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Xiaomi POCO F2 Pro 5G 8GB/256GB Dual Sim $784.73 Shipped (HK) @ TobyDeals


Xiaomi POCO F2 Pro 5G 8GB/256GB Dual Sim $809 Shipped @ TobyDeals

With 3% off using code $784.73

2 Colours available at the price $799
Xiaomi POCO F2 Pro 5G 8GB/256GB Dual Sim - Cyber Grey
Xiaomi POCO F2 Pro 5G 8GB/256GB Dual Sim - Electric Purple

Available at Kogan for $935

I purchased the 6gb variant 21/05 and received it 11 days later.

Basic review, phone is spot on for value. I wanted a phone with a HJ and ultra wide angle camera + SD865 chip. Bonus is this phone has IR blaster and I use it daily for our air con, TV that doesn't have a remote and sound system. Never had a phone with an IR blaster and can now appreciate having it. Battery life is great!!! Past two phones, OnePlus 6 (buttery smooth blazing fast!) and S10 5G (never again! Battery life was ordinary and nothing like the snapdragon variants, Bluetooth connection with my car was so so and when I consider that I paid $1000+ for the thing, it bugs the crap outta me).
Not so good things, camera is OK. S10 5G took better videos with the OIS, this only has EIS. When shooting videos, you can't switch from ultra wide to standard etc. Very annoying. Photos decent with light/outdoors. Poco F2 Pro Night photo mode, what a joke.
Little things that are nice (not sure if itโ€™s Android 10 related or POCO software) when you pair a BT headphone, it tells you what codec its using AAC APTX etc. RAM management from a real world day to day use is good; I would open apps from earlier in the day much later in the evening and it would still have it loaded where I left. Full screen no notch, A+. HDR support for Netflix, ripper. Would I buy it again, yes.

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    Does HJ mean what I think it means?.. phones have become so advanced these days.

    • +21

      Yes. Hungry Jacks.

      • +5

        Hungry Jacks usually only included on mid-range phones. Poco challenging status quo.

        • ello mate, loving my phone but a little salty about the price drop lol

          • +1

            @Bowchkawowow: I'm with ya! I just got $86 from my card provider, making my initial purchase from $770 to $684 so that softened the blow for me. Although I would of preferred today's deal for the 256gb/8gb ram. Oh well :( haha

            • @Jjklark: $86..over 12% discount.. what card.. I'll order one right away :D :D

              • @gargdada: It was a complimentary insurance price guarantee claim on bank credit card and the claim process was via Allianz insurance.

  • +4

    Solid post and feedback.

    Not a bad deal either.

  • +3

    Great description and very helpful! Tempted but I would like something that takes good photos. I guess anything is better than my S5 which has no storage and trouble running COVIDSafe (kills my battery too!).

    • Wow, an S5 holdout. Does your screen flicker on the lowest brightness?

      • no seems to be ok. just slowwwwwwww and the camera is not great.

        • Custom or stock ROM?

          • +1

            @Fobsessive: stock. have flashed my S1 before but CBB with S5 because of losing all my apps and data. Just been holding out to upgrade.

            • @Juice08: What's next?
              Pretty much every newer phone is faster than the S5 (ancient 28nm) these days.

              • +1

                @Fobsessive: yeah dunno. important to me is camera and waterproofability. not a fan of curved screens and would like a 3.5mm jack but not a deal breaker. S10e seems to fit my needs but hard to find/still too expensive. couldn't get to the Samsung store when they had the 'trade-in' deal for $599. Should've just called in sick to go shopping!

  • +2

    Upvoted based on the decent review.

  • wish it have wireless charging & better camera but for this price this is a great value one.

  • +5

    Not in the market but you get an upvote for a great post with heaps of info.

  • Really want one but chinese variation costs only 610 dollars. Most Chinese reviews say the macro lens does a fantastic job.

    Adding the tax plus shipping may be very close to the op price though. Thanks for sharing.

  • +1

    Cyber grey ?

  • is it safe?, MIUI, any issues with privacy..

    • +8

      My life hasn't changed since using Huawei phones.

      And less risk than data with google or apple under Trump's control.

    • +5

      It'll probably get lineageOS support, so can flash if it is a major concern.

      • +2

        Thanks Mate.

    • +9

      For those concerned, pairs well with this deal


  • +1

    Will this drop significantly in price over the next couple of months or worth buying now?

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    I've got the Xiaomi MI 9T Pro. For much higher quality night photos, I downloaded a GCAM (google camera) app off xda developers. A simple google search 'gcam xiaomi pocophone f2' should lead you in the right direction.

    • Not SD865 though.

      • Hopefully soon though for SD865.

        That being said - $530 (including GST so under $500 after BAS) for an SD855 9T Pro still feels like the deal of the decade, GCam turns this into a superb all-rounder.

