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The Berean Bible Study Library Add-on for E-Sword $29.97 (40% off) @


Install the free e-sword bible software

Then purchase the THE BEREAN BIBLE STUDY LIBRARY FOR E-SWORD at 40% off:

"The New King James Version is a leading Bible translation that remains faithful to the original languages and the heritage of the KJV, yet is highly readable. The Believer's Bible Commentary is the best 1-volume commentary for balanced, evangelical explanation of Scripture. Vines Dictionary is the most trusted word study resource for discovering the meaning of the words of the Bible.

The Berean Library is the best and most affordable way I know for you to jump start your discovery of the Bible with e-Sword!"

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    Even the Bible now has expansion packs?

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      I hear they delayed the raptue expansion due to the unpopularity of loot boxes

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    Shame on them making money off the lords work

    • +1

      My bad for thinking they work on donations and the big one they like wills from estates ,

    • +4

      They obviously have micro camels or large needles

  • -3

    No actual deal listed for a book filled with fairy tales.

    • +4

      I get my mythical stories from Jk rowling

      • JK Rowling has been a member of the Church of Scotland. She said if people knew her Christian beliefs it would "give away a lot of what was coming".

        • She said if people knew her Christian beliefs it would "give away a lot of what was coming"

          Harry Potter becomes the next pope ?

          • @jv: I think she means how Potter came back from the dead? Anyway maybe I've just given away a spoiler.

            • @inherentchoice: Does he take a potion, go into a deep sleep, get put in a cave sealed with a boulder, uses his magic powers to push the boulder away and the mortals think he has arisen from the dead?
              I think I saw a movie with a similar storyline on the sci-fi channel too.


    Excellent for smiting those online heathens, like on OzB.

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    Scam. No price in title.

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    Where are Mods? The neg votes are not following the guidelines.

    • +2

      Where are Mods?

      at Holy Communion…

      Voting rules are pretty clear…

      Inappropriate uses of negative vote
      Any negative vote that falls into any of these reasons will be revoked by a moderator.

      • +1

        Yep, if this was the quran they would be upvoting it & scolding anyone who dared question the deal.

        I'm having this debate at the moment with the mods.

        If we are allowed to -ve vote just because we don't like a religion, it should be made CLEAR in the rules…

        I'm looking forward to negging all the atheist deals…

      • The Torah was the prequel. The Quran is the sequel.

      • -1

        Pfft, as long as it's any religion that is trying to tell others how to live, it's a downvote from me. Doesn't matter if it's Hinduism, Islam, Christianity or, oddly enough, even Buddhism.

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    If you don't happen to like the content of the post or agree with it, you could have just kept scrolling instead of bashing this post. There's hundreds more deals that may appeal more to you.

    • Do you mean disagree?

    • Is that bible bashing?

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    If your start to allow (discounted or not) religious literature to be promoted on ozb, then the site will quickly be turned into a Christian propaganda distribution hub.

    Lets keep religion out, and keep ozbargain secular.

    • +2

      Start to allow, like how the very first deal was for Koorong?

      • Ah, ok…. Interesting. …now I can see who posted that, I now understand why religious deals are allowed!

    • -3

      The owner of OzBargain, Scotty , is a christian.
      There is no chance posts for fairy tales will be banned even though they cause contention between users.
      Despite banning firearms posts for this very reason.

    • -1

      Lets keep religion out

      Then you are appeasing to the atheists.

      How about keeping all non-religious deals out ????

      • Then you are appeasing to the atheists

        Secular ≠ Pro Atheist

        _ _

        • +2

          So no more kosher or halal deals ?

          • +1

            @jv: I'll allow deals for kosher salt.

            • +2


              I'll allow deals for kosher salt.

              Mods have confirmed that we can -ve deals if they are against our personal beliefs.

              So feel free to -ve everything you don't believe in.

              I'm assuming this will include anything political as well as religious or any charity that you don't believe in either…

              • +1


                So feel free to -ve everything you don't believe in

                Thank you.

                I only neg if the deal isn't a bargain. The current offering is so far outside my bailiwick I can't make that determination either way.

                • +2


                  I only neg if the deal isn't a bargain.

                  same, but Mods have now said it's OK to also neg if it's against your beliefs… that opens a can of worms…

                  • +1

                    @jv: Have they stated that expressly? Or are you assuming their lack of action on the negs above implies that?

                    • +1


                      Have they stated that expressly?


                      "As explained above, those cases quoted above will not have the negative votes removed, as this is consistent with our voting guidelines.
                      People vote for various reasons, and their personal beliefs or worldviews can influence their perception of the quality of a product/service."

                      • +1

                        @jv: I can't find the source of that quote, but indeed if they are the rules of the site, then so be it.

                        I standby my initial concern, and that is once you start allowing religious literature (particularly in a digital form) you start down a slippery slope.

                        Then again, perhaps the site allowing dissenting (neg) votes has prevented that (and will continue to do so).

                        Praise be.

                        • +2


                          I standby my initial concern, and that is once you start allowing religious literature (particularly in a digital form) you start down a slippery slope.

                          why just ban religion?

                          ban indigenous posts.

                          ban posts on Chinese products.

                          ban political posts.

                          ban posts for healthcare workers…..

                          People have views and beliefs on all of these…

                          • +2


                            why not ban posts on Chinese products

                            This is easy. We'd have nothing to buy.

                        • -1

                          @ash2000: I agree. I was banned from promoting great deals on merchandising for my new religion on Ozbargain (created by me 2 years ago). What gives? Double standards?

                          My tithing is only 9% compared to most others who require a 10% tithe.

                          Also, my religion is the only true religion.

                          Under his eye.

                          • +1

                            @scottishdave: I certainly can't argue with those metrics. Walk me through what you offer in terms of an afterlife?

                            • +2

                              @ash2000: When you arrive, you press the intercom at the gates of my heaven. If you know the secret code and have belonged to my religion for more than 18 months you get admitted otherwise no go.
                              Once in, you get 7x 21 year old virgins of whatever gender you choose. Problem is, some of them are as ugly as.
                              If you choose, you can spin the chicken-wheel of reincarnation to see what animal you return to Earth as. If you are lucky enough to get returned as a human, you spin the chicken wheel of religions to see which one you get assigned. Of course, the odds you get assigned my religion are 3:1. You then spin the chicken-wheel of drop off points but the risk is that your assigned religion is not that of your assigned country and your face a life of religious persecution and/or death. Life is a gamble after all. My sidekick, Dr Spock then beams you back to Earth to your assigned country. Rinse and repeat.

                              • +2

                                @scottishdave: I must admit i don't know what a chicken wheel is? I'm guessing like a wheel of fortune wheel?

                                Notwithstanding that, there is alot of uncertainty in your offering which has me worried.

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