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Myer - Console Games and Accessories 50% off (Myer Melbourne CBD)


Myer Melbourne CBD was not doing this deal yet. They have it on Saturday and Sunday. Duplicate? Mods can decide. Anyway, the other deal (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/54113) was marked as "ended".

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  • Is this legit? They had this deal last weekend till monday.

    • I was there as they were closing up Friday night, and putting the signs up for Saturday.

      • Good intel, did you see any offer for Wii game bundle?

        • +1

          If you mean with the console, I don't think so. I hear the sales guy telling someone on the phone that it did not include consoles. Plenty of Move controllers. And yeah most of the games have ridiculous RRP. but not all… Accessories might be where the bargains are.

        • Appear to be a nationwide deal. Got a Wii remote plus for half price. Not bad.

  • same prices as before everything is at high rrp

    only thing worth getting are the move games for ps3 for $15

    Still you might find some gems, I found Star Wars Unleashed Part 1 for $5

    Those wanting Ps3 sharpshooter, myer Garden city WA had a sign showing for $47 so should be 50% off that, but they might have sold out.

    • Bahhhh i want sharp shooter in wa. Any new reports where i can pick one up at this price :)))

      • Woohooo scored the last sharpshooter at garden city. Thanks bargrin :)

        • how much did you get it for ?

  • got the sharp shooter for $39 and Move Navigator $24 at Brookvale last weekend.

  • I can confirm this deal is back in Adelaide City too. Presume it is nation wide.

    Best deals would seem to be 3DS games, since they are hard to get at a discount and 50% off makes them cheaper than online (Zavvi and OzGameShop etc).

  • Advertised in the Adelaide Adelaide advertiser today as all stores except Carindale, Colonnades and Hobart.

  • Got lips + microphones for xbox for $10

    that's this year's drunken Christmas karaoke sorted…..

  • thx picked up lots of the moove stuff… awesome…
    Sharp shooters are 40 bucks including the 50% off at all the ones I went to in perth wa..

  • Got Play TV for $50 (2 left), Singstar wireless mics for $40 (2 left) and Buzz bundle including wireless 'buzzers' for $40 (last one). This was at the Myer in Elizabeth, SA. Signs said that it ends Sunday 9 Oct and the sales assistant stated that they will no longer be selling consoles/games and are clearing them out.

  • LOLz at the off topic offer pic.

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