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Wipertech Aeroflex Wiper Blades for Skoda Cars (Front Pair) $29 Delivered - Wipertech.com.au


Wipertech AeroFlex Wiper Blades for Skoda Cars (front pair) $29 Delivered

High performance, premium-quality wiper blades that are durable and deliver superior performance, safety and comfort.

Wipertech wiper blades are specifically designed for your particular vehicle and are easy to fit. They simply fit right out of the box, and no tools are required.

They are backed by Australia's most comprehensive wiper blade warranty which not only covers structural damage but also wear and tear.

Upgrade your wiper blades today and enjoy perfect, streak-free vision and a quieter drive. No more annoying squeaks and smears.


  • Durable: High quality, precision-cut, single-piece, frameless construction with no moving parts or exposed metal components.
  • Clear vision: 100% Natural rubber blade with specially formulated graphite and Teflon coating ensures a clean, consistent wipe.
  • Lower noise: Aerodynamic shape designed to reduce wind noise and blade lift-off at high driving speeds.
  • Better visibility: Sleek and smooth design that delivers less obstruction to the driver’s field of vision.
  • Designed for your car: No messy or bulky multi-fit adapters, simply fits right out of the box and no tools are required.
  • 1 Year warranty: Real, full-blown warranty that covers wear and tear.

Need a rear wiper?

This coupon will also apply a discount to:

  • Front pair and rear wiper blade kit, for Skoda Cars: $39 Delivered
  • Rear wiper blade only, for Skoda Cars: $25 Delivered


  • To redeem this offer you must enter the promotion code "skodawipers" at the cart page, before going through checkout.

High-performance wiper blades that fit your car perfectly, Guaranteed.

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  • Got merc Benz w177 blades?


      Good question. We should have suitable blades but as it's a newer car we haven't added it to site yet. Will send you a DM to grab some details and see if we can get this listed for you πŸ‘

  • Amazing service, average wipers.

    • Agreed.

      Purchased some last time for a Corolla, less than half a year wipers are starting to squeak when using them.

      • +1 vote

        Sorry to hear. We do offer a 1-year warranty and have a great local support team, so feel free to shoot them a message ([email protected]) and they'll run you through some strategies to help with this. If these don't help we'll always be happy to organise a replacement or refund πŸ‘

    • I got seven years out of my OEM VW wipers. These are close but now I get some streaking after just 12 months.

      • This is my problem, I got streaking on my Tiguan after less than three months. They're still going, but constantly streak and miss sections of the windscreen. They also struggle with removing dirt, despite always using washer fluid in the water.

        • +2 votes

          Sorry to hear. There are a heap of factors that can affect wiper blade performance. If you email our team at [email protected] they'll be happy to run you through a few strategies worth trying. Of course if these don't help we'll always happily offer a replacement or refund under our 1-year warranty πŸ‘

          • @wipertech: I appreciate the help, like I said, amazing service. I've had them over a year at this point and the wipers still work fine in full rain scenario, so I can live with the minor compromises of not quite reaching where it needs when I clean the windscreen.

          • @wipertech: It's not necessarily the wipers fault as the windscreen is 15 years old now and for the price functionality is 99% of the VW OEM. The Wipertech are significantly better than whatever I picked up from Supercheap the last time

  • Are these also suitable for VW cars?

    • Look at the family equivalents (i.e. golf/rapid/octavia, polo/fabia etc..). I've got an older polo and need a 21/19/13 but unfortunately the Fabia are 21/21, we didn't get my equivalent generation in the Skoda

    • I have a MK7 golf and these are the same (only for the front pair):
      SKODA Superb
      2015 - 2020 (NP)

    • Got some on eBay, worked a dream and are cheap as chips

  • Correct me if I am wrong but dont some Skoda wiper blades fit Audi/VW as well? Any reason this promo wouldn't apply to cross compatible wipers?

    • I am also thinking this and trying to find Skoda equivalent wipers for my VW by looking at connection type and length.

      • Yeah I have a 2019 VW Tiguan and pretty positive the Skoda Kodiaq uses the exact same wipers. Be nice if they just applied the promo to all compatible blades if they are same product.

  • +13 votes

    Much better wipers out there that will cost you less per year. Bosch Aerotwin, for one.

