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[eBay Plus] Breville Kitchen Wizz 11 Food Processor $230.99 @ House on eBay


good value for money, either pull the trigger now or hope bfp680bal comes for similar price

All the quality you would expect from the Kitchen Wizz , considered one of the best food processors worldwide in a smaller foot print, perfect for the budding chef.

Combines a high torque induction motor, stainless steel reinforced spindle and high performance stainless steel cutting surfaces is perfect for all food processing tasks from chopping to slicing, grating to pureeing to mixing and making doughs. Computer balanced, maximum precision, reliably consistent.

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  • Literally a motor what your bowl scratches to. Great processors

  • edit: OP fixed

  • Had this for years. Happy with it.

    The things that often stops me from using it though is the thought of having to clean it all. Bowl, lid, lid insert, lid insert plunger, spindle, cutting tool.

    So more often than not I elect to not use it and will only use it when I have a big job. Think ++ grated carrots, a dozen chopped onions, etc

    If it weren’t about the cleaning (which is true for any such appliance) I’d have no relevant complaints.

  • That's a fantastic price for one of CHOICE's highest scoring food processors. Just bought it for my Mum for $299 a couple of months ago and she's happy with it. The only downside of this range is you can't adjust the blender power level (unlike say, Kenwood), though many folks just use adjust how long they blend for anyway.

  • are they planning to drop the ebay rating again?

  • How do we use the coupon? When I enter P30STYLE it says coupon can't be applied to this item? Price says $329.99..

    • You can't anymore, might have been an error allowing it. Looks like 3 people got it with P30STYLE though, you don't see 3 sales within an hour normally.

      Scrap that, try it now. I got it to work.

  • Does anyone know if this model comes with a mini-bowl or if one can be bought separately?

  • So this one only chops with the four-blade thing? No extra disks for grating or slicing? edit: I can see the aforementioned model bfp680bal comes with extra disks.

    Can someone recommend a similar processor but with extra attachments and a blending jug?

  • Why do they make appliances that aren't dishwasher safe in 2020?

  • Out of stock I believe :(