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[PC] Free - Eye of The Beholder Trilogy @ GOG


A new freebie from GOG.

Forgotten Realms: The Archives - Collection One
The Forgotten Realms world of Dungeons & Dragons has been home to many a hero and imagination since its publication, producing adventures and stories to be retold and enjoyed for years to come. The Forgotten Realms Archive - Collection One allows you to journey through one such set of adventures: the Eye of the Beholder trilogy, a set of first-person, real-time role-playing games.


A new evil is plaguing the city of Waterdeep, stalking the streets and preying on its citizens. Though initially thought to come from afar, this great evil, known only as Xanathar, instead resides within Waterdeep and, if not stopped, threatens to overwhelm the city. The Lords of Waterdeep believe that the evil lurks in the sewers below and have commissioned a party of adventurers to investigate and foil this nefarious plot. Granted full rights of marque and ownership of any treasure, artifacts or valuables you find on your quest, you must venture into the chasms, discover the nature of this evil and destroy it by any means necessary.


Following your quest in the sewers beneath, you and your party are recovering with Waterdeep’s finest healers, when a letter arrives from Khelben Blackstaff, mystic advisor to the Lords of Waterdeep. Trouble is brewing in the Northern and Western regions, and he has tasked you with exploring the land and investigating these incidents. Although nothing has been confirmed, renowned but troublesome archaeologist, Wently Kelso believes the disturbances are related to an evil uprising and the presence of a powerful ancient artefact. These troubles could, of course, simply be the work of unruly bandits, but since Kelso’s previous findings in the sewers of Waterdeep proved true, one would be wise not to easily dismiss his opinion on the matter. Therefore, you should exercise greater care and vigilance as you begin your next adventure.


Having rid the sewers of Waterdeep and the dreaded Temple Darkmoon of the evil forces within, you and your companions are surely deserving of a strong drink, good food and a warm fire. And so, your first port of call is to the nearest tavern, where you slop ale all over yourself and engage in jovial antics as you regale your adventures to your captivated listeners and admirers. However, in the midst of your retelling, the tavern door is thrust open by a hooded figure, whose eyes scan the crowd before locking on you and your party. Approaching you, he quickly introduces himself and explains his reasons for disturbing the festivities; his master wishes you to free the ruined city of Myth Drannor from the clutches of a Lich and restore it to its former glory. Looks like your adventures aren’t over just yet…

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  • Damn. Spent so much time on this game during high school…

    • Same. I even sent away to get a walkthrough by mail order! I was playing on an Amiga 500. The good old days!

    • Lol. I was going to say the exact same thing. What kids have the days with their freemium FPS's, We had Eye of the Beholder to waste our time on. Buying damn grid books from the News Agent to map every level instead of auto mapping on modern games. Haha

      • Used to play many AD&D games on the old 386, and having to actually keep notebooks of maps when traversing through the dungeons. Oh, and open the save files in PCTools and edit the HP/MP in hex value when you are in dire situation.

        • I loved the Gold Box sets too. To me, that is the most accurate representation of the AD&D tabletop game on the computer with characters, spell ranges and areas of effects etc.

        • Yeah remember this and raising attributes 18/00 was always the harder attribute to find.

          Then I realise if you put "-1" in gold, you have infinite gold… …

    • The user interface and graphics for EoB3 were very good at the time. Do they release ports like this for mobile platforms?

      • EOB3 was actually reviewed very badly because lack of optimisations and ran very slowly on older 386s. I think that was why I didn't really play it either so have to check it out again.

        They didn't officially port it to mobile - but I guess you can play it either in Dosbox (since the DOS version is kind of Abandonware) or play one of the newer games using similar interfaces (just search up "Eye of Beholder" in your app store).

    • Same here - this and Dungeon Master on the Amiga :D

    • I remember drawing pages and pages of maps and run away from enemies that were out of my team's league.

      For a very very long time I believe this (D&D) set up is what a REAL hardcore RPG should be. (Although I also enjoy JRPG)

  • Will this work on Ubuntu or will I need Windows?

    • Minimum system requirements:
      System: Ubuntu 16.04, Mint 18
      Processor: 1.8 GHz Processor
      Memory: 512MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
      Graphics: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended)
      Storage: 2GB HDD

    • They're DOS games set up to run under DOSBox, they'll run on a potato.

      • Hi,I just downloaded DOSBox. Now how do I run it? I downloaded the game and it says it will be installed with GOG Galaxy which needs Windows 7. Thanks.

  • EoB 2: Beholder level=insane. Almost need to save at every corner, use every spell and scroll carefully. Not to mention the Mind Flayer levels. Lol

    • Oh I remember that level where you couldnt sleep and hence could regenerate spells or health. That was a tough level.

      • I had to reload all the way before you enter the level and changed every mage spell to be attack spells and every cleric spell as healing. Lol. Some of the traps help a bit too in hitting the beholders.

  • Do I need a boot disk to run this?

    • Only for the Amiga 1000, I think :D

      If you're on PC then a couple of tweaks to your autoexec.bat and config.sys files should be enough.

  • Heres a code for it, already owned


    • better offer it to someone who PM's you, otherwise these keys get stolen immediately by bots

  • Oh so many hours spent on EOB 1 & 2. EOB 2 was brilliant.

  • Spent many an hour in this game in my youth. Unlikely to hold up today.

    Here's a couple of essential guides to be aware of:

    EOB 1 - someones manually created maps

    EOB 1 - official dungeon guide (cluebook) - has hints then outright maps and solutions.

  • EOB2 on the Amiga was Amazing…thanks for the post, you rock !

  • For some reason it is still showing up as $15.29 for me. Am I doing anything wrong?

  • Just FYI, all 3 games come with manuals and cluebooks with maps.