        • +2

          Battery life is amazing on Mi 9T Pro. Awesome phone for $500. SD855 flies

          • @xavierod: I love mine too :) Accidentally killed my Galaxy Note 8 only five days out of contract, and black friday came up and it was between the base note 10 and the Mi 9T Pro. Sadly the gutted Note 10 lost :(

  • i would neg this deal, they are very dodgy, you must be lucky to get through your order on time or even any response from them. do your research before the purchase and use Paypal just in case.

    • +4

      I believe PayPal is the only way to pay on Tobys. I purchased a prior deal and didn't get the phone (pricing error I'm sure) and just got a refund a few days later via PayPal.

      • If purchasing anything from this seller is such a horrible experience, imagine then what their warranty process is like!
        I assume that people buying from them don't expect any warranty.

    • +1

      What as your experience? Or just a generalisation.

      My Samsung tablet was delivered perfectly.

      Always going to be people with good and bad experiences.

      • …until they have a warranty issue. Been there done that, had to get refund with Paypal.

        • Unfortunately, I am opening a dispute today has been 3 weeks no response at all. Do not buy from this website.

    • +2

      I bought this exact phone from Tobydeals on the 3rd of June. It arrived yesterday (the 16th). I got it for $811. Use code CART3 for a discount.

      The only issue I had is that they did supply an adapter for the 30W charger, but it doesn't actually fit. I have emailed them and am waiting for a reply.

      I had my own adapter, and plenty of slower charger around the house so it wasn't an issue.

  • Card slot No
    3.5mm jack Yes
    NFC Yes

    • +8

      I'd be willing to give the lack of a microsd card a pass since it is 256gb.

    • +2

      no, it is 6gb instead of 8gb RAM and is 128gb storage… so half.

      The 8gb is the best model.

      • +4

        The 8GB RAM version is slightly faster as it uses quicker LPDDR5 RAM.

  • +5

    code CART3 will give you a 3% discount on top.

  • is this phone better than the oppo reno 10x zoom?

    • +2

      Yes, to name a few reasons for POCO: headphone jack, SD 865, wifi 6, the qucik charge is not proprietary QC4.0 & PD on the Poco (Oppo use VOOC Flash Charge - so you'll only get speeds with their charger). The quick charge 4.0 and PD 3 support was also a big reason for me to bite the bullet, I have that many powerbanks that wouldn't work properly on the OnePlus 6 and then no longer wanted to buy a phone without more broad support for quick charge.

      • +4

        POCO is a better phone, but is it a better value? That is subjective.

        The recent $499 reno 10x deal was amazing value given the fact you receive 2 years local warranty whereas the warranty with this POCO is a risk. You might get the POCO fixed, however you might need a spare phone for a few months.

  • +2

    I ordered the 6gb variant on Tuesday. Couldn't care less about extra 2gb ram LPDD whatever. Came to total 678 using CART3.

    I was using mi 9T with Gcam before this(water damaged) and loved it, so I'm sure this phone will be just as good.

    however I can confirm lack of OIS sucks. Look into getting a gimbal if you are gonna be recording videos on the phone.

      • Damn that's better assuming they actually honour the warranty. the phone still comes from HK

      • Thanks, Willyroo.

        I've purchased through that link, was about $32 for delivery (express & insured) but my last oneplus 7 pro has pretty bad screen burn in and I have no recourse so I'm prioritizing warranty. I don't think 2GB/DDR4/5 RAM is going to be noticeable in general use.

  • +1
  • Does this have band 28 this time? …

    • It does according to spec sheet

      • Yeah I saw that just wanted to double check as the Poco F1 didn't.

  • Nice review and comparisons

  • +1

    I'm not exactly sure how I feel when spending $799 on essentially no warranty phone. Kogan maybe a lot more expensive but at least you can take them to ACCC.

    It's a good deal on a good phone, shame it isn't a flagship killer killer like Poco F1 with its sharp pricing any more. F2 Pro is now just OnePlus before OnePlus gone full flagship.

  • I wish this phone has higher refresh rate and will definitely buy it..

    • +1

      Curious why? Aside from youtubers flogging this desire for high refresh rates, curious to know why you think its a big need? I see it as a con - kills the battery, doesn't add value for watching videos

      • +3

        Scrolling is amazing

      • +1

        Subjectively speaking - having used both an s20 ultra and OnePlus 7 Pro - I feel a high refresh rate screen gives it a tangible difference to the overall scrolling and UI experience. It just feels smoother and quicker (even though it probably isn't).

        Going back to a standard 60hz screen is slightly jarring. But i can understand that a lot of people are unlikely to care all that much.

        • +1

          I think end of the day its very much what you prefer more. A high refresh rate screen or a full screen display.

          Almost all videos and games(except fortnite) right now cannot take advantage of a high refresh screen, and I think that's the point. So for those who use their phones for mostly media consumption will find the refresh rate less important and the punch hole annoying. Those who use for web browsing and texting the opposite is true.

          And lastly screen refresh rate can be overclocked. My Mi 9T was running at 81hz using a mod from XDA. you can't overclock a punch hole.

  • Definitely has NFC?

    • +3

      Definitely! I've used it in shops multiple times already. Confirmed NFC.

