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Moccona Classic Medium Roast Coffee 400g $15 ($13.50 with Sub & Save) + Delivery ($0 with Prime or Sub & Save) Amazon Au

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I don't often see Moccona drop to $14 like it used to and if you have prime and want free delivery for $15 this is worth it.

Dark Roast is also available for the same price.

There is also Nescafe Blend 43 500g for $14 or $12.60 subscribe and save

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  • Thanks, OP. Got two

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    Do these still taste bad after the recipe change a couple years back?

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      Yes they taste terrible. Their barrista blend is like how the old moccona tasted like… Price creep at its worst

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        What alternative would you recommend to try?

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          Hear me out here, but this is amazing and close to what Moccona used to be like. I came across it reading through the thousands of people complaining about Moccona on ProductReview.com.au and haven't looked back. I specifically go to Coles just to buy this, as an OzBargainer I do most of my grocery shopping with discounted Woolies eGiftcards.

          I haven't looked back at that ProductReview site for a long time either, it makes my head hurt. It's right up there with reading reader comments on news websites.

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          Coles organic as posted above is a really good suggestion.

          Nescafe gold is pretty decent too.

          I am not angry at moccona for crapping up their regular one because it pushed me into coffee from bean which is a million times better…

        • I’ve switched to Nescafé gold.

      • I think the barista smooth espresso tastes horrible. Undrinkable. I'll drink the regular Moccona or dark roast any day over smooth espresso. Unfortunately, I bought 2 tins of the smooth espresso recently at Coles and I'm stuck with them since they changed their refund policy.

        Crema is really good though.

        • I've only tried the black tin one I think it's the espresso one which tastes decent but way too pricey for what it is.

          Thx for your comment cos now I shan't try smooth.

          FWIW Douwe egberts which I think is the parent company still sells decent coffee around the rest of the world so they only seem to have crapped all over the standard moccona

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      There it is, I knew i wasn't imagining things!

    • +2

      Yep 100%. It used to be a nice smooth instant coffee, now its bitter and nasty tasting. They haven't fixed it.

    • No. 3 French Style is the closest thing to the old No. 5 Medium Roast.

      • Agree, that's what I switched to. Pretty much the old taste.
        Price is higher of course.

        • On Product Review people are saying that the French style recipe has changed and is now like the new Medium Roast. Maybe do not buy in bulk.

  • Mine ran out two days ago, so a good timing

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    Coles having same price if you don't feel like waiting for the delivery.

  • Moccona or Robert Timms?

    • Robert Timms for sure. The Italian blend in the individual wrappers is the best 'instant' coffee you can buy.

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    • Twice as expensive atm though unfortunately

      • True but I bought it yesterday and it was $48.60 (S&S), worked out to be ~$18.51 / 400g

        • Nice - not much difference then

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    When I ordered this through Amazon last month, one of the jars arrived with the lid opened and the coffee spilled out into the box, the second jar's lid was still on but the seal was broken. Amazon promptly refunded the payment for both jars upon request.

    • But are still uinge the coffee right? and didnt chuck it out as a wasted item?

      • +2

        I wouldn't if the seal was broken.

        • +6

          I wouldn't uinge unsealed coffee either.

          • +2

            @qwerty-4321: I wouldn't uinge the coffee but I'd coffee the uinge.

            • +1

              @b2dz: I wouldn't put urine in the coffee but I'd put coffee in the urine.

    • yep, same here - two jars both lids popped open and a box full of coffee
      refunded straight away at least

    • Received the order today, same issue. Lid was already broken and half popped off?

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    Same price with Coles so why have order from Amazon even you are member but wait until next week for Delivery?

    • +4

      Because it gets delivered straight to my house.

    • +1

      Cos like myself, I'm sure others don't desperately need it today. I just did a $200 shop at Aldi, and I pick up other items like carmans bars, coffee etc from Amazon.

    • -1

      I just care about the cost come first, We are talking about bargain.

  • Thanks OP Stocked up. Saves going to Coles.

  • +1

    Coles Fairtrade Freeze Dried. $4 a jar. Can’t go wrong.

  • Not a bad price with delivery!

  • Cheers OP, read my mind!

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    And once you have finished the instant you can use these jars to keep you "real" coffee because the seals are really good.

    • +1 to this. They are excellent tumblers.

    • It is showing as temp unavailable. Please check every one's Local Coles before ordering.

  • How does this compare to Nescafe Blend 43? I bought some of that back in april when it was on special. Also whats the difference between medium roast and dark roast? Sorry I am only starting to get into coffee now.

    • +1

      Nope I don’t touch that. I prefer Nescafé gold.

  • just bought 3 jars, thanks

  • Mocconna Smooth Blend (similar to the old Medium roast) is always $19.58 at Officeworks for 500g or $32.42 for a 1kg tin (https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/moccona-sm…). For some reason this blend can only be purchased through office supplies companies.

  • Anybody else buy this brand just to keep the jars?

  • +4

    Heads up that subscribe and save is now available for both the medium and dark roast, I contacted customer support to cancel my order and then placed it again at $13.50 per jar.

    • Thanks for that Luke.
      Strangely, as others have mentioned above, I received my order today and the seal was not intact, which makes it not fit for consumption in my opinion. Have put in a refund request. Might try my luck on another jar using S+S this time.

      • Wow thats bad. Maybe it has to do with the pressure when it is transported to you in the air.

  • Dunno, its a shame, cos its a waste.
    I was refunded instantly, dont know if this product is flagged for this type of return-less refund without proof?

  • Got mine today. Same with others seals broken and coffee everywhere

  • +1

    If you check the reviews and comments it seems even in USA people say the seals are broken.

    So I suspect when they are being shipped the pressure is causing the seals to be broken.

  • Good to know. I have a jar sitting here untouched, that I got a refund for, can't bring myself too throw it out…

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