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AliExpress 7.5% Cashback (Was 5%, $50 Cap) @ Cashrewards


Special Terms

  • Cashback is capped at $50 per transaction.
  • Confirmation of delivery or goods received must be made on AliExpress within 60 days of placing your order to be eligible for Cashback.
  • Empty your cart prior to clicking from Cashrewards. Add items to your cart after clicking from Cashrewards.
  • Cashback is ineligible on purchase of gift cards, coupons, travel, ebooks.
  • Cashback may be ineligible if using coupons not listed on Cashrewards.
  • You must return and click through from Cashrewards every time you make a new transaction/purchase.

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  • I just bought something from AX an hour ago at 5%. FML!

  • +10 votes

    another one with one of those "Receive goods within 60 days" which rarely ever happens

    • I have had a few orders arrive in less than 2 weeks of late - from China non-expedited shipping. So with respect, my experience shows otherwise. To make a rarely statement I find it's more 'Rarely I do get some that go over 60 days or not arrive is my experience'. Again I think "rarely" is too strong. Occasionally I get some that go over 60 days. Shipping out of China is back to pretty much normal for me.

      • Yet it's my standard experience and resonates with me as an absolute truth. I'm still waiting on stuff from very early January

      • maybe i just buy the cheapest stuff which comes with cheapest shipping but it is a crapshoot if i receive in within 60 days

        i note that the t&cs on shopback allow for 90 days receipt

    • Ordered five different things in February-March. The two February ones took 2.5 months to be delivered, the third one got lost. The fourth and fifth March ones haven't been delivered yet, and AX without asking extended refund window from 2 to 3 months. It's not the best time to place an order there at the moment.

  • Haha…. Just bought $140 worth 3 hours ago.. cashrewards pleas get in early next time

  • Shipping times went up to 2 months, AliExpress is pointless now :(

    • You're lucky if it arrives in 2 months. My order didn't and now the seller changed the shipping time to 90 days. Anyway, I asked my bank to do a chargeback yesterday

  • Confirmation of delivery or goods received must be made on AliExpress within 60 days of placing your order to be eligible for Cashback.

    This is a joke right?

    • +4 votes

      Please note this is imposed by AliExpress, not Cashrewards. If transactions are declined due to this condition, you can reach out to our Member Services team with documentation from the seller confirming a delay in shipping, and they’ll take care of it for you :)

    • better off using a coupon to get an instant discount instead of relying on a cashback. buyer protection seems to bumped up to 90 days by default nowadays.

    • AlAliexpress has changed their standard waiting time from 60 days to 90 days before you you can dispute. They even changed mine two months after my transaction. If you try and dispute, they will just extend the delivery window and side with the seller. Make sure you take screenshots in case you needs to do a charge back. If you really want something timely use DHL.

  • Thanks for the boost.

  • Does Cashback work if shopped via aliexpress app ?

  • +2 votes

    Needs more 15%!

  • Just bought almost $100 stuff, hopefully the tracking works.

    • Depending on the shipping used it will usually work to at least the Chinese border. Some track to the door. Unlike amazon, you and the seller have a lot of choices of shipping services. I usually just run the basic shipping, although sometimes if a you are lucky a slight extra fee will give better speed or shipping. You can go crazy and spend a couple of hundred dollars shipping a 1 dollar item in the options sometimes. When choosing between 2 similarly priced sellers, the shipping service cost and shipping speed / service can be a deciding factor. Maybe that's why I don't suffer the longer than 60 day deliveries as often as other complain about, I choose sellers with better ship times - which often costs no more, sometimes slightly more.

  • Well I am not using CR due to last 3 sales all not been tracked, even though it showed in the click history.

  • shop now or wait to see if ShopBack puts anything out?

  • I'm still waiting for something ordered back at the end of March… Needless to say I'm hesitant to order from China at the moment because of it. It's annoying as there are things I want to get but don't want to risk never getting them.

    • Keep in mind you don't want your order period to expire, or you forfeit your ability to start a dispute and for AliE to be able to award you a refund.

      The seller may also be happy to extend the guarantee period to 90 days, or even beyond, but don't get sucked into paying for a new order or another small item on the store, as this is likely a scam.

      • Aliexpress will extend the delivery time the day before the guarantee period expires. This is what happened to my order. They extended the guarantee period from 60 days to 90 days on 59th day.

  • Just beware that going through affiliate links with Aliexpress may sometimes omit cheaper items from your search or even modify the prices.


  • Ive had nothing turn up from here in months

  • On AE using China Post Airmail Registered as the shipping method when possible and sending to Australia Post Parcel Locker or Parcel Collect usually gets tracking withot paying a fortune. Parcels still have been taking months, but delivery seems to be getting back to nearly normal now. My latest order sent on 21 May from China arrived today. However the earliest order still in transit was sent 11 March from China, and it's been waiting for Customs Clearance in Sydney since 26 April.

    • The best affordable shipping methods on Aliexpress as far as I know are ePacket and China Post Registered Airmail. They are relatively fast, esp ePacket and you can track your order when it reaches Australia.

  • Are select coupons eligible for cashback?

  • Was about to make a big order but decided against when I read the comments about things being delayed right now. Wonder if its worth it? Questions. Does aliexpress/cashrewards often have $15 -10 USD off coupons like they do currently? or is that a one off? I notice they have the 7.5 deal too. If I bought one expensive item, and say some cheaper items to make a total of $150 to use the coupons, if one item is delayed, or doesnt arrive in 60 days, does that mess up cashback for the whole order. Also, if it arrived damaged does cashback for the entire order but different sellers get reversed or just for the cancelled item? Usually make smaller orders but the coupons make it worthwhile to make larger ones…