  • These have always looked like great phones! Nice post, having recently looked the market up and down (settling on a Oneplus 8 Pro for complicated reasons), I'd certainly be recommending this POCO to friend looking in this price range.

  • great post/review

  • +2

    For comparison, selling for ~AU $858.37 (AU $745.56 + $35 shipping + tax) on the official Xiaomi Global Ali Express store.
    Not sure if that puts you in a better position for warranty paying a bit more?

    • If you can get the GST refunded then it's a better deal…

  • I just paid $1329 for a Oneplus 8 pro 5G 8GB/128GB IN2023, $629 more than this phone.

    I regret it now.

    • the one plus have a way better screen though

      • +1

        As long as you dont drop them! I dropped my brand new 7t and the Pixels on the lcd are dead while the glass wasnt even scratched! Its been impossible to get a replacement screen in Melbourne!

        • This is why I have always used screen protector and a case on my phone.

          But it didn't save my old Samsung note 7 and 9, I dropped them both on the floor and had to sell the note 7 dirt cheap and spent $450 for the note 9 so I could keep using it.

          I'm gonna be extra careful with my new oneplus this time.

          • @maddoggie101: Yes I had them both on. And the screen is intact. Not sure how the LCD inside cracked! Too fragile! I miss my HTC's!

    • And no warranty. If anything goes wrong with, you'll end up with an expensive brick!

  • I see this on kimovil on a daily basis for the 6G / 128GB which hoovers around the US$450 mark and this one is about US$80 more. Good deal for the extra you get plus you can pay with paypal.

    • remember, prices quoted on kimovil is pre-tax/Vat .

  • +1

    Does Gcam fix the camera on these?

    • Apparently Gcam isn't on sd865 devices yet but when it comes it'll improve the camera a lot, especially with night photos.

  • +1

    Thanks for pointing out the camera is no good, that' all that matters to me in a phone.

    • +2

      Camera isn't the problem - it's the software.

  • +11

    I have two phones, Poco F1 and Mi 9T Pro, so I'm a bit experienced with Xiaomi phones by now.

    First of all if you're ordering from TobyDeals, do it via PayPal every time. It's a good security measure especially with you paying $500+ on things. And their delivery is really fast (I got my Mi 9T Pro from them, came in about 4 days, a week earlier than I expected). But you don't get things like Warranty etc etc (although under the ACCC you should be well protected anyways, it'll have to give you a standard 1 year warranty).

    I wish I could go for the Poco F2 Pro but I've already got my Mi 9T Pro and I'm very happy with that. Poco F2 Pro is a slight upgrade anyways, so people who are moving onto another phone after a long time (say 2-3 years) should buy this phone.

    With everything that's going with Huawei and Samsung, Xiaomi is probably the next top seller and great-for-value for phones. Gives you top of the line specs for at least half the price of some of the more expensive lineups in the flagship range.

    Doesn't mean you'll be satisfied though. This doesn't have waterproof or wireless charging, and is lacking OIS for it's camera (especially if you're someone that can't keep the phone steady for a pic). Those are some of the tradeoffs you'll have to accept with this phone (and maybe you might not need all of it).

    MiUI is not the worst skin of Android OS (at least from what I've seen, there are worse ones out there) but it's not great either. Blends in with some good features here and there (like a system-wide dark mode and other options) but also brings in ads (which you can turn off, but a shitty practise by Xiaomi - but they gotta pay the bills).

    There are workarounds for that. You can install your own launchers, debloat the phone with a debloat Xiaomi tool (you can Google it, maybe later I'll post the link in here) and of course, custom ROMs that'll make your experience much better. The fact that you have choices is why I go for Xiaomi (I'm not the biggest fan of them but I do support phone manufacturers that try to give customers options, instead of removing features that are essential or overpricing their phones).

    What I mainly do is flash custom ROMs when I get Xiaomi phones, but that really depends on the XDA community, so I don't buy the phone at launch, or even a month in. Usually you have to wait until they are fully tested for daily use so devs will take time for that (the Mi 9T Pro Lineage OS is still unofficial as of now, it needs a good kernel, even though it was released last year). So the next best thing I do is hold onto MiUI by debloating all their unwanted apps I don't need (except for their security app which is part of their core software).

    Make sure when you open those apps, do not agree to use their software, you can always exit out of there, install your own versions of those apps (I recommend the Google ones, like calculator, phone etc as a general started) and debloat them instead so your phone runs well according to your choices.

  • good desc

  • Phone looks pretty solid on most fronts, at least how I use. Only minor? drawback is lack of IPX rating as I sometimes get caught in the rain without shelter/umbrella so have had my Note 8 get wet without issue. Also no B28? Only says 700Mhz support but not specifically which band.

  • Need to pay GST on arrival?

    • Can only comment on my experience, I didn't. The price I paid via PayPal was it.

      • Was there an invoice in a plastic envelope stuck on the shipping box?

        • +1

          Funny you ask. I didn't look at it until now. Says the value of item $77.10

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