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[eBay Plus] Huawei Nova 5T (Dual Sim 4G/4G, 128GB/8GB) $443.57 Delivered @ Allphones eBay


Good deal for an already good value phone.

If you don't have eBay Plus you can do a free trial for a month I believe.

The coupon can be used for other phones on the allphones online eBay store.

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      It actually has an excellent camera

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      Actually it comes with a very special camera with components approved by the Chinese government itself.

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    Recommended, I am using it now. Bought it half year ago with same price., good camera, good spec with 8gb ram and Huawei flagship processor Kirin 980. Can't go wrong if you want something decent and cheapπŸ˜‰ and don't worry, it comes with Play Store!

    • Is the processor OK and fast enough?

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        Pretty good for this price, very close to the top flagships

        • Just Kirin 980 not current gen Kirin 990

  • wireless charging?

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      No, unfortunately, you'll have to go for something more expensive for that.

      • Yeah, like V30+ for $399.

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          I was referring to devices with equal or better specs. Compared to the Huawei, the V30+ has half the ram and a less powerful processor, and I'm guessing a poorer camera as well.

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          The V30+ is so old and outdated it's ridiculous.

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            @morgs640: Seriously kinda shocking it's still around. V50 stock was gone in hours when JB got it can't see why the V30 is still there

        • Wireless Charging? No
          IP68? No
          1440p screen? No
          AMOLED? No
          Quad DAC? No

          v30 has all this. "So old and outdated"? yeah, it has been around a while - but its feature set is still unbeatable for the money.

          The Nova 5T has a faster CPU and more RAM.

          Once you become used to wireless charging and AMOLED, switching to a phone without them always seems too much of a downgrade for a few ms saved on screen transitions.
          But that's just me.

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            @DisabledUser58080: Yeah, the upgraded CPU and twice the ram is kind of a big deal unless you don't care much about performance. My point here was not to say the V30+ is a bad purchase, I'm merely explaining why the 5T is also very competitive at this price. If you prefer the specs of the V30+ then by all means, buy that. For those of us who want better performance and a better camera, the 5T makes more sense.

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              @Brofung: The V30+ IS a bad purchase nowadays. It's already outdated now so really isn't going to age well. Security updates will stop very soon if they haven't already.

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      Nope, but the battery will survive a whole day easily, and with Huawei supercharge evn when ur battery low, just charge it half hour or so your battery will be close to 70 to 80%, that's what I like it the most.

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    Huawei sold more phones than Samsung in April 2020 (temporary #1) - as the Chinese market opened earlier than the Coronavirus locked markets.

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    Inb4 the inevitable comments

    • You're a bit late.

  • Wonder what dxomark on this camera would of been

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      109+ as a guess.

  • Hows this with Warranty issues etc ? I have a dying Galaxy S8 would this be much an improvement ?

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      I had old mate 10 that we acting up. Few days out of warranty. Went to their service centre and had it replaced with a brand new one on the spot.

  • Does this phone have GMS?

  • not a bad deal

  • Is this a big upgrade from the nova 3i? I've had the nova 3i for around 18 months and its been excellent. The 5T looks like it might be my next phone.

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    best spy tech on the market!

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    Buying this is like asking the CCP to spy on you!

  • I read the specs, importantly - Huawei has cut corners to push at this price - viz. No audio jack, n wireless charging. You get what you pay for! Spares are a distinct problem for Huawei these days !
    Having said that, Huawei does have fantastic festures at great price. As regards security and all that, it is anyone's guess - it's not easy to know who is lying and what the truth is these days 😐😐

    • Wireless charging is a bit of a gimmick and certainly not an essential feature in my view. I've often thought this when observing work colleagues with phones sitting on a wireless charger that is plugged into a power point on their desk.

      As for the audio jack, I understand it comes with an adapter and don't most phones now including flagships not have these?

      • I dont understand your point … with wireless charging it feels like you never need to charge your phone .. you just drop a few charging pads at home or office and never think about charging again.

        dropping your phone onto a charging pad is more convenient than finding the end of the little cable and plugging it in carefully .. not life or death .. many things we enjoy are not either.

        • Well the wireless charger still needs to be plugged in, as a regular charger will, so therefore you still need to be near a power point. If you have "a few" charging pads those are an additional expense and only constantly available if nobody needs to use the power points for any other reason.

          Can't imagine why if you have to plug a charger into your phone or not would be the deciding factor on whether or not to purchase a phone. Its hardly much of an inconvenience, but each to their own.

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            @Brianqpr: It may not be obvious if you havent used wireless charging before, but finally you dont need two hands to pick up or put down your phone.
            The phone holder in my car is a wireless charger, so I drop it in when I get in the car, and pick it up when I get out.
            I put the phone on the stand next to my laptop at my desk, on the stand on my bedside table, or on one of the charging pads on the coffee table.
            I rarely worry about the charge in my phone, and see wireless charging as necessary for any of my future phones until something even easier comes along.