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Extra 44% off All Items: Lodge Backpack $22.39 (OOS) | Womens/Men's Sunglasses $33.59/ $47.59 Delivered + More @ Quiksilver eBay


EXTRA 20% off in-cart then P30STYLE code stacks brings discount to 44% on top of sale items already 50% off, looks to be working on everything

Women/Men Sunglasses

all bags


Mens: High-Low

Women: High - Low

Youth: High - Low

All: High - Low

Cheap slides/thongs to add to order:



QUIKSILVER™ New Lodge Backpack $22.39

QUIKSILVER™ Pacsafe X QS 20L Anti-Theft Medium Backpack $45 (Was $159

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  • RRP $159.99, not $1590

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  • Lotta bag sale on right now!

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    Wow- awesome deal. Thanks!

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    I dare say the qualities of the 'anti-theft' backpack is oversold.
    RFID protection is nice, but such a feature can be found with a very cheap slip for your bank cards.
    My primary concern with theft is physically having the backpack ripped from me and thus there is no substitute for having a backpack that has straps around your torso.
    Locks on the zips is nice, but only prove useful as a psychological deterrance, perhaps when your bag isnt being monitored because i can assure you any knife will bring any bag to heel.

  • Wow a multitude of colours all in one bag. Blue black and brown.

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    I was thinking of getting a bag and got one for a excellent price. Thanks for posting.

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      Congratulations! You found…
      Bose NCH-700 (3/3)
      You have claimed this item. Go to Treasure Hunt Market Place to see your claimed items and to trade with other users.

  • how does the lodge bag end up being $22.99 delivered? comes up as AU $31.99

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      Add P30STYLE code at checkout

      • +1

        thanks, didn't noticed the double discounts!

      • Doesn’t let me apply this at check out. Only shows 31.99.

        • definitely works, try logging out & in again, make sure you're using eBay.com.au, contact eBay support if still getting issues

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    Thanks OP. Got 3 t-shirts and a board shorts for $55 delivered.

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    bought a towel $20 delivered. thanks

  • +1

    Thanks op
    Got A extra $20 off the sunnies
    $47 down from $85

    • +1

      initially when i added the sunnies i could see extra 20% or $20 but when i added more items to the cart, it is gone :(

      • Thats rough, maybe next time :(

      • Thats rough, maybe next time :(

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    Thanks OP. The gold watch came to $55.99 delivered. Bargain.

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    Thanks so much, OP! Got myself a wallet and backpack for $45 delivered. Bargain.

  • +2

    just ordered the lodge backpack, thanks!
    on a side note, also sent it to the wrong address… maybe i should stop late night shopping

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    Nice stacking

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    Nice. Incoming X 1!. Cheers

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    Needed a new work bag. That Lodge one will do nicely for $22. Thanks!

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got 2.

    51 sold in 1 hour at 7:30am when Aussies are just waking up. Great start to the week.

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    Thanks OP! Anyone know the returns policy? I'm between a sizes and ideally will buy both and return the wrong size.

    • +1

      see returns description under item: some items say free returns, some say 30 day returns buyer pays postage

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    Thanks! Got 2 backpacks, board shorts and a wallet for my older sons bday and some trackies and a bucket hat for the little guy all for $82!

  • The pacsafe is all gone :(

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    lodge backpack OOS

  • +1

    Ugly bags

    • Like somebody mentioned in their comment - will make a great gift for a kid.

      • who is colour blind

  • +2

    Looks like extra 20% off is taken down. It doesn't apply the 20% off discount

    • Only realize after I see comment. Oh well order already placed

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Hopefully will be a good replacement for my 10yo $20 Kmart backpack.

    • Hopefully will be a good replacement for my 10 day old $20 Kmart backpack, lol. That was a bad idea…

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    picked up $450 worth of stock for 120, Thanks OP

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    30% code still works. picked up boys 3/2 gbs steamer for $56 delivered. cheaper than through quiksilver store. thanks!

  • Anyone had their stuff actually shipped yet?

    • nope

      • I just got refunded, maybe they oversold.

    • yes, two different deliveries. actually just returning some pants today. very easy with return label already provided and reusable satchel. Otherwise really happy with all the stuff.

      • Hopefully on their way then. I messaged a week ago and had no response, hasn't been marked shipped.

        • I also messaged them via eBay yesterday to see what’s going on. No reply and instead, have received a refund for the purchase from quicksilver.com.au today….

          • @iamLegendz: likely they oversold the bag about 500 went through

          • @iamLegendz: Yeah same deal here, no communication, just refund on 10 items. Disappointed.

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