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Benro Hiker Drone 450N Drone Backpack $49 (Was $200) + Delivery @ MAXXUM


Seem pretty good deal, fits a drone and camera. Note it is designed for Phantom 4
There are other deals on Benro tripods as well

Aluminium $99 https://www.maxxum.com.au/benro-tripster-s0-kit-with-b00-hea...
Carbon fiber $179 https://www.maxxum.com.au/benro-tripster-s0-kit-with-b00-hea...

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    A few things here

    1. Its a case for an antique drone so thats why its cheap
    2. It looks like a normal thin backpack with a styrofoam insert ?

      I bought one to check. The bag doesn't look like a good one. It did not come with the dividers. I bought it to carry my camera accessories. (I have Lowepro Paratactic 450 II). I regret the purchase now.


        The youtube video you linked to is the camera version which has a full set of dividers. The hiker 450 DOES come with some dividers for a camera to go in with the drone. Perhaps do some research before buying?

        IMO the bag is pretty decent at the price.


    It's designed for phantom 4


    Actually it

    was $199.00


    The “was $200” is where the catch is…


    Very good price for travel tripods.
    I've got one already otherwise I would definitely get one.

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    In my view it's value for money

    You can also use it as a camera bag


    The Paratactic Camera Bag that I have now is about $350

    Benro is a great brand. Their video tripods are just awesome!

    I buying one. Hope it's original.