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[WA] Kewpie Mayonnaise 1kg for $6 @ Coles (Fremantle)


Another one of my regular purchase items to stack with my 2000 FF Bonus offer with $60 Spend.

First time seeing 1kg selling at great price of $6. Heaps at Coles Fremantle. ED 10/12/20.
Usual price for 500g at $7.

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  • My fave Mayo. Does anyone have any other suggestions to similar alternatives to try

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      There are Mayo and there is Kewpie Mayo. No Mayo come close to Kewpie Mayo.

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        Sorry, but I still prefer Hellman’s

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          FYI "Best Foods" is the same as Hellman's

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            @Rod71: I have tried every single brand, nothing comes close to Hellmann’s. It might be my taste…

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              @GregFiona: It’s the same company. In the US the market one for west side the other for the eastern side of the country.

              • @PVA: I must have become very fussy, I do not even like the Hellmann’s top down bottle as much as the original :)

        • Yes I really liked the Hellmans "real" mayonnaise at Costco a while back. I made the mistake of purchasing the Hellmans "Deli" mayo from Amazon and 90% of it went in the bin.It was a masive jar too!

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      Try your second favourite mayo but with MSG added (not that there is anything wrong with that).

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      It’s a Japanese style mayo, which is a kind of bland mayonnaise, meaning it doesn’t have the tangy type taste others have. Good for certain foods.

      Others I like that are easy to find are Best Foods, Heinz Seriously Good Mayonnaise, Thomy Delikatess and S&W Whole Egg.

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        Heinz seriously good has become my go-to.

        • 👍 And goes on sale often.

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      I prefer the mild kewpie.

    • Aldi brand Mayo is best one I tried, kewpie is bit salty though

    • Birch & Waite Fantastic mayonnaise, but hard to find since woollies dropped them. Problem is they are all made with harmful vegetable oils, such as soy bean oil: this one as well as Kewpie, Hellman's etc.

    • if youre in melbourne, promayo/maxmayo as well.
      basically rebranded kewpie

  • Selling at $2 at my local coles, seems no one liked it out here…

    • where i wan to buy some

      • rural vic

        • i'm in different state

    • Would be wonderful for you to share the $2 deal.

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        If it's store specific, I don't tend to post them…

        • This occurs to me too until I found out that sometimes deals are stores specific.

    • is it the smaller size?

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      Naming the store at the very least is the right thing to do here on OzBargain. Someone else could benefit

    • For the huge 1kg bottle?

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    Be warned, the 1kg pack doesn't come with a dispenser lid. Learnt this the hard way.

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      How do you get it out of the bottle then?

      • It seems that its either used in commercial kitchens to pour it all out or they assume you already have bought a smaller bottle that you can swap the lid out (like a refill pack)

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        Reminds me of a conversation that I had with one of my mates at high school. He’d just started working at Praties and I was working at McDonald’s. All of the sauces at McDonald’s were either dispensed from a ratcheting caulking-style gun, a gravity fed plunger setup, or a squeeze bottle. I asked him which one of these they used at Praties and he couldn’t answer me - he was visibly confused. Now without being too condescending this was the type of guy to take Metalwork II over an academic elective so I reworded it a few times without any luck. Eventually I gave in and asked “so how do you put the sauce on the potatoes?”.

        They just used a spoon.

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      Interesting, the 1kg from Costco has the star cut out and dispenses well directly from the bottle.

  • Product of Thailand?

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      Pretty sure it's the same for the kewpie you buy in Japan

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        All Kewpie Mayonnaise sold in OZ are made in Thailand except white cap one's.

        it's the same for the kewpie you buy in Japan
        Not the same.

        Kewpie Mayonnaise made in Japan (red cap, not white) include more egg.
        Taste is way better than made in Thailand's.

        Kewpie Mayonnaise made in Japan (red cap) is prohibited to import because of lots of eggs included.

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          I stand corrected :)

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          The 1kg on the Woolworths page says Product of Japan and has a red cap. The one I've bought from Costco previously also has a red cap. No idea about this Coles one.

          • @CanadaAye: Red cap can also be made in Singapore.
            The made in Japan ones can't be imported in Australia due to egg content.

        • You can buy the mild kewpie mayonnaise thats made in Japan in aus.

    • It's always Thailand unless it's White packaging with Red lines… So the inverted version of this packaging

  • I put this on everything.

  • Nice spot, I'll check out my local. Thanks op.

    • No worries, mate. hope you find some.

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      This is correct Flavour enhancer 621 is MSG. But there's no health effects and FDA rules it as safe.

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      don't believe fake news MSG it's safe to eat. Too much tasty food makes you fat.

  • My local supreme chicken charges me $2 for a tiny tub full.

  • Why is there a baby on the packaging? Is it made of babies?

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      chicken ovum

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    Dinner sorted for the next week. Bought three. Thanks OP.

  • How I wish it was in my local Coles at this price as well (V_V)

  • I find this actually never goes off once you open it unlike other mayonaises. Anybody have the same experience?

    • Yeah same with me. Lasted well over 6months after best before with no noteable difference. May have lasted longer but I managed to finish

  • For those who didn't know, there's also a kewpie sriracha mayo flav!

    We get it from our local DAISO

    • There is also a wasabi one too…

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      I saw a yuzu one at my local Coles last week!

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    Buy like 5 man, the coles website says 500g for $7.

    Kewpie life

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      I paid $3.75 for 300g when it was on special last week at Coles.

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    Wow I've never tried these. Based on comments I think I should try it. Are they good when mixed with shredded chicken salt and pepper in a sandwich (cold chicken salad sandwich)? I've been buying the praise mayo bottles everytime they come in half price at Woolies or Coles.

  • Pro tip - Toast bread lightly, slather with kewpie and whack under the grill until browned. Enjoy for breakfast! Even better with the Yuzu version.

  • The stuff of final fantasy

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    I'm living my best life when I'm eating Kewpie

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