What’s a good comfy chair for gaming? (Up to $300)

I’ve been looking at Officeworks but their gaming chairs looks kinda cringe. Just want a normal chair. Suggestions much appreciated.


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    by normal chair do you mean not a computer chair?

    Check out Secret Lab (computer chair)
    I was skeptical but am a complete convert now, they have a model for those amongst us who are of the larger frame ;) ha ha ha

    I have three of them now , one at home , one at work and one my partner uses

    • I’ll check them out yes a computer chair but not one that looks like a racing car.

      • Thats the very reason i went with SL, their chairs dont look like recaro seats on wheels.
        Also, i have had a few of the racing ones over the years and most of the big name ones are absolute rubbish
        My first secret lab chair is almost 4 years old and still in the same condition as when i bought it, the hydraulics etc are all as good as the day i got it.

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    I'd recommend either the herman miller aeron or mirra 2. Both are great but expensive so try and get one second hand. I would still pay full price for one though when I think about how many hours I would spend in it, how long it would last and the back pain it would prevent compared to a worse chair.

    • Yeah defiantly don’t have that type of money 😂

      • Fair enough, I actually did not realise just how expensive they are now, even the second hand ones seem to be going for a lot. I think $500 for a used one is a good price, if you check at the right time sometimes offices are closing down and selling around that price (how I got mine).

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          Hand in your OzB card if you think $500 is good value for a second hand chair :P :P :P

          Honestly though the build quality on a HM chair is amazing but from our experience they offer no additional benefits than a more reasonably priced alternative

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    Avoid PU leather if you can. Mesh chairs all the way.

    • Why?

        • Damn, I've had a ThunderX3 (TGC22) chair for sometime now and it's in near perfect condition, actually selling it atm to buy a more ergonomic office chair though.

        • After how long did that happen? That is not good :(

          I noticed it wasn't a secretLab chair, hopefully theirs is different,
          I am pretty sure I read somewhere that they said theirs is different

          • @the Unforgiven: This started just after the 12 month warranty ended. I find the main problem with the leather/PU/vinyl material is that they're slippery, if your butt slips forward then you're back is in a bad posture.

            MattyAu didn't seem to have any issues with his chair so maybe I'm sitting in my chair wrong, who knows.

            • @ZachBlasphemy: Did you let the company know about it?

              My PU leather is not slippery that much,
              I have my feet sitting square on the ground,
              or square on another chair, so I could never slip forward.
              Now I am conscious about me slipping forward,
              I bet I will start doing it now.
              I am old now with a really bad back,
              maybe I am more conscious now not to slouch like I used to in the past

              I wear trackie daks when I am in my chair,
              cohesion of friction is not 1:1

              • @the Unforgiven: I let the eBay store know, who then referred me to the manufacturer who then promised to follow it up but never did. First and last "gaming" chair for me.

                • @ZachBlasphemy: I would have kept pushing them
                  If they did nothing, go to the dept of fair trading in your state and talk to them about it
                  It is not right the way they treated you
                  SecretLabs look after their customers
                  Just like they look after their chairs
                  I hope you have a nice chair now

                  • @the Unforgiven: I'm actually still using it and I bought it almost exactly 3 years ago which I forgot about. That picture I took was from last week so perhaps it's not as bad as I think. I appreciate your concern.

                    • @ZachBlasphemy: Can you get a cushion?
                      I bought a cushion for my new chair as it was too hard on my bum when new,
                      it was meant to be used in a wheel chair I think;
                      still a chair (no disrespect, I am on a disability pension myself)
                      How about a car seat cover, a nice woollen one, coming up to winter ;)

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    Maybe try and look at Ergohuman? E.g:


    BTOD has multiple reviews for it, e.g: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPTCBtNDlX0

    I have the first one (leather seat + mesh back combo) in my home office and it's been really great for me. Back pain and tailbone pain are both non-existent despite spending hours in the said seat.

    Having said that, the main issue is that these chairs don't seem to fit everyone correctly, so do your due diligence in checking if this is right for you.

  • metro buro

  • Some of the Ikea office chairs are excellent - would recommend taking a look at some in-store if you can. I've got a Langfjaell and it's very comfortable - for office and gaming use.

  • I've got a secretlab and love it personally.

    Would recommend it.

  • Should state I don’t want to pay over $300

    • Same price range I've been looking at. Would love an ergohuman, but way too pricey for me.
      Have been considering this one: https://www.templeandwebster.com.au/Deluxe-Mesh-Ergonomic-Of...
      Also seen a few mentions on this Ikea one: https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/jaervfjaellet-office-chair-gunn...

      • Those both look like solid options. I might just bite the bullet on the temple one…

        Damn pre order is weeks away tho :/

        • I know, postage to me is $100 too, but can get it mailed to the city and a family member can bring it to me when they're next over, so an even longer wait. :-/

          • @MattyAu: Yeah not worth shipping is $50 for me. Can you let me know if you find some other good finds pls

    • Oh right OK. Maybe take a look at this one: https://thesoho.com.au/collections/nik-desk-bondi/products/b...

      Note that I did not get the chair, but I did get the table they are selling in the same website.

      The delivery guy was talking up the chair I linked above.

      Personally, I found the table really really good. So maybe the chair is good as well.

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    What do you guys think of this Ergonomic Chair from Officeworks?

    any one using it? can you please review?

    • I am looking to buy the same

      • Hey DevD,

        Did you get it?

        If yes, what do you think of it? worth buying?


  • I have recently got this and very happy with it
    I think the ergonomic and heavy duty are the plis points.

    Gaming chair (generally) don't get good rating on ergonomic, when I read their review.
    It is more the look that they got positive point

  • I had a GT Gaming chair before my fat ass broke it, It was very comfortable with a high back and great support. Cost about $200 delivered on Amazon.

    I since bought a Vertagear, and while it's good, my neck is constantly sore (trying to work out where the adjustments need to be made.

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