrendous service

  • +1

    Buy at your own frustration and headache. You have been warned.

    • +3

      then why did you +1 it?

      • Fat fingers

  • These clowns ship slower than random Chinese companies. Transaction time of refunds also seem to be getting slower year by year.

    • Probably most of their stock are from China :)

      • +1

        Warehouse is in Melbourne.
        Next to no chance they be selling stock in transit as on hand.

        Similar to all, horrible experience with slow delivery and countless follow up to get a refund.

  • Thank you OP. Snagged some Adidas Original pants that are sold out everywhere else online.

  • FYI unidays 15% code stacks
    Yet to try my creators club codes but fair chance they will also stack if you have them

    • +4

      Neither my 20% nor my 25% codes stack :(

      • Cant edit my original, but yep creators club codes not stacking for me either.

        • If you ask me, creator's club codes are the ones that SHOULD stack, otherwise their value is significantly diminished.

      • +1

        Damn I was looking forward to stacking my codes. What’s the point of them now when there’s random 40% offs we can wait for? I guess I’ll save my $$

      • I do need one 25% code, can you PM me if you do not want to use it.

    • -1


      • Unique, generated one, I used one but looks like i can generate another every 15mins, will post one soon

        • Can you dm me?

        • Same here please if you don't mind.

        • Can i have one too?

        • do u mind to pm me too for the code please

        • do u mind to pm me too for the code please

    • I had the impression that the discount would be automatically applied in cart, and therefore assumed a code could be stacked, guess I was mistaken :(

    • Would you be able to PM me one @Plebber? Thank you so much!

    • how this staking is working ?
      When i apply SHARE40, I am unable to apply code for 15%off for new registration to site. The price remains the same.

  • No outlet or creator club code stacks :(

  • +7

    Anyone else finding it doesn't work on already discounted items (not on the exclusion list)?

    • Yes :-((

    • Looks like at the moment the discount only applies for products listed on the "Share your Stripes" page, which are all full price :(

  • Which one is a better deal: UB20 for $156 from Adidas or Kayano 25 for $140 from Jim Kidd Sports?

    • Use an additional 15% off UNiDAYS code to bring the UB20 down to $132.60 (49% off).

    • $156 doesnt seem to be a good price for UB imo

      • We've been spoilt by past sales.

        Its a decent price for new models not in the outlet.

    • defs ub20, unless you're a father

  • Football Jersey included?

    • I definitely saw some (Germany, Colombia etc.) but don't know if that means all.

  • +1

    Can anyone share a unidays code with me please. After some football boots.

  • +3

    SHARE40 - This promo code has expired.

    Doesn't work for any item regardless category.

    • +1

      Had to log out, and log in again. Now prices are showing. Also, code is also for non-members

      • Doesn't work for me. Tried login out and back in still code doesn't work or it doesn't apply the additional discount on top sale item.

  • For the people who got delayed shipping from previous sales, you can get another additional 30% off to apply to these sales if you complain to Adidas online Chat about the delayed shipping. Adidas online chat will give you a one time use promo code.

    Dear Customer,

    As promised please see the voucher details below for your next online purchase with adidas


    The voucher expires June 19 2020 and is valid for one use only
    Includes 30% off and free shipping
    The voucher code can only be used on full price items
    The voucher code is valid for all products with the following exceptions: Watches, Sunglasses, Yeezy, Originals Design Collaborations, Limited Release Products & Selected Boost Models

    The voucher code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer

    Due to local government regulations, our customer service team are unavailable by phone. Please send us an email or use the chat icon in the bottom right of the website. We look forward to assisting you with your query.

    Kind regards,
    adidas Customer Service

    • +2

      My code isn't stacking. It applies the code but removes the Creator Club discount.

      • Sorry about that. I guess I got lucky.

        • Wait you got a 30% compensation code that can be stacked with the existing 40% Creator's Club discount?

    • +1

      I requested the CS to generate one for me but unable to stack with Creator Club discount. Can you show me the screenshot? and I hope I can do it by following your steps

  • Can someone please share a Unidays code? Thanks.

    Looking to buy a UB20. Didn't grab the last deal.

  • Code expired for anyone else?

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