    • Still have the Bosch Aerotwin on my Skoda. 5 years old and the wipers are still amazing. I paid $59.95 on eBay for them.

  • Great underrated cars

    • Car not included

      • You just need to negotiate better with the dealer

      • +2 votes

        Can confirm car not included with offer 🀭. As an aside, we will likely will run a car giveaway in the future. We were thinking a Hyundai Kona, what car do you reckon we should give away?

    • Used to?? Can’t fault the old TDI’s.. Man they are made to last for ever but TSI s meh! I think they aren’t the same what they used to be!! ESP in Aus it depreciates very very fast…
      source- Ex Skoda owner and an emotional fan still unfortunately :(

  • Trust me…. go for bosch aerotwin; well worth the cost, hassle and doesnt need to be replaced so often

    • How much extra are we going for the Bosch? Cheapest I've seen on here seems to be roughly around the $50 mark

      • Sounds about right; tbh I just get mine from the UK and pay for shipping…it was Β£28.26 incl shipping for a front set on a golf, so yeah $50

        • Excellent thanks will wait for a Bosch sale. Also seems more negative reviews so definitely will avoid even as a backup!

        • I've been waiting for them to re-offer international delivery πŸ˜”
          Purchased aerotwins locally once but they didn't last as long as the 7-yr old wipers I got from the UK

    • This.
      I just had to replace mine and could not remember when I bought the last set. This was enough for me to buy again.

  • my driver-side wiper squeaked straight from the box. thought i had to break it in so i left it for a few days but the squeaking continued. replaced it with my old ones and havent looked back.

    the passenger side works well though :)


      Not great to hear. Remember we back all our wipers with a 1-year warranty, so be sure to hit up our support team ([email protected]) and they'll be happy to help you out with this πŸ‘

    • Mine was the same. Apparently if your wiper arm isn't aligned properly the wiper wont be at the correct angle and will squeak. I adjusted mine and it helped a bit but still squeaks. I had Bosch Aerotwin on a few cars and never had a problem.

  • I bought the Corolla wipers from the last deal for my SiLs Corolla. Without doubt the worst wipers ever. They ended up being thrown in the bin and Bosch Aeros were purchased


      Hmmm, not the sort of feedback we generally get. Wipers are very much our 'thing' and we definitely put a lot of care and effort into our product development. If you can, hit up the support team ([email protected]) with some details as we'd love to look into this πŸ‘

      • Quite a few people here are giving you "not the sort of feedback you generally get". Can't see anyone saying they bought them and loved them. Returning the wipers is a hassle and most people just chalk it up as a lesson learned.

        If you think your products are as good as Bosch, why don't you double or triple the warranty and offer free return shipping?

        • -2 votes

          Hey Dalton, good questions.

          • If a product is faulty we would NEVER require a customer to pay for return shipping. In most cases, we wouldn't require a return at all, but if we did want to inspect the product we'd pay for return shipping.

          • Re the feedback, we've got over 15k reviews with an average rating ~4.8, in general we get overwhelmingly positive feedback. But of course, we keep track of and will action wherever possible negative feedback.

          • Our 1-year warranty IS industry-leading and above and beyond (and considerably more transparent) than any offered by other established wiper blade suppliers.

          Hope that helps πŸ‘

          • @wipertech: Nope, I wouldn't touch your product with a barge pole and will always advise people to buy something else.


              @Dalton: No sweat mate, can't win them all. We're just doing our best to provide the best possible product and service we can. If you have any specific suggestions or ideas hit us up because we're genuinely keen to hear them and improve things wherever we can πŸ‘

              • @wipertech: I don't design windscreen wipers so I don't know what makes them noisy, messy, and miss large sections. All I know is that if I buy Bosch Areotwins, I don't have these problems; if I buy your Areotwin copies I do.

                • -2 votes

                  @Dalton: Sorry to hear, hopefully, you hit up the support team with a warranty claim ([email protected]) and they helped you out with this, if not make sure you do.

                  Otherwise, it's probably worth mentioning for everyone's benefit that wipers don't operate in a closed environment and there are a tonne of factors that can influence wiper performance (arm adjustment, windscreen coating, level of moisture, exposure of rubber to UV to name a few). It's usually not as simple as the blades (though good blades help).

