Where's The Cheap Plans? (mobile)

My $15 90 day Catch mobile plan has expired and I just went to Kogan to jump to them and I can't seem to find their $15 90 day deals any more. Please don't tell me that the good times are over and we are back to being ripped off by the telcos again! Who else is doing a good deal at the moment? Don't want to spend more than $10 a month if I can help it.


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    Get Officeworks to price match and get 5% off, that'd be $11.80 a month

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      Thanks, it doesn't show up on the app, have to go through the website!

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    E.Tel are about the best deal around
    Im using them right now

    $9.95/30 days for 3GB data + unlimited calls and SMS + $9.95 call value for overseas calls @ 10c/min and MMS @ 25c ea.
    For picture messages instead of sending via MMS just use iMessage with iphone or Whatsapp/Viber/Messenger

    Buy 5 month and get last month free ($49.75 for 6 months)

  • Good that you found the Kogan $14.90 plan. What do you plan to do after 90 days? There are no other 90 day deals with any other telco, so cheap.

    • Belong sim.

  • I have been doing Amaysim to catch and back for a while - and also being faced with this issue!

    Kogan looks the like the go - or 1 month plans (personally like the 3 month options)

  • I'm in the same boat of kogan 3 month running out soon.

    Was thinking of using one of these for a month then back to kogan for 3 again

    Both current specials and 30+ day expiry



    Any thoughts?

    • I find it easier to use Vodafone in between Kogan. I’ve been told that you need at least 30days before porting back to Kogan & Vodafone has 35 days so I’ve got a few extra days to play around with.

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