                  You've had a good experience with B and not so good experience with us and that's totally valid. Others have had the opposite.

                  When we get feedback like this we log it along with your exact car and when consistent issues arise we'll work specifically on product improvements.

                  At the end of the day, if I was tossing up options, I'd like that at least with us you get a transparent warranty, a local team you can reach out to for tips and to speak to if things don't go to plan. All things you won't necessarily get with competitors, especially the massive multinationals.

                  Anyway sorry for the long message, all the best and have a good arvo πŸ€™

                  • @wipertech:

                    You've had a good experience with B and not so good experience with us and that's totally valid. Others have had the opposite.

                    I can agree with you on that, as long as you're not asserting that as many people will like your blades as like the Aerotwins. (You'd need data to back that one up).

                    Many of your reviewers say they like your customer service, fast delivery and blade fitment. Not many reviewers saying how great your products were after a few months (although I'm sure they exist).


                      @Dalton: I feel I'm fighting a losing battle here and your mind is pretty made up. Which is fine, but happy to address your points for the benefit of others.

                      Many of your reviewers say they like your customer service, fast delivery and blade fitment. Not many reviewers saying how great your products were after a few months (although I'm sure they exist).

                      Admittedly a large number of customers leave reviews within a few months of purchasing so will focus on what they can speak to, however, we categorize our reviews and I can confirm that there are a significant number that refer to longevity.

                      We also have a large percentage of return customers, which I think is fair indication that these people are happy, as you'd expect people not to continue to buy from us if they were having issues.

                      As you're not asserting that as many people will like your blades as like the Aerotwins. (You'd need data to back that one up).

                      There are definitely examples of customers who have mentioned preferring our blades over B, which is what I was referring to. However, my point was just that people have different experiences, as mentioned there are plenty of other factors that can impact wiper performance.

                      For example, here's an independent video comparing OE Mercedes wipers (Bosch) with ours: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c24yXLExJX4&t=5s Admittedly it's an older video, but just making the point that people have different experiences.

                      I guess it's also worth noting that Aerotwins only fit some cars, whereas we provide hundreds of different products covering all modern cars. So this makes a simple side by side comparison a little tricky.

                      Basically we try to make the best blades we can that will work really well. In most cases, there are no issues, but if there is we stand by our product an honour the warranty.

                      Obviously disappointing we weren't able to help you out as we'd have liked to. But hopefully, you can appreciate where we're coming from and what we're trying to do.

                      Always a pleasure chatting wipers πŸ€™

            • @Dalton: Me too mate I couldn't agree more. I brought some wipers from these guys they are absolute rubbish quality they ended up in the rubbish bin as I couldn't even been bothered wasting my time taking them down to the post office to return them


                @kiwibro: Sorry to hear. We generally don't require customers to send back faulty products as we recognise it can can be an inconvenience (pictures generally suffice).

                Re the quality, disappointing that you felt it was missing the mark. It's something we're pretty focused on and we use the highest grade natural rubber available and the best possible other raw materials. However, no doubt always room for improvement.

                Re your experience, be sure to hit up the support team at [email protected] and explain what happened. I'd say they'll probably be more than happy to sort you with a refund since this definitely isn't how we'd like things to go πŸ‘

  • OP, got a pair for MB CLA250 MY17?

  • Buy Bosch Aerotwin for around $50/pair and don't worry about your wipers for the next 5 years.

  • Any deals for BMW blades?

    • -1 vote

      Hey, as above just SKODA today, we'll probably run a BMW deal in the future. However, our EOFY sale is about to launch you can apply the code EOFY at the cart for $10 off wipers for any make πŸ‘

  • Mine was the same. Apparently if your wiper arm isn't aligned properly the wiper wont be at the correct angle and will squeak. I adjusted mine and it helped a bit but still squeaks. I had Bosch Aerotwin on a few cars and never had a problem.

    To their credit, the first time Wipertech sent me a brand new set free of charge. Quieter, but still noisy.

    Was a bit mystified with the great reviews so not sure if it's just me.

  • Blades arrived today, already on the car, no problem at all.
    Only tested with the windscreen spray but they work perfectly.
    Great Service all round.

    (Yes put the skoda blades on my golf)

    • Sounds good. If there's another Wipertech deal in a few months, let us know how